What was discussed behind closed doors? Seems like Ryancare had changes made but I feel like this might not pass

What was discussed behind closed doors? Seems like Ryancare had changes made but I feel like this might not pass.

Trump is even threatening the House seats if this is not passed. He seems to have gotten Paul Ryan on board with some tweaks but many other republicans are against the replacement bill.

How is this going to play out? What is Trumps end game?



>Republicans Work to Repair GOP Divide Over Health-Care Overhaul


>Conservative House Republicans Say They Have Votes to Block Health Bill


>Trump to Republicans: Vote for Obamacare repeal or lose your seat


It's Trumpcare not ryancare!

Get it right shill.

Politicians want to fill it with wasteful spending and as a business man this triggers Trump.


Didn't Ryan introduce the bill though?

I know Rand Paul was completely against it but after sitting with Trump and making changes he seems to be coming around.

If the bill has been updated then I guess it would be Trumps bill.

I have no idea what's going on that point. Fucking MSM just keep reporting on how shit ton of republicans are still against it.

Drumpf doesnt know you spend 2 years collecting bribes before actually voting. What is he even doing there if he doesnt need the money.

Not like my input has any impact on this. I'm just along for the ride.

Bumping cause I want to discuss this and sick of bait and shit posting threads.



Who cares, contribute your feels on it then. Whatever gets a political discussion and takes attention of shit posting and Sup Forums tier threads.

Stop falling for the mainstream meteor

To honest this healthcare crap is just a distraction to the real issue of fractional banking and debt based currency. If our weapon of autism can bring down Shia's flag when we are that focused, just think what we can do the bring down the bankers and give to power back to the citizens and their government the control of the currency.

*To be honest

really makes u think


This fucking delusion

Unless you can back up your statements you really are just reaching user.

This is a legitimate concern at this point.

why the fuck would they block the health bill? the fuck is the point of all this?

Trump has asked for it not to be called Trumpcare.
I think he knows it would just a target for the next president. "repeal Trumpcare"

>nothing to see here goy, debt backed currency is just a silly conspiracy
It's amazing how well outsiders expose themselves.

>Trump has asked for it not to be called Trumpcare.
Because he made a bunch of promises and is not keeping them. The plan is a shit plan.

Kek I am not even looking at your post. I only noticed the tits

Lots of Neocons don't like the bill. They don't agree with everything Trump stands for and are being just as bad as democrats. They think if they block the new bill it will forced democrats to take responsibility for Obama care but it will Fuck republicans in the ass because they are majority in power and will get the blame.

1 step at a time Faggot.