Journalist in Sweden why rape statistics hare higher in Sweden (not because of migrants)

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>only 5-10% of rapes are reported

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This. It's like politico wrote that.

>10% more rape is reported in Sweden than in the UK
>rape is still three times more likely in Sweden than in the UK, placing it next to Saudi Arabia

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Funny that he chose UK for comparison considering it is also full of shitskins, Rotherham for example

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How do you know that 20% of rapes get reported?
Is there a "not reported rape" register or how do you get the number of actual rapes?

>even wolfwhistling is considered as rape

So if we do it here, SJWs will call for blood.
If migrants in Sweden do it "its not rape"?


No, there has been a steady increase in the number of rapes even since the methodology has changed. A 50% increase actually. This is per the Sweden governments statistics.

These people are ducking blind to reality. The poster even tries to justify blocking out her common sense by saying that it only seems like rapes are higher because there were “big cases”

>Only x% of an unknown quantity.

Flawed math.
It's exactly the same bullshit the left used to misrepresent Homosexuals as being 10% of the population when it's only around 2-3% by vastly overestimating the amount of closeted homosexuals.

>expecting a logisches Denkvermögen from leftists
That is where you are doing it wrong

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>Higher % of rapes reported

The level of mental gymnastics that liberals perform could win a gold metal at the fucking Olympics..


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where does the 80% unreported statistic come from if it isn't reported?

> higher % of rapes get reported in Sweden

What's the methodology used to determine this?

> Even fake accusations are recorded as rape

So feminist jurisprudence is idiotic and needs to go?

> Multiple rapes

Other countries record 200 rapes as 200 rapes too you idiot. This man for example had 27 different rape/sexual assault/child molestation charges brought against him for actions against two victims. Each count brings its own charges, this is common place in civilized countries.

>Rape accusations that are proven to be false stay on the books and are statistically indistinguishable from real, actual rapes

Who could this POSSIBLY help?


>raping a woman 300 times only actually counts as 1 rape

How do they know what percent of the rapes are reported/unreported, if no one reports them?

>20% of rapes in Sweden get reported, compared to between 5-10% in the UK

Completely made up. How the fuck do you know if an unreported rape has taken place? If you know a rape has happened then it's been reported.

If rape has remained steady in Sweden for decades with only the definition of rape changing, then why did BRA stop collating information on the ethnicities of Sweden's rapists as the country began is mass importation program? If there hasn't been an increase rape, and if immigrants have had no affect on Sweden's rate of sexual assaults then there should be no harm in disclosing the ethnicity of the nation's rapists. The only reason not to would be to prevent people from seeing obvious ethnic and social trends and patterns in who is committing sexual offences in Sweden.

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They estimate it with questionnaires like in

>Liberals tearing down all the faux logic in their rape culture hysteria for a bunch of sand niggers

...these people are mentally ill. They will believe anything.

Worse. They're importing an actual rape culture, and they're defending it.

>believing statistics from Swedish government
>believing statistics from social scientist

I don't know where I've read it but I remember a pretty long post with sources debunking this whole damage control by the Swedecucks.

>wolfwhistling is literally rape in Sweden

It was really in their minds.

That stood out to me as well. If you took out all of the muh immigrants bs it would look just like a typical gamer gate argument only the roles have switched.

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Although i can't prove this i am a 100% sure that rape in Sweden is under reported


>it's not migrants! it's born ethnic swedes doing the raping!