Pol cannot disprove this

>sips tea
Checkmate Racists...

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>implying migrants contribute much
>UK min income to be net benefit £36k
>each, not per family of shitskins

How is importing people who cost more then they contribute going to pay for my pension?

>implying that they were going to PAY for ANYTHING

wew lad

How will you afford pension and healthcare when they used their new card to get new teeth, all the shots, the free setup cash then fuckoff when the bill comes.

>Reverse image search
>Inflation fetish
Is there a word for a feeling of disgust and betrayal?

>admitting it's a bubble that must keep inflating


So who eventually pays for the pensions of the migrants.

The other migrants.

A well managed pension plan pays benefits from the income on its investments.

If you need new people to pay into the plan to provide the benefits you have a pyramid scheme.

But who will take care of the Migrants?

>let them all in
>question now becomes "Who will pay our pensions, health care, and welfare?"


Need mur slaves! Fuckin' racist if you oppose slavery!

>Implying that migrants are coming to do anything other than leech off the working americans.
>Implying they wont revolt long before you will ever hit retirement

Theyre fucking parasites...

Slash government paycheques for one.
Streamline the inefficiencies of government.
Stop paying for 3rd world "humanitarian" efforts that just keep the 3rd world stupid and poor.

Actually balance the books.
Once politicians can manage this, there will be no problem. But as a politician you absolutely HAVE! to have that $100 lunch meeting with your associate/friend. Courtesy of the tax payer, of course!

Still want to fuck her, don't you? :3

pensions are socialism

We'd better only import male migrants then. Women and the elderly are almost always net detriments to a welfare nation's balance sheet, so we'll only allow young men in.

>expecting a pension
>not having health insurance

What other great retarded fairytales do you believe in OP?

In theory, most people pay into their pensions with every paycheque.
That's why there's a CPP contribution along with my EI contribution along with my taxation, taken off of every paycheque.

The problem comes when the powers that be screw up, and the money that was paid in is no longer enough.

that level of greed is unprecedented
people are ready to destroy the future of they child just to get a few more buck before they die

also believing that a Muslim majority will pay anything to old Catholics
how dumb can they be

>sipping tea
fake news, go get dumped in a port
also sage

In the US at least is when social security was set up there was a 16/1 working people to retiree ratio, today that ratio is close to 3/1 and set to get even closer. These systems were designed to have an ever expanding population, which won't happen anymore without mass migration to make up the deficit.
Literally the definition of a Ponzi scheme

But we've had nearly 60 years to prepare for this. We knew what the baby boom was. We even call them baby boomers for fuck's sake!

Why, over the last 60 years, did our elected officials, not prepare for this?

Or, dare I say, our elected officials are all useless and just in it for the comfort and perks of the job?

Why can't people just have more babies instead of importing incompatible third worlders?

Why can't we just let the boomers die and things resettle at a more sustainable level?
Rising populations are only going to make the problem worse in the future.

A decade or two of moderate suffering will be much better than mass starvation when global populations double.

are you an idiot? africa population is doubling. first world countries are dying out.

overpopulation is caused by immigrants and you are letting them in.

401Ks, IRAs and mutual funds all pay for themselves. Not migrants needed.

migrants on welfare aren't going to pay for anything, either.

so we should support a system that requires unlimited growth to continue?

Your kids.

Your kids?

I'm thinking your reading comprehension could use some work, so I'll ignore the flaming faggotry that is your comment for the most part.

Africa is doubling for a lot of different reasons. That continent is full of backwards failure. Should be quarantined or something. Preferably purged and used by a culture that can actually benefit from the resources.

Secondly, that's what I said. We SHOULDN'T import anyone. That we should let our populations drop.
Let the coloured folks deal with the problems of overpopulation in their own countries. If they act up, we have an excuse to purge.

my whole pension is alredy taken by the imigrants
its best i save up my own

these morons actually expect migrants to give a single flying fuck about paying for their old age

good job destroying all social cohesion, enjoy being dead faggots

You are a masssive faggot

Oh no, guess you shouldnt have advocated for policies which destroy the tradiational family, fucking boomer scum.

They can shrivel up and die for all I care. Boomers have worked hard to destroy the greatest civilization the world has yet produced. Their increasing selfish worry and misery is like music to my ears.


