Remember, Sup Forumslacks, The U.S Globalists/Deep State/D.C Elites Are The Real Threat To America

Yesterday's uneventful hearing did have a few important facts
>Comey admits Russia had NO effect on Election vote counts or the Election in general
>Comey admits Russians DID NOT Give Podesta’s Emails to WikiLeaks. Seth Rich was the Whistleblower, then murdered
>Comey admits there's an active investigation on Trump, started by Obama. Still, no probable cause has been proven

Track Obama's movement and where he travels to. Ask, why?
Pay attention to all these "dry run" attempts by Deep State Ops to get close to Trump. They're taking steps to "overthrow" him
Ignore Shareblue shills, create more substantive threads, don't respond to slide threads
The Global elites and Statist shills have lost their grip. They're trying everything they can regain control. It won't happen.
You're the target of their PsyOps.
Get tough!
Stay Sharp! bomb/username/anonymous5/tripcode/!!9O2tecpDHQ6/

Bump for truth, Murica, and the West.

Ignore concern trolls too.

Keep the energy high, senpai.

The swamp is nasty; nothing worth doing is easy.

It's hard work, and Trump is making progress.


Bump for peace!

Trump gets overthrown and probably a civil war starts. I have no sources or facts, just a guess

bumpin it for God and country!

ISIS/Al-Qaeda/Muslim Brotherhood/CAIR have infiltrated all branches of the U.S.
They were put in power by Obama and Bush

This is what the Elites/Deep State wants. They would rather see this country die than let citizens live in a benevolent & civilized America

So if Russia intefered in the election like they're all saying, what form exactly did that interference take?
I've heard nothing about voting machine hacking and I don't think they MK ultra supremed people into voting

Praise Kek


Hacking and releasing HIllary Clinton's emails.
Paying Trump's campain to launder Money for them.

The only interference Russia engaged in is the same the U.S, Canada, China, France, Israel, etc...engage in concerning global elections.
Fake news, possible legit leaks, double agent mind fuckery. The expected actoins that has gone on for centuries between nations
It's just a ruse by the DNC to cover up Hillary's dealings with Russia, DNC whistleblower leaks, a major blowout by Trump, and a distraction to undermine Trump


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Be proactive, aggressive, and resolute
Beat them at their own game

I never understood this meme. Is it the spelling?
Bumping for importance of thread

One of 20 people had authority to unmask the info given to reporters.

Gowdy asked how the people could trust them.

Do you trust them?

Which is fine becuse they have a snowballs chancd in hell of winning an actual war. When they are defeated them America will be great again without him.
>most of the US military
>100,000,000+ Armed citizens
>help from Russia
>a few dozen to a few hundred old men and employed neckbeards with the best survailence techonoly in history

>America will be great again without him.
Without who?

Good, good. Keep digging.


>Without who?
Trump after he's assassinated or forced out illegally.

I would not trust any outside help in a civil war. Russia, China, hell even our own established allies. Any of them would leap at the chance to install their own foothold in our government reformation. Best strategy is to get our nukes armed to hold the world at bay and have our coast guard and navy protect our borders while we resolve our internal conflict. No matter who wins in the event of a civil war it is in the interest of both sides to keep out foreign intervention and infiltration.