Woman Rationalising Her Cheating Adventures

>too hot for her husband and basically everyone till she hit the wall

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you can just tell shes the kind of woman that gets off on being sexually degraded, ie like most

There you go dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-4333200/The-agony-beautiful-faithful.html

>divorces her husband, moves into flat across the hall from you
>implying you wouldn't be trying to shag her and get her to make you food and stuff because she's lonely

If you ever had any doubt about hypergamy and women lacking of conscience, just please read that link. Nothing in women literally surprise me no fucking more

She left her husband for the mere fact that he's was a "looker" on her standards. Despite the unconditional love he gave her

>this is some next level mental gymnastics

I'm not saying I'd get into a relationship with her. I'm just saying I would try and bang her if she stayed across the hall.

kek she got replaced right after she cheated. what an alpha

Yeah certainly agree with you with that. Bump and dump

Yep! Basically by every Alpha she has ever met

>7.5/10 tops
>Too hot not to cheat

Eternal white woman strikes again

Every white women has +3 points for just being white. That's why you often come across 5's who think they're like solid 8 or +8.

>biologically inclined to do x
So the biological argument is ok here, right?

Adultery should be punishable by hanging.

This is one of the things the mudslime shits have got right.

>then her husband replaces her with a horny young broad

No loss to the husband.

I want him to write an article about his side of the story and how he dumped her cheating ass. That would be amazing

She looks kinda hot with the kitchen all around her

Honestly, she is right. Anyone who says they wouldn't fuck her is a GOD DAMNED liar. The fact she is cheating on her husband is an even bigger turn on, imagine the thrill of knowing that she is risking her relationship, her reputation, her emotional well-being so she can be pleasured by YOUR dick. That is so fucking hot.

Is she single? If so look at her now lol

She could've been a sweet ol granny baking pies for white children. Maybe in another life she will find peace.

And her vanity and narcissism drops her to a 5.5

>Snapchat news

That shit is degenerate as fuck.

>Guys throw their dicks at me
>how am I supposed to have self control?!!?

>that image
at this point, I welcome the muslim takeover


It's not a question of whether we fuck her or not, normally men would fuck any one as long they're not landwhales, it's her sick attitude of bragging about her infidelity and shitty personality.

I read the whole thing and that's an accurate summary
>what is personal responsibility and planning for the future

Kinda reinforces the whores mentality, don't you think? The constantly want attention. If no one pays a whore any mind, and that becomes a trend, most women will take attention and social standing over being virtually a ghost to the world.

Any one who says they wouldn't fuck her has some measure of self-control and dignity.

Nice try, Achmed. Let me guess - hanging should only apply to women and men shouldn't be punished at all right?


I would have killed that bitch if it was my wife

>Kinda reinforces the whores mentality, don't you think?

At nobody else's expense but the whores.

I wish we could go back to S.P.Q.R. were cheating wives like this would be chained in the public square and raped by trained baboons .

>Implying that other women don't notice what gets them attention, and will copy this

>Implying fucking women who have multiple partners in a short period of time won't get you an STD

Sorry user, I don't see how this benefits anyone at all.

There is one giant flaw in her whole article.
She simply isnt way above average. The fact that her husband managed to easily get a woman looking way better than her while she was left with a dry pussy and consecutively worse looking partners should have already told her that.

Nobody is going to go through the trouble of sticking up with a average looking whore.

>Nobody is going to go through the trouble of sticking up with a average looking whore

Especially if she's too old to have children; no one would need her for something more than some quick fuck

No, men should get the same treatment. I'm a little tired of this idea that degeneracy is only in women and pussy liberal men.

>implying this wouldnt be the wet dream of the majority of western "woman"

rides every dick she can find up until her 40s, realises shes far past her prime and no one cares anymore, finds a "less conventionally attractive" builder 20 years her senior to put up with her ass, being an attractive woman is seriously life on easy mode

Not everyone thinks like you, degenerate.
There's that one user that keeps posting spic women and say "You don't support trump's wall now, do you ;)))))" as if everyone kneels in front of pussy like you do.

can u provide archive for that site?

>what will end the slut menace?!
>i know, giving her casual cock might just do it

Can we just teach each other how to just play bitches?
Fuck mgotw and fuck the high ground

How does that not seem out of proportion though? Don't get me wrong - I loathe adultery and think people shouldn't get away with it scot-free, but how about just forfeiting their claim on their spouse's assets and ongoing financial support? That would send a pretty fucking clear message without having to kill people for it.

Could you imagine the feminist chimpout if a man wrote that article?

Once again women are not held accountable for their immoral decisions.

Then you will burn in hell.

right on brotha, right on.

they act that way because they know they will always have beta men there to catch them afterwords

We're striving for marriage and family.
Not degenerate slut sailing.

