Civilisation is what will destroy us

Cities are and always have been unhealthy. Hunters and gatherers had more free time, better diets, and for a long time better quality of life than city dwellers. The only thing cities could offer was more security and a constant supply of food (grain), in return for longer working hours, less freedom, and a poorer quality of living. The first people to be attracted to cities were those who were too weak to survive in nature, but even security wasn’t enough to keep people there and so cities created vices to hold onto their population. Alcohol, gambling, whores, all formed as a means to cope living in an unnatural oppressive environment.

Civilisation has been a constant battle against nature to provide for us what we think we want: We want food, and so we farm grain and cattle and build a diet that less healthy than what we ate before, a diverse variety of animals and plants depending on the season. We want security, so we build walls and weapons that will ultimately be used to oppress and harm us more often than defend us. We want entertainment, so we debase others for our own amusement, those that are too weak or simply afraid of life outside The City. We want to live, and so we learn to treat illness and injury without changing the poor environment created for ourselves. A sick man in The City, who is sickly because of city life may live longer than the healthy man in the wild but who has the better life? We have now gotten to the point where a man who eats and drinks himself into a state of no return will now be cared for and kept alive, almost against his will it might seem, buy hundreds of people for no other purpose but to keep him consuming and keep the workers busy and paid so that they to can consume and keep The City running.

The City says it can provide anything nature can even intimacy, or god, a sense of purpose, but cheaper. But all it does is provide man with poor imitations. Neolithic man didn’t need to seek a reason for living, he knew that he enjoyed life and that was enough. Nothing is cheaper than what nature provides, the only problem is that now we may have eradicated our natural environment for The Cities. There is no choice now, you are a city dweller, you are made to be a city dweller, and even if you are competent and strong enough to live wild there is no longer any wilderness.

Yes, but what are you going to do about it? Gather up a band of hunters and live off the surrounding land? The police would find you and serve you with a few batonfuls of justice

I agree. Don't know what to do about it either. The world is fucked.

You're delusional

just live on prana and the divine light, you won't need food and you will be healthy

Can confirm. Every time I go to sleep I leave my TV on with max brightness. I go to bed hungry and when I wake up the hunger is gone.

Also I haven't had cavities in eight years and have stopped brushing my teeth.

Mushroom eating orgiastic monkeys when

fuck off india your nation is the biggest example of what I described, even before industrialisation. A bunch of effeminate weak poo boys in a strict and oppressive class system living in overcrowded filthy streets

>just started helpdesk job at $40k with decent benefits
>already bored and despondent at work
I have to leave in a few minutes and I feel like I'm going to be sick

No one is keeping you from living in some cave and dying from the common cold when you're in your fifties ausposter

You do realize we were really rich and had actual culture

I smell you from here, Abo

>The first people to be attracted to cities were those who were too weak to survive in nature
Sedantary societies predate cities considerably.

Existed well before cities

there was a documentary on Theodore Kaczynski last sunday on teevee.
That's amazing how creative the journalists are to twist his word.

Also his fucking brother deserves hell for giving him to the feds.

There is not even the option for that tho, go out to some national park and get arrested? Even then the water supply is contaminated, the air filled with carbon monoxide and aluminium, can't live as a separate entity of the nation, living even close to nature is really a luxury now not a right.

a culture of strict class based oppression. Yes, I understand that.

Hi Varg. I see you are on an aussie proxy.

This planet isn't a cradle, it's a coffin.

It was not patriarchal for thousands of years and is currently followed in very few states to its draconian image

you can buy cheap land that is relatively secluded and untouched by humans virtually anywhere that is far away from society. Northern Europe Or Midwestern USA for example.

Just buy land and try to live off it until you realize that vegemite doesn't grow on trees and you crawl back to the supermarket

Well let's just kill off 99% of the planet's population and return to the wild.

There is still a class system in india, just a more modern one designed for the third world. The displays of poverty there are appalling and a direct result of what is responsible for poverty everywhere, men living in cities.

> india
> rich
> not a bunch of street poopers since the dawn of time

Una bomber?

>non country

everyone is gonna do what they're gonna do. how about you let the city dweller fall into moral decay, get off the internet, and go live in the scrubland?

More than 70 percent of the population does not live in cities

How do you sage a bullshit thread again?

>Northern Europe Or Midwestern USA for example.
Great because I always wanted to breath in ridiculous amounts of aluminium caused by aerosol geoengineering in the stratosphere. You still don't get it though, the balance of power has flipped upside down. It shouldn't be you have to work to escape the city, the city should be a choice. The problem is when that happens not enough people want to, and so now we are born into a system that treats true freedom as a luxury to be bought and sold instead of a god given right as human beings

you say whores like it's a bad thing?

You want to pay for sex go for it. But in our natural environment that just seems ridiculous. The practice is born out of desperation, either for money or intimacy and is ultimately degrading for everyone involved. I'd go so far as to say hiring a prostitute, or prostituting yourself, could be considered an act of self harm/hate

Yup, that's why rural, conservative america is in such great shape while its cities are in ruin.

Oh wait.

Great so you read Sapiens.

"Rural" isnt good enough. You think man was suppose to eat cornsyrip and salt all day, pigboy?