Why are protestants so much better at war than catholishits?

Why are protestants so much better at war than catholishits?

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Reminder Europe and America is Habsburg clay.

Reclaim it then...oh wait, you can't, you're catholic

>Bragging about anything
>Meanwhile in the current year your country is Somalia 2.0 and an example of Deuteronomy 28:32 playing out in front of us

Daily reminder Gustavus Adolphus is rolling in his grave thanks to what happened to the Stormaktstiden

Are you catholic?? Fucking traitor

>Deuteronomy 28:32
Wow, so true.

Catholics are lazy alcoholics

Because you never fought against Portugal

>he's a "we" thinker

It was just during the 30 years war and that was because people where really motivated to fight against the Catholics unlike the Catholics that didn't show so much interest in the protestants

>catholics are the traitors


Taking advantage of Portugal being weakened under Castillian crown influence (Iberian Union).


>can't beat pooinloo pajeets

ok joao whatever bro

>>can't beat pooinloo pajeets
>Dutch + pajeets

Can't beat African and Chinese slaves

>Unknown number of black slaves


still couldn't beat pajeets, no problem with that here

>still couldn't beat pajeets
Read again, Aquafresh

>Sinhalese-Portugese War
>Casualties: High

poo'd or fresh'd, you tell me

Both at the same time.

>The Dutch initially entered the war as allies of Kandy, and together they won several battles against the Portuguese, most notably the Siege of Galle in 1640.

ZHowever, the Dutch-Kandyan alliance broke down and the three remaining powers fought each other in triangular warfare for a time.

>The Dutch and Kandyans re-made their alliance in 1649 to drive the Portuguese from the island.

>The Portuguese capital Colombo was conquered in 1656,

>but once this was done the Dutch immediately betrayed their allies, keeping the Portuguese possessions for themselves.

>n-not a valid tactic
>t-toothpaste pls consider these irrelevant battles
>pls aquafresh forget that we fought them for 100 years and you beat them in one operation

Because Protestantism is the true religion

Funny that you say that when Sweden didn't won a single battle against Spain in the Thirty Years War.

That's because the Spanish were getting rekt by the Dutch, they weren't in Germany


>getting rekt by the Dutch


>>pls aquafresh forget that we fought them for 100 years

> and you beat them in one operation

So Portugal keeps carving enemy causalities for 100 years and you beat a diminished manpower pop in one operation.

We're your good goyim.

Don't forget to thank the Hasburgs and Spain for financing their wars and paying less attention to Portuguese colonies.

We beat them too kek

With French and English help.

Forwarded >b-but aquafresh this battle that battle

You lost. End of negotiation.

Part of the game burger, without the French you'd be wearing a wig right now.

You didn't won anything. It was France who won.

Only in Spain is losing an empire "a win".

Say that to my face fucker, not online.

Go bow to a Bourbon

>without the French you'd be wearing a wig right now
That's not true at all, they only showed up after we already won the war

>Le French were 100% responsable for American independence
I'm surprised you would say that. Spaniards basically funded the thing and if i remember correctly we were at war with england in Europe. And the Dutch were doing the same to weaken England.

No idea. It just seemed to be so easy to bash their heads in.

I'm glad we've tacitly accepted that Iberians got btfo by arguing tertiary points. Carry on lads.

>Spaniards basically funded the thing
Spain had nothing to do with it. All the money came from France and the founding fathers. Louis XVI bankrupted France paying for our war

Being honest it was kinda Great Britain vs everyone

>Why are protestants so much better at war than catholishits?
Because finns were on the protestant side.

>smelly cheese eaters did everything
I guess you erased all the records after Spanish American war

Yeah we lost. But not against you.


>Spaniards basically funded the thing

Include robbing my country in that funding and crashing our economy with no survivors.

>After the collapse of the Iberian economy in 1627, the Dutch–Portuguese War saw the Dutch conquest of most of Portugal's Asian colonies.

What a time to fuck it up!

Don't worry i already read that post. You don't have to crucify us over that.

You did, and it made us filthy rich. Thanks Pedro, appreciate your silver.

Damn. We be takin' your fleets, we be takin' your colonies, we be takin' your islands, we be takin' y'all silver, spices and bitches.

Fuckin' Fresh'd

what is this meme