We're animals

Make babies with the best mate you can find. Three or more

Make sure they are yours

If they cheat, get strong evidence and divorce them by surprise

Put money in share account and empty it immediately before serving papers. No legal repercussions

Reproduction is the goal. Lasting romantic love isn't real, and can only be LARPed with true virgin couple who never stray. You won't get to have it

So stop being fags about it. Try, and expect failure. Love is not something you get to have in the real world, except between father and child. If your dad sucked, then your only chance for love is your progeny

Go fuck yourself, animal. I am Christian, a child of God.
So called "romantic love" is a satanic invention designed to lure young morons in troubles. That's why it's praised today, along with other degenerate acts.
There is only 1 correct type of relationship between sexes – the matrimony. Dating is sinful and degrading per definition.

>Reproduction is the goal
Reproduction without parenting will result in a catastrophe.
Lasting marriage is for the sake of the child and not for the parents' love. Your love leaves both of you and becomes a succesful member of a society.

A child needs a father and a mother.
Father educates.
Mother nurtures.

>we're animals
typical lefty argument

In all honesty, I'm up for any punishment that drives a message home. But it has to be punished.

>We're animals

No we're not animals Paco. The fact that we're having a discussion from two different parts of the world about complex and abstract concepts proves it.

>Only wants to Fuck women

>"Fuck MGTOW"

That's literally the only association they will have with women though.

That's a good way to ensure that the nuclear family turns in to a bunch of Marshall Mathers pale nigger types running around.

Do you complain about women being whores?

I just want to bring attention to the fact that your lack of discipline and respect for the social contract between men is why there are so many whores.

Even if you are alpha status and can fuck every girl walking down the street you see, it doesn't mean you should. That just makes you a dog. Society and civilization separate humans from animals.

Why is it so appalling when women do this?

No, you dumb sack of shit. Everybody knows it's easy to fuck women. This dog-like mentality is exactly why women are so fucked up; you just want to pump and dump them. It's disgusting and degenerate behavior that ruins women. You can't make a family with a washed up roastie whore, and if you encourage all women to be washed up roastie whores there will be no more good women.

Yes, women are in many ways trash tier in the west due to ***what men have turned them into***. Men are the problem with women. Men like you

Not men, but satan through his slaves (jews), which occupy our governments since the last 150-200 years.

>tie her up
>fuck her like a hog for days
>only let her go when she agrees to a chastity belt
Brought it on himself, shit ain't hard

Peter: Your new wife is a human toilet.

[After finding out that he could lose everything in a divorce from Charmisse] Quagmire: I guess I'm just going to have to suck it up. Peter: Let her suck it up, she's the expert. Sorry, keep going.

Lois: Welcome to our home Charmisse. Sit anywhere you like. That chair with the garbage bag taped over it looks pretty good.

Charmisse: Unfortunately I can't have children. Lois: Oh, menopause? Charmisse: No, I got knifed in the vagina one Christmas. Brian: Ah, the holidays are always stressful.

Sup Forums sure does love their clickbait.

>I was too hot NOT to cheat
>I was [...] hot
Not gonna go full fedora and say she's ugly but the only reason she's calling herself hot is she's surrounded by fat doughblobs. We've come to the point where women that were 6/10 fifty years ago can be 8s and 9s just by not being fat.

>get strong evidence and divorce them by surprise
over here in the free world we can divorce people if they buy ugly shoes

stay pleb

She says she doesn't regret it and got some rich beta to marry her once the alphas didn't want her anymore so it seems like she wins in the end.

You must be new here

Meg Griffin: So Charmese, I was thinking of writing an article about you for my school paper. Do you charge black guys more or less?

Old Woman:
Hmm, that's a hard question to answer. Most of them get a group rate.

Charmese, when's the last time you had a pelvic exam? When was the Missouri Compromise? Uh, I think 1821.
Then I've never had a pelvic exam.
All right, I'm going in.
If I tug on the rope twice, that means pull me out.
God, who are the pigs who just throw their empty beer cans down here? Hey, Charmese.
You know, I really love your clothes I found a lot of them on strung-out teenage corpses.
That's so lovely.
But I was thinking, maybe this afternoon you'd like to borrow my credit card and buy yourself a new wardrobe.
You know, something a little more conservative.
Really? That's so sweet, Glenn.
No one's ever cared about me like that before.
Thank you.

I pray for my old whores who yearn to be fucked! Give me a sign that more old whores shall come to us in the near future and so forth! O' mighty one!

Yes, but righting the ship means each of us identifying our own amoral behaviors and correcting them, serving as an example to others to do the same.

Jews aren't literally stuffing mens' benises into whores' petri dishes. Morality is its own reward

"For example, one afternoon I walked out of the hairdresser’s with a friend, only to have a gorgeous young man screech to a halt in his open-top Ferrari in front of me. ‘I couldn’t have lived with myself if I’d driven past you,’ he said. ‘Will you come to the polo with me on Saturday?’
Pictured, Julia Stepenson with her father Tony Brown in 1999. She writes: 'My father had the dark, brooding looks of the man in the TV Milk Tray advert'

Pictured, Julia Stepenson with her father Tony Brown in 1999. She writes: 'My father had the dark, brooding looks of the man in the TV Milk Tray advert'

Before I had the chance to think, my friend had accepted for both of us. That weekend was spent drinking champagne with the attractive stranger and his wealthy friends. My boyfriend at the time — whoever he was — was forgotten.

