Putin tells Israel "It's game in Syria is over"


>Putin sent a clear message,” said Bashar Jaafari, speaking on Syrian television. “The fact is that the Israeli ambassador [to Russia] was summoned for a conversation only a day after he submitted his credentials [to the Russian Foreign Ministry last Thursday], and was told categorically that this game is over

>Syria’s use of anti-aircraft fire against Israel last Thursday night has changed the rules of the game, too, Jaafari said, adding that Syria will not stand idly by in the face of an Israeli threat.

TL:DR - Russia will tells Israel to fuck off and will back Syria in the event an Israeli attacks.

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I told you saw that putin wil nununu bibi into submission yet you will see that we will still tease syria here and there.

I pray for Russia v Israel and civil war in America to wipe out the evil heeb menace

More war in Syria soon.



But Israeli airport will utterly BTFO the best Russia can come up with, and utterly humiliate them in the eyes of the west and demoralize the Russian people.

Papa Put-In, truly a based man.

Losing to president Sauli Niinistö in hockey, not invading Finlanmd AND kicking the jew's asses.

Is there anything this man can't do?

I mean, I get the point of it, but Syria's Air defenses (S-75/SA-2, S-125/SA-3, S-200/SA-5) is greatly overmatched by Israeli SEAD and DEAD capabilities.

Plus, the last time Russians squared off against Israelis in the sky, it went poorly for the slavs.


JIDF with a proxy detected

I generally "support" Israel in their antics, but they better fucking not try and destabilize their neighbors again for the lulz.

They better fuck right out of Syria and take the L.


Russia could disintegrate isreal atom to atom without taking much damage.

You're insane. Israel could not win a war with a country like russia, they don't have enough resources. Israel has no depth and a small population, many of which are hostile.

Topkek. Israel is a paper merchant

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but people really need to stop thinking Russia's anti-air defenses are like some kind of cheat code that can stop an entire country's airforce just by existing

Sure you can down a couple planes but you can't down 50 or 100. If Israelis really wanted to they can level every Russian and Syrian AA in Syria

get your rim nice and clean shlomo

>i am a kike with a proxy

you're going down shlomo, the water is running right under your bridge :)

Except Russia is a thousand times stronger in every single military sense.
They could take out Israel in a week and nobody in Russia woukd notice

I hate it when my retarded military attacks based assad and helps ISIS.


Israel's not looking to invade Russia, and Russia will have a very tough time invading Israel.

The whole battle, if there was one, would be played out in Syria, and Russia doesn't have significant proximity or the logistics like Israel has, so they would lose.

>war with Russia confirmed

How could they take out Israel? You think it is some kind of middle eastern shit country without a functioning military?

Russia can't hope to take down Israel unless it literally sends every available man and armament to Syria and launches an invasion. And before it even does that, US will notice.

probably not. israel's SEAD capability is not great compared to US, and while i have fair confidence in US ability to penetrate modern russian SAMs, i don't think israel would be able to do it.

tl;dr any offensive mission into syria from an IAF standpoint is pretty much immediately off the table, they don't have the capability to destroy the russian SAMs that could protect most of syria.

You sound like a nincompoop. Syria shares a border with Israel. If Russia mounted an invasion, they could overrun the country in hours. Israel's air force would be useless. The war would be over in a day. You can literally drive the length of Israel in 3 hours and across in 15 minutes.

To destroy their armed forces with all their "advancement" is not such a big problem, at least because of their small territory, they can not hide. Another issue is the war with them autowatically war with you, your elite is ready to sacrifice millions of your people to Israel because they themselves are mostly kikes.

Its my piece of mud! God gave it to me.

user, you sound deranged. Israel just does not have the depth or manpower for war with a nation like Russia. Russia could invade Israel with clubs and still win.

>post yfw you will live long enough to see Russia invading Israel to REMOVE BAGEL

don't russia have s-400's in syria?

WHY do you pray for war in our great nation. We love u bongs :c

you should gas yourself.

lol hebes about to get shoahed by based ruskies

Russia and Israel should just duke this out with a full fledged nuclear war and end all of our suffering on this mundane plane.