Not the fucking immigrants, that's for sure, as they are basically unemployable.

The modern system will collapse because automation will take away majority of low skill and even medium skill jobs within few decades.
That is inevitable, and solving this problem sure as hell does not involve replacing the native populations of our homelands with foreigners.

>Work at a job.
>Be tricked into giving away a large portion of your earnings to what is essentially a investment scam.
>Multiple things can happen to have your entire pension taken away.
How about you save that money instead.

True fucking story.
>Have a family member who worked at a place all his life.
>Gave nearly every dime to them.
>Hurrr they know how to handle money more then me ;D
>One day, time to retire.
>But what about muhhhhh pension.
>Sorry, all gone fag, should have done something better with your money.

or another.
>Goes to retire.
>Government takes 40k in tax from what was 80k saved.

Boomer Mindset

We do with the money that was meant for welfare for migrants


>Who will be /ourwageslave/ now?
wew nice mindset there libbies

Who will work my fields and pick my cotton if we take away my Negro slaves?

-t plantation owner circa 1845

Couldn't've said it any better.

>importing an unemployable caste that wants you and your way of life dead
>expect them to pay for your pensions


My (western cultured) children and their children?

>who will pick our cotton and build our railroads if we don't import people?


This is why Boomers need to die

Thank medical science. Human's are living longer than ever now!

Oh, there's another cost to cut. Cut healthcare funding. Let's lower populations that way too! Saves money for pensions. Win-win! Especially when the left starts to riot. More deaths!

Migrants dont pay taxes. They take more from the system then put in.

Now you're talking. Gas the old age war now.

Funny that a UK flag is saying that... with the whole "old people shouldn't be allowed to vote!" after brexit...

It's amazing how all these useful idiots are blind to the corporatist motives behind mass migration

>m-migrants are g-good for the e-economy because you don't have to pay them anything
>f-fight for f-fifteen!!121!

This is the shitty slide at the local park that's been vandalized and pissed on a hundred times.

Why do you think that other people should pay for your refusal to take responsibility for assuring your retirement plan is properly funded?

Jesus Christ does their authoritarianism know no bounds?
>Welcome to the West!!!!
*points gun* now gibs me dat!!

Personal responsibility is not something we encourage in our society. Just look at all the retards who invested in useless degrees just to be left with the bill and no way to pay it.
Just look at all the people screaming at the government to regulate things in a way to make their lives easier!

And as a Canadian, you should be well aware as to how useless government can be at running things. Just look at Petro Canada as the perfect example.

So the tolerant left wants to use the migrants as a tax base. Sounds like slavery to me

They'd sooner murder everyone, before that.

>black face in the mirror

Looks like there wasn't a great shift in the Democrat party away from supporting slavery.

MAybe the wealth I accumulated over decades f work? Jeez I don't know. Or perhaps white people like always?

Pretty much.
Fun fact, there's an unemployment rate! Why do we import unskilled workers when we have a bunch of unskilled workers soaking up NEETbux?


>data goes un(you)ed

>So who eventually pays for the pensions of the migrants
More immigrants

>Imagine Canada with a population of 100 million — roughly triple its current size.

>>>For two of the most prominent voices inside the Trudeau government’s influential council of economic advisers, it’s much more than a passing fancy.

>It’s a target.

The 14-member council was assembled by Finance Minister Bill Morneau to provide “bold” advice on how best to guide Canada’s struggling economy out of its slow-growth rut.

>One of their first recommendations, released last week, called for a gradual increase in permanent immigration to 450,000 people a year by 2021 — with a focus on top business talent and international students. That would be a 50-per-cent hike from the current level of about 300,000.

The council members — along with many others, including Economic Development Minister Navdeep Bains — argue that opening Canada’s doors to more newcomers is a crucial ingredient for expanding growth in the future.

>They say it’s particularly important as more and more of the country’s baby boomers enter their golden years, which eats away at the workforce.

The conviction to bring in more immigrants is especially significant for at least two of the people around the advisory team’s table.

Real question:
>Who will pay our pension and healthcare AND the welfare for economic migrants from the third world?

"B-But we are all equal and equally capable of contributing to the prosperity of the first world. There is absolutely no IQ differences between that of whites and non-whites! I-I mean look what kind of prosperous societies those smart third worlders we're able to build!"