On another occasion, I was running to catch a flight to Martha’s Vineyard in the States when a handsome older man stopped me, gave me his business card and simply said: ‘You’re beautiful — please call me.’ And I did. I now struggle to even recall his name."

Peter: Where will you two be going on your scummymoon? And can I plan your bridal golden shower

Peter: Your new wife is a human toilet.

>It was only when middle age struck, bringing with it at last a rather more mature frame of mind, that I began to tire of it all.

Woah, The Wall is real

wtf is that snake cancer?

I kind agree with you, despite the responses you got. Making white babies is the highest priority right now. Raising them is secondary; in fact, if there are many white children around, they will raise each other. All they need is a guiding hand that will show them limits, everything within those limits will be learned in school and through social interaction with other children and their older brothers/sisters.

But when NOT taking part in this global insanity is considered lame and autistic, no wonder that even boys fall for it. Without Christianity men are deprived of any meaning in life and then jewish propaganda together with their own parents pushes in their young heads that (((love))) is the only thing that matters.

ticks, my man.

I know a lot who would

I knew many men who ruined their lives, even family, for much uglier women

wrong pic

Can't wait to piss all over the UK expat OAPs who have been hiding out in France and Spain scabbing everything they can get on the disability social and free medical, while never paying tax and laundering their monies through offshore sterling accounts. .

Should be a bonanza for cash buyers. I expect the property contents for free.

Just think off all the entitled unemployable Brit thrash that infests the Spain (UK drunks, criminals and vermin), Ireland (we get the Brit hippies) and France (pretentious English OAPs who scab everything, demand free medical, disability and form expat OAP clubs ) and their scabby bone idle social security fiddling parents returning home to the UK. No more French dole and hip replacements and a home in the sun.

This woman is so far up her own ass.

>being beautiful is dangerous. People can't control themselves. It wasn't totally my fault, i was too good looking to say no.


You're just pathologically incapable of commitment and are rationalizing to deal with the guilt of cheating on every person you've ever been with, just like how serial killers dodge it (I couldn't help myself, it was my parents, I was born this way)

Now that the cock carousel stopped, you've quickly picked a "safe" man, who won't leave you as easily, using him as a bandaid for your battered self esteem, as a way to virtue signal that you really did care about proper romance, when anyone with a single neuron firing can see right through it.

funny me and my wife were having this conversation in the car.

We both agreed the best way to deal with women viewing themselves as valuable commodities was making sure men only banged their wives and hookers.

Hookers you exchange hard cash with but they're social pariahs, no on marries a hooker.

The way to make it unappealing to bang around is to remove the mans 'responsibility' to pay for their child. That way no other man wants to pay for another mans children and women loose their 'more valuable than thou' state.

My wife also suggested work houses.....

Trad wife is best wife.

Remember that it doesn't matter how good you treat her or how much you love her: she will always see you as a provider, nothing more. Like a fucking parasite.
No fucking exceptions.

it's not like they'll make a lot from your shitty romanian traffic, user.

Because it's easy for them to. Nobody likes people who take the easy way.

Every single time a man sleeps with a lot of women, he’s called a stud. But if a woman sleeps with a lot of men, she’s called a slut, and people think this is unfair… Nah. It’s completely fair, and I’ll tell you why, alright? ‘Cause it’s fuckin’ easy to be a slut. It’s fuckin’ hard to be a stud. To be a stud you have to be witty, charming, be well-dressed, have nice shoes, and a fake job. To be a slut you just have to be there. There are fat ugly sluts out there, there are no fat ugly studs.

Jim Jefferies

read picrelated from There are even (((therapists))) and (((consultants))) which regard adultery as natural.

>This woman is so far up her own ass.
>>being beautiful is dangerous. People can't control themselves. It wasn't totally my fault, i was too good looking to say no.

Friend, this is self-rationalization and it's standard fare. You're only noticing because the premise is ridiculous to you.

Beautiful people have cocks and vadge thrown at them, that much is true. Giving in is a moral fault, but if you just say anyone would give in, you're not to blame, in your own mind.

A drug addict sounds exactly the same. It wasn't their fault. They were in "those circles". "Everyone did it". "It was easier to find heroin than to buy alcohol". Blah blah blah. Self justification.

You might as well be hearing a neverending repeat of IT'S NOT MY FAULT, SOCIETY IS TO BLAME.

Yeah shes british alright

She's not even that hot.. just has decent tits... her face is pleb level avg.

women are fucking retarded, hur dur my makeup allows me to date outa my league. Oh no, i'm too old to cover these wrinkles, better see how my stable ex husband is doi.... awshit....

>implying Americans are any better

Still, even "studs" should be punished for fucking someone else's wives. Tattooed and/or castrated. Not killed though, since sex is always up to female.

most guys who get i see get cucked are what Sup Forums would call chads or alphas.
shame what happened to jefferies

Yes, even Chads get cucked. There is always a better Chad hanging around. Read picrelated

>too hot not to cheat
>not after the first time

whore women today are a reflection of weak men. you're either a whore or a weak man.