Doctors and surgeons are selfish assholes

If you have the kind of expertise that can save human lives and you sell it at an extortionate price, you are a bad person. It's your moral duty as a human being to provide these skills at a reasonable price so that the majority of people have access and not just the privileged few.

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>go to highly competitive and difficult med school for 10 years
>waste years of your life studying and incur lots of debt
>they graduate as a certified doctor
>shouldn't be paid a lot for the effort they put in

Fuck you socialist shithead.

>you have the kind of expertise that can save human lives and you sell it at an extortionate price
What's wrong with the (((free market))) goy?

You're forgetting the step where their unions fund lobbyists groups that actively discourage medical schools from accepting more students by decertifying them if they do.

> In his classic book Capitalism and Freedom, Milton Friedman describes the American Medical Association (AMA) as the “strongest trade union in the United States” and documents the ways in which the AMA vigorously restricts competition. The Council on Medical Education and Hospitals of the AMA approves both medical schools and hospitals. By restricting the number of approved medical schools and the number of applicants to those schools, the AMA limits the supply of physicians. In the same way that OPEC was able to quadruple the price of oil in the 1970s by restricting output, the AMA has increased their fees by restricting the supply of physicians.

>t's your moral duty as a human being to provide these skills
No it's not
No one has a right or duty to protect anyone who they don't care about unless it's their family or their job.
>Ib4 Uu has no soolz!!
No, you just stop caring when people do the same shit over and over again and still won't learn.

So go get a kid at the local high school to operate on you if you want cheap healthcare.

Ok I'll bite this bait in case you're actually that fucking retarded.

In addition to first reply, all valid points, take into account huge cost of medical malpractice insurance. Everyone fucks up their job at least once, except when doctors do it it costs $$$.

Additionally, many medical professionals volunteer their time to clinics, non profits and causes such as Doctors Without Borders.

tl;dr you're right doctors are too expensive next time you're injured or sick I reckon you should just save your cash n die that'll show the fuckers

It's not cheap to become a Doctor. Fix that, and I'm sure prices would come down some.

>you sell it at an extortionate price

That would be because of the hospitals and insurance companies.

Medfag here, if you fucking idiots would stop trying to sue everyone at the drop of a hat, rates wouldn't be as fucking high.

Fuck you, I will have been in school for 11 years by the time I graduate as a doctor, then I make shit money for 4-6 years until I am no longer a resident.

You want to provide "free" care because it's "morally" right? Go fucking be a doctor.

Most doctors graduate with $250-300,000 dollars in debt, work 80 hours a week and have spent over a decade schooling.

Fuck off.

Let me guess you also think it's our moral duty to destroy our culture by letting sand niggers flock in by the millions

You can thank the American Medical Association for threatening to decertify schools if they allow in too many students for the conditions that lead to excessive loans and work hours for young students.

It's artificially restricted supply of labor for the sole purpose of driving up the cost of labor for those who already have the jobs. Once you become a doctor would love that the American Medical Association restrict the number of students they allowing. Why wouldn't you? Wouldn't you love if there was an extremely strong Trade union that strong are and everyone who taught your profession into only allowing in a fraction of the number of people required to do the job?

> oh man muh hours. I had to work like 10 more than the average person
> but I got paid 8 times the amount thanks to my union

Kill the AMA

Not the Indian ones
Pol remember always visit an Indian doctor

I will provide these skills at a reasonable price as soon as my education to get these skills becomes available at a reasonable price, if not then fuck off jew.

Wow how rude .
Doctors heal people if you forgot just in case

Everybody is a selfish asshole kid.

Devi Shetty is revolutionizing healthcare in India with his affordable hospital chain, Narayana health.

He wants to bring down the cost of heart surgery to 800 dollars.

The free market is the path to affordable healthcare.

What is your opinion on Indian doctors

> people get into medicine to help people

Topkek, pretty much every medic at my uni is looking forward to their 3 skiing holidays a year and brand new BMW in their drive, maybe 1-2% of doctors become doctors out of altruism.

>Paying to study in western diploma mills

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Only Indians have empathy whitey is greedy

> if you have the capacity to shit post it is your obligation to create fresh content


Ones that come here and go to school here?

I love them. They are very dedicated.

Actually, the doctor that took care of my mother when she had cancer was Indian and he was the only one who basically didn't write her off as dead and did everything he could to keep her alive and in a condition where she could take care of herself. Even caught a bunch of errors from shit doctors that could have hurt her.

Maybe that's true in the USA. But in the UK governments get a government subsidised education and you can only enter if you have work experience and a personal statement that is a written certain way. In other words, taking away any meritocracy and handing all the places to private schoolers.

And add to that the fact that most doctors are women who want a vanity job that will easily let them work part time and probably won't work at all.

Fuck these people. I don't care what arrr Jezza Hunt did, i think he's great.

Do you think in all honesty with the degree choices people make that we currently have a deficit of Doctors? Your argument would be true if we have a drought of doctors but we don't.

>Only Indians have empathy whitey is greedy
Devi shetty is a unique figure in India. He deserve the noble prize.

I greatly admire him, but what will happen when he dies? He heeds to inspire and train a whole generation of doctor entrepreneurs committed to his vision of affordable care for everyone.

I for one am glad that the field that leads to people saving people's lives is hyper competitive and not simply letting every affirmative action nigger become a doctor.

we only have a deficit of primary care doctors in rural areas, other than that we have too many.

Go to school for 8 years and incur ~200k debt. By that time their classmates have incurred 1/4 of that debt and are probably making 80k+ a year for the last four years the doctor is in school if they are as academically driven as most med students. Then the doctor does ~5yr residency making 45k a year if they are lucky. After all that the average family practicing makes 200k annually if lucky and pays out the ass for malpractice insurance. Most doctors work until they are almost 70 because hey can't afford to retire earlier.

If you want to champion a cause, go after the companies that sell saline solution for $800 a liter, medical supplies are waaaay overpriced for what they actually are.

Actually we do, particularly in primary care. It's the reason that DO schools are flourishing right now.

>harmful effect of NHS
UK is fucking commie

They sell it at a reasonable price. There are a limited amount of doctors who have a limited amount of time to treat patients.
Even now in the UK GP's are worked like slaves to the point where they are burning out and quitting the career long before retirement age. The situation would be a little better if we didn't train women but the fact is we do so which means many GP's train for longer than they practice.

t. 600 pound socialist butter golem.

WORK you leeching cunt.

UK medicine is fucked, privatize the fuck out of it.

OPEC is a cancer to the world

It's alright. Certainly better than most shitholes, even the continental shitholes.
The attempts to privatize parts of the NHS is what has created this abomination. It's like we took the worst of both then added boob jobs and dick chops to the mix just to increase the costs.

I'm a surgeon and fuck you!

As if dude.

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