Jews get out of my board

SEAD requires a whole different tool set to work effectively. So yeah youre on the money there. There are ways around SAMs, consider the altitude, using different approaches, as well as there not being an appropriate dispersion of S-200s and the supporting radars therefore creating blind spots.

It sends a strong signal that they dont get to do the straight line bombing runs like they've been though. I still see them continuing bombing runs as a "fuck you" kinda thing. Theyve also just procured a few squadrons of F35 (dont remember the variant) strike fighters as well.

Hmm yeah about that...



Israel acting arrogant b/c they know Trump will lapdog for them and send in our troops to fight russia if it came down to it.

so they can act as aggressively as they want. first syria then iran.

Chechnya's territory was even smaller than Israel and Russia had a hard time conquering that, even. And Chechens didn't even have a military. And it was on the Russian's own soil.

Meanwhile Israel has been in so many wars with its surrounding countries, all of them allied against it, and won. They have mandatory conscription for all their civilians. You are severely underestimating their military strength. I don't know what your reasoning is, but it's flawed and childlike.

Remember Russia does not have force projection like America has. It cannot send an entire air force, tanks, soldiers, ships and logistical supplies and sustain a war in a foreign territory for very long.

"Small territory means it's easier to win a war against Israel"

Ivan you really need to stop thinking because your country has the most land, it can take down countries with lesser amount of land.


this whole situtation is too obvious, whats the end-game here?

Russia would not get involved, but would serve as a proxy.

ill side with russia over israel any day of the weak
if Trump picks the kikes then fuck him too
I love trump; but he needs to stop with the kike cock sucking

> sandniggers on one hand
> kikes on the other
> need to choose side

LOL... Russia can evaporate Israel if they wanted to. They only need to give ONE nuclear missile to Iran. And they wouldn't even take credit for the winning hahaha

So Trumptards. who do you side with? On one hand, you have Putin who is the overlord of Trump. On the Other, you have the Jews who also control Trump's party.

Sucks to be you faggots.

The only childlike statements are yours. Russia has a military port in Syria. Russia outnumbers Israel 20 to 1 in every ctegory. Russians bomb civilians and fight dirty. You are trolling. No reasonable person would expect any other outcome, you're being silly.

If trpis S-300 loses V-card.

sufa's gonna hit in yo

We're talking about conventional war here. Nukes are probably never going to be used, and if they are, well, prepare for Samson option.

>it went poorly for the slavs.
plz, you do not know anything about this shit, my father worked as an air defense instructor in Egypt and from his words we were extremely effective then,taking into account that for the technique it was necessary to plant deserted monkeys who did not have any desire to fight
Idiot, when everything begins their airfields and military bases will be destroyed from a distance of thousands of kilometers, we will not even have to approach their borders, hundreds of planes and tanks are nothing if they have no place to hide.

Fucking triple kek

Codes, not gonna, yadda yadda yadda

Well, we're going to waste even more money in this hellhole. For Kek's sake, we don't have an endless war budget like the US, neither can we print money to support such an effort.


The #1 criteria for winning a war is manpower. After that it's resources, whoever has the most will win. Like the other user said, Russia probably wouldn't have to get involved directly. Israel is completely surrounded by hostile nations.

This won't work out... if Israel finds itself sure to lose, wouldn't it use the Samson option? Turn it from Jews Lose to Humans Lose.

Russians know about King of the Hill? Pretty BASED

This is all hypothetical and based on the assumption that it's strictly a 2 nation war.

Is Putin losing his mind?

25% detected

Time to throw out Trump.

>tfw Russian Jews on radio talk bad about Israel

You sound like a child

Why do I get the feeling that he doesn't give a fuck about jews but only sucks up to them because everyone would go ape shit if he went against them.

what is (((their))) endgame?


About damned time fuck, if no Christ fearing man takes a stand, they will erode our very souls, nation by nation!

(You) tell me

It was bound to happen sooner or later.

>Russia can't hope to take down Israel unless it literally sends every available man and armament to Syria and launches an invasion

Yeah, and that's what would happen in a war, they'd do exactly that, like I told you in the first post. So you just conceded they would lose.
Good on ya, dirty kike.

lf trips then IsraeI dies

A lot of anons seem to ignore that Russia can't make war on several fronts

Muh This is just like second holocaust!

We have it on tv for about 10 years

So close

To save respect to them, also It seems some of them see Russia as their motherland now.

Morons you're forgeting US gave israel nukes.

Trump defunded the pro-ISIS, pro-ZOG movements in Syria. You mad Jew?


FUCK! Your kike loving Putin puppet white supremacist president is going to get us all into a war with Israel to prop up his Zionist agenda

Is he, dare I say it, /JUST/?

It's alright, Russia stronk, let these retards believe Russia can take down entire countries with bats and clubs


Masada, 2017. It will happen.

>it's not a Concord

That's right, now you're beginning to snap out of your kike delusions of superiority. A nation like Russia would kill every military aged male in Israel, if it came down to it.

Yes you discovered my eternal plan of trying to demotivate Sup Forums's Sup Forumstards with my jewry by explaining how Russia will have a tough time fighting Israel.

Oh boy. I wonder what happens when you actually fight a war. Do you think the rockets coming in to destroy your platoon are just jew tricks? Do you think air force coming in to bomb you is just jew propaganda?

But of course, realistic considerations of military strength and arguments is just jew kikery. The real white man's opinion is that Israel is basically Iraq and has 20 guys with a broomstick defending all their bases. We must not ever question Russia's military strength because they can defeat everyone just by blinking.

Israel was also blamed on Sunday for a drone strike near the south-west Syrian town of Quneitra which killed a man, Yasser a-Sayyed, described as a leader of the pro-Assad Homeland Defence Forces militia.

Commenting on last week’s events, the Israeli military’s chief of staff, Gen Gadi Eisenkot, referred to the airstrike on Sunday.

“We are taking action to prevent the transfer of advanced weaponry to Hezbollah, and we will spare no effort to prevent that in the future. Hezbollah has been violating UN resolutions and is gearing for war,” he said.

Putin didn't say anything, It was a UN ambassador analysis.
This is fake news.

How many cyrilic writing people are in SAYQRETTE EEEYZREEYELLE?
Enough to cause such carnage that you will forget all about the 20 000 jews killed in ww2

>so many wars
> 3 wars that barely lasted days and weeks.
Israel was never in a real war.

article about OP's topic BUT not written by a cringy anti american press


I wish to gauge how much knowledge you have of Russian, Israeli military.

Tell me step-by-step how Russia would "kill every military aged male in Israel" or successfully invade it. Just imagine a scenario in your head, write it down and explain it to me so I can see what ideas you have about modern warfare.

>File: 6nne.jpg (48 KB, 750x736)

How much for 45 min?

The summons, made on Friday, was confirmed by Russia’s foreign ministry which said the Israeli ambassador to Moscow, Gary Koren, had been asked to explain an exchange of fire with Syrian government forces in which anti-aircraft missiles were fired at Israeli jets.

>Gadi Ironshit
My sides

eat shit

Russia will win, not easily, it will be bloody, but they will win, but you forget that we have nukes, and the USA, the real issue we have is that we need not war with arabs, but peace, so we all may thrive.

go back into the oven Jew

The density of israel is our advantage, not stretched out as much.

>EXCLUSIVE: Trump told Iraqi premier to get rid of Shiite militias


>Iran says it’s ‘completely ready’ to restart nuclear program

>Mattis To Meet With Defense Companies About Buying Weapons

>Large-scale land warfare takes center stage in new Army field manual

You're about 3 months behind with that picture. The whole game has completely changed since. Very interesting times ahead.

Israel can knock out Russian expeditionary force in Syria easily without any hassle.

They would've lasted longer if the UN. USA and USSR didn't intervene and force both sides into a ceasefire all the time, hence why we can't have a quick resolution.