This is it, folks. This is the end. Once Jewtube starts to crack down on "hate speech", the movement will die whimpering death.

At first they will say they are going for the "Holocaust deniers" and "KKK", but 99% of what gets censored will be normie redpillers like PJW, Milo, Richard Spencer, etc.

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doesn't matter. the more they try to repress, the more evident something is not right it becomes.
it's human nature

There will be new avenues

not really

like what, gab?

Jewgle have a monopoly on internet spaces
The leftists are fighting back.

does someone have a pastebin of the companies that complained

The harder they squeeze the more redpills slip between their fingers.
Banning truth (especily obvious truth) will make it more enticing and exciting for the youth to discover,

welp, time for half the country to switch to Vimeo.

This big companies are so cowardly. It's fucking pathetic.

All the left has to do is threaten a boycott and they capitulate.

I don't see why companies like Mcdonalds are getting outraged because their ad is next to a hitler video

It's entirely automated and nobody is to blame, this just seems like an opportunity for them to virtue signal

>the leftists are fighting back
google is not really all that left broski. theyre a corrupt corporation like any other.

They will be just sending more people from reddit to pol, swelling our numbers and dank memes

It will also be viewed as corporate media trying to silence what gave us Trump

I mean conservative news didn't have a platform until Breitbart but then they had a major impact

Maybe after shit goes down but gab right now is a shithole echochamber for the "le alt right xD" movement have an account and i havent used it in months since there is nothing to see other than stupid facebook post with bad cropped maga hats or screencaps of Sup Forums

it's almost like there's collusion behind the scenes to quench dissent and freedom on the internet and all this "capitulation" is just a public showing to demoralize the public

hmm makes thinking occur in your brain

it was likely not companies

here in the UK we have an organisation dedicated to harassing advertisers who advertise on Daily Mail

the net effect is DM lose money and also moderate their "tone" to be less "hateful", a victory for the left either way

Right, but Breitbart started out as a neo-con version of Huffpo. It didn't start out alt right.

They're also careful to mix in red pill stuff with generic neocon stuff.

This is why the right need to learn to be more collectivist. We need to get organised or they will always have the upper hand in the culture war.

Yes, because look at all those examples that censorship worked. Unless they plan to implement death squads, its only going to help alternate media.

Kek. Last night the gf showed my that everything on YouTube that had an lgbt tag was flagged as inappropriate and has adult material.

They are just speeding up their demise.

Their personal incomes might suffer but this kind of behavior only strengthens political movements.

I don't understand why the right doesn't play this game as well. It's childish and borderline evil, but it fucking works.


Alt right wouldn't have happened without YouTube. If they censor it, normal progress will resume.

Yeah, it'll be the death of YouTube, not the alt-right

Censorship makes you mainstream, once you're mainstream. You switch the hipsters and alternative faggots to the other side.
Being SJW is the old cool, so more people are going nationalist or leaning right now.

Google is shooting themselves in the foot with this.

Pure coincidence

This. People give a non movement, new life by trying to suppress it. Think of anything; communism, abortion, drugs, religion. All become things people will kill over, because you suppress the subject.

It's not like anyone in the "alt-right" profits, much less makes a living, out of youtube dividends. Maybe the youtuber celebrities, and alt-lite people

You Nazis seriously deny the Holocaust? I figured you Nazis would be proud of it.

Then we will just use duck duck go. Then we will make a different video sharing service.

Because PR faggotry.

So, how long before these videos are all taken down and the makers are charged with hate speech?

That's why I swinged to the right in last 2 years

There are anarchists working on decentralized solutions. Maidsafe is probably the biggest of these efforts.


How has someone not created FashBook?

Leftists actually made me go hard right, and I'm a girl who ticked all the normie/libtard boxes.

You're speaking to an echo chamber. These people literally think the world is being taken over by cucks without even realizing they are being cucked themselves.

Those are some stale videos you got there at the beginning of your playlist, leaf. With Open Gates has never been the same after perturbator claimed copyright on the original music. Never had the same hard hitting vibe after that.

Just signed up for facebook for the first time under John Smith and uploading a slightly rotated stock photo of Agent Smith from the Matrix,

I don't intend to ever use facebook except to log in and post comments on sites that don't allow G+

I wonder if I will get banned.

They were planning to do this all along but have decided to go all in because this may be their last chance to do it.

this shit need to get nipped in the bud before it snowballs into something bigger

Anyone else watch this guy?

Ke. We do it >for free, you moron

Who the fuck is dumb enough to sign up to a database that's considered "extremism" in some countries?

Have some fashy youtube before it's gone forever.

Burn the coal pay the toll.

censorship works sometimes, unfortunately.

This post has been fact-checked by independent agencies and is determined to be *False*

The only thing that will die is Youtube.

>that trash is for you goyim!


They are just speeding up their demise. This many years and still they are in the red. Meanwhile every day it becomes easier and easier to host your own shit. Or just pay 60 a month to vimeo to host everything.

You can make your own site and just link the vids you host. Not to mention the shit loads of small groups joining together for hosting that is right now springing up.

Pls be my right wing brown tooth gf?

Sounds like a good way to end your reign as supreme search engine


god youre an autistic faggot arent you? :)

>Or just pay 60 a month to vimeo to host everything.
not quite

The alt right only exists on the net. You even admit it with your "internet activism > real life activism" baloney.

The Holocaust never happened but it should have. Now go fuck a dog.

When I read these stories, at first there all focused on Islamic extremists.

Interestingly as it gain traction it shifted to the right.

Yeah, there's obviously something going on here. Especially in the light of the #youtubeisoverparty bullshit. Knowing youtube they probably won't ban anyone, but they'll just silently stop people from having ads - or let them have ads, but give them no CPM.

This is why you use any alternative to google, such as duckduckgo, google has too big a monopoly, if there is competition one side will take advantage of another sides stupidity until the other side realizes their stupidity and unstupidifies themselves.

>implying a movement only lives on the internet

It's about time.. I am so sick of all the hate and xenophobia on the internet. This is just the first of many steps to stop the hate!

Doesnt duck duck go still track your shit?

>All the left has to do is threaten a boycott and they capitulate.
It is because nobody counter boycotts so they have nothing to lose


We could still sinply kickstart the samson option. Not much they can do about that other then silencing each and everyone and that will piss off even more

Apparently not, but there's ways to minimize it.

Whatever, the alt-right still has the lucrative onahole market.

YouTube is the last bastion of free speech in the broadest sense online.

This shit stems from the left . In the 90s if you didnt conform to their thinking they fucking tried to shame the shit out of you. The internet wasnt big then so there appeared to be no resistance. Now the companies think if they dont tow the line it will hurt them but they fail to realize the pendulum shifted more than they have expected now they will suffer the reverse. Literally avoiding money because they fear the social stigma created by vocal activist. Its like Target. They will tank their business because they think embracing the right is an even faster race to the bottom. Oh well let em die this sit he free market we want.

Varg is definitely getting no ad moneys.

The moment corporations put their kike noses on the internet it was over, don't kid yourself.

You CIA niggers wouldn't be here if you weren't scared. Sup Forums is a top 100 website, ~80,000 posts per day on Sup Forums alone. That's ~5-10x the comments per day of the big four political/news subreddits.