I seriously can't wait until it becomes a duty to execute libtards, SJWs and commies.

How does this straw man still live ?
Keeping out illegals and potential threats to the state =\= keeping out migrants.

In fact he has said he wants to make a point if bringing in professionals not randoms so you will get even more of your precious tax money.

Yup, mass immigration is a stall tactic and nothing more


tits look fake so no

>admitting that pensions and health care are a ponzi scheme

They have to get jobs to pay for pension lmao

The regular people?

Why do societies even allow net detriments to exist?

Family woman are understandable and they are the voluntary detriment of the man so that checks out but why is any other burden and weakness imposed involuntarily on the entire population?
Why? I've seen some shit, handicapped people who will do nothing but destroy the lives of the families they are raised in while requiring enormous funding and for what? For this misplaced sentimental charade that is muh morality? So the consciousness of sentimentalists is tampered? So those at the bottom have something to look down on? What the fuck is point?

Exactly, who will, you fucking leeches?

your children
childfree fags deserve to starve in the streets

You said it best early in your post.
>imposed weakness

If you were the powers that be, what would you want your serfs to be like? Strong capable thinkers? Or basic complacent drones.

In the case of the severely handicapped, yeah. they shouldn't be allowed to live, or get tax benefits. If the parents want to keep their "pet", because let's be honest, that's what the tard would in essence be. Then it's their burden, and their cost alone.

We agree on the severely handicapped but aren't people complacent enough if their wealth and standard of living is high? They will not risk life and limb unless their primary needs are threatend, they might shout in the streets ineffectually over some arbitrary hyped hysteric delusion of the day but they won't unite and take up arms and be willing to fight against anything in any meaningful way.

Wealth and standard of living is impeded by this crooked false morality, the costs and manpower is astronomical to uphold it, it's destructive and weak and makes no rational sense.

This is true. Which is why most western nations haven't had an open revolt in a long ass time.

But inflation rises. Wages stagnate. And we're importing cheep labour by the truckload. Hard times are coming; and the white man is getting angry.
The more we realize what's going on. The more annoyed we tend to get. We aren't going to let our politicians keep shooting us in the foot for their personal gain.
Eventually the peasants remove the king's head.

History repeats itself, my friend. Keep that in mind. Find the parallel from the past and assume that things will follow a similar path.

Why don't we just Thunderdome all the oldies and only the good ones get pensions?

the funds diverted to migrants, refugees, wars, and corruption will be returned to the rightful citizen owners of said funds for pension and healthcare

>shit skins don't age

>Good advice on money
>Not for personal jewish gains.


Are they migrants or slaves?

But, migrants take in far more welfare than natives.

There won't be pensions in the future, thanks to them.

We call them migrants. But they might as well be slaves.

Fun fact: most migrant workers don't know their rights. So even if it's legal migration, they're going to be worked harder than the average citizen with a lot less complaint. Also, for a lot less pay.

>500000 a year
>In a country of 30 million
These people are fucking insane

Calculating is the better adjective to describe them

>Canada is forming a partnership with the United Nations and billionaire George Soros to help other countries implement their own version of Canada's private refugee sponsorship program.

Immigration Minister John McCallum told Rosemary Barton, host of CBC News Network's Power & Politics, he knows of about 13 countries that are potentially interested in Canada's model for private refugee sponsorship, adding he has already had talks with the United Kingdom.

The release said the initiative will start by creating training modules for private sponsorship based on an analysis of the Canadian model and will offer countries "tailored advice" on how to adapt and implement the programs.

>The joint initiative between the government of Canada, the UN High Commission on Refugees and Soros's Open Society Foundations will have a kick-off meeting in Ottawa in December, the release said.

McCallum said Canada's decades of experience with private sponsorship, going back to the resettlement of Vietnamese refugees in the 1970s, puts it in a position to help other countries.

"I think we can offer practical advice to those countries who are interested in going this route, and I do believe, based on our own experience, that it will be a successful thing to do, and I'm grateful to the UN and George Soros for co-sponsoring this initiative with us," he told Barton.

>McCallum said Soros would contribute funding to the project.


We're fucked

fund it

who will pay our pensions? You do, you piece of shit.