Did you guys know that France was actually 60% black

Did you guys know that France was actually 60% black

60% black
40% blacked

This shit was disgusting. Every fourth fucking character was Black, and this was supposed to be 18th century France.

And what really sucks is that the Negro is so fucking stupid that they'll watch it and think:


was? whats the ratio now?

What the fuck is her name?


I haven't watched a film for 5 years.
post films that are nigged/cucked/sjw propaganda
so I can get angry again.

Still lower than Sweden's

>Beauty and the Beast

Why there is only Beast on the poster?

He is joking Sven,don't worry you still are the best goys in Europe

But we are almost as cucked


You have a bigger muslim and black percentage France...

>Gugu Mbatha-Raw



Well yes. Southern French ("Occitans") are NOT white.

>gugu mbatha-raw

Yes and 40% arabs. They are Greece tier white

Tell us about the movie

>But we are almost as cucked
Great, now Sweden and Germany will start overcucking again to make sure they have no competition.

Pic related is the beast, right?

This type of shit is why I rarely watch any movies or TV anymore, I've only watched a single movie this past year. I just read books now.

Acting is a job Americans don't want to do.


I thought we weren't allowed to misrepresent cultures in movies. Or is it ok when it's a while culture?

This, you totally cannot play Asians or blacks by whites but you can make whites just gone.

What everyone needs to realize, whites are a few % of the world pop. As they open markets developers stop catering to us at all and have to cater to other crowds. They don't give a shit how upset it makes us.

It was ok. The lady who played Mrs Potts was not very good though. The way everyone was freaking out about a gay character, I was expecting some kind of leather fisting orgy or something... there's like less than half a second of two dudes dancing with each other.
The Be Our Guest sequence was visually appealing. They managed to not completely fuck up having real people dance with CG characters, sill noticeable at parts. The castle design was pretty rad and made me want to play Dark Souls.


I had my suspicions.

holy shit that name

Burgers when the fuck are you nuking hollywood?

Didn't know the beast was female

Isn't the single most famous French writer black?

I'm like 90% certain France has had black people for quite a while.

