What was her last though Sup Forums ??

What was her last though Sup Forums ??


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Refugees welcome

Shes some mudshark who was rapekilled by an afghani islamist

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"So this is the cultural enrichment they've been talking about? Well at least I was never racist"

Fuck Drumpf and fuck white people
A-at least I'm not racist

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Saint Lucia

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Caribbean island


She was probably scared. She also probably wondered that was letting all these people in without vetting really wise

German girl who was raped and murdered by a migrant.

Sounds like some shithole id never want to visit. Probably a nigger island

Hey I used to live in Castres. I was the only white boi at my school lol

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She was the daughter of an EU official and got raped/killed by a refugee she was helping

The south is niggerland but the north is bretty good

They successfully found 1 strand of her hair on a blackberry bush. Was Sup Forums leading the investigation? Because that's some serious user work right there.

>At least I'm not a racist.

Nice Id. Very Canadian!

Plus her father was a politician who opened the door and let the shitskin in.

Is there an update on the case? Did they catch the cunt? If so how lenient was his punishment? Did they let him stay jail free with full gibbs and a car and house as punishment?



>Not this thread again


She did not thought much while being raped, maybe she thought that it will be over soon.

It wasn´t until she was drowning in the ice cold river, when she asked herself: "Why? Why did I deserve this? I helped so many people."

Quite ironic, her last thoughts were about the same people who caused her doom.

>last though

Wtf are you?

Minus the death, this is my fetish. ,)

It's more the fact that her father politician fought to let the migrants in thinking they will only fuck up the poor peoples lives.

We like it when the politicians who are tryna fuck us for money get fucked.

Shame about the girl tho


are you on mobile?

Except this is happening all the time. It's hardly a one off event anymore.

Your fetish is to watch refugees rape politicians daughters?

That's very specific niche porn dude. What...er, what site you use?

>Poor refugee.
>It's all the white patriarchy fault!

White like argentinian?

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>at least i have the german consitution

Argentinians are whiter than white

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>>"Daddy would be so proud of me!"

Wrong one.


Islam is a religion of peace

>so ein bedauerlicher EINZELFA-

If no frexit then you will see just how peaceful Islam is in 20 years when you get a Muslim president.

Don't forget to vote April 23rd

Well, I guess also minus the rape part. Just the whole refugee fucking à blond European girl. Makes me go diamonds.
Blacked.com is the closest I can find to this. It's not enough, but it's all I can hold on to til this becomes à legit porn genre.

Here you go

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You wouldn't happen to be jewish?

>for God's sake I hope my father doesn't end up defending the people that did this to me against supposed bigotry


I know you didn't mean to post that, but I can't stand reading that article.

It wasn't like those guys were drunk and accidentally ran her over. They swarmed that girl, beat her and stabbed her to death. And then they got off with a pardon because "we were oppressed" they got a fucking pass because they were fighting apartheid, by killing an anti-apartheid activist, a defenseless girl, who wasn't even native to South Africa. No wonder that country is fucked up.

And then her weak parents forgave them and let them work for her memorial foundation. I can understand why in a way, continuing their daughters work of racial harmony in SA.

But I think you're a failure of a parent if you don't want vengeance for you're kid. You definitely are when you pay them to honor her memory.

No, I am Sikh and I have Jewish friends.

What does that mean to you?

Leafs always get the best IDs

That you need to get put down like the animal you are

You're a pretty young girl. Blinded by propaganda, you genuinely believe
the migrants are people just like you- your heart swells with pity when
you see them on TV fleeing from their war torn countries, and without
recognizing any differences, you put themselves in your shoes, thinking
that could be you. You volunteer at the refugee center- who wouldn't
help them? the world is a good place full of good people, and it's only
those bigoted right-wingers trying to separate us with a message of hate

On the night of her murder, she was at a party with her friends. She
probably had a drink or two with her friends. At 2:37,
she cycled home, as usual. Then a 17 year old migrant tripped her bike
and violated her. Think of the ecstasy and gratification he got at
those moments inside of her. He probably thought he would get away with
it, having pulled a fast one of the nation that took him in. After the
deed was done, he drowned her. He watched himself force her under the
water until her quivering body stood still.

In those last moments, i bet she wished her dad would have been there to
protect her. Perhaps she frightfully called out for him.
Little did she know, it was her father and his EU brethren who had
actually killed her. Letting savages into your country and holding only
them responsible for their brutality is like dangling a plate of food in
front of a dog and getting made it ate your dinner

Make no mistake, Dr Ladenburger. You killed your daughter.

I wonder how my corpse will look.

I hate these threads. It's always funny and edgy for the people who don't live among niggers and have seen the effects of their rapes on our women.

This image is strangely adorable.

You're a fucking retard.

Sikhism was literally started as a warrior religion to combat the Islamic Mughal empire.

Every tenet of it is built around being ready to kill mudslimes at a moments notice.

>I hate these threads. It's always funny and edgy for the people who don't live among niggers and have seen the effects of their rapes on our women.

In this case, the woman literally asked for it. She invited them in. My sympathy is sparse, but reserved for those women who didn't want to open the borders and inflict this on other people just so they could feel good about themselves.

Don't ever use that word ever again or you will pay...

ur a gross shitskin. why are you in canada? i hope you die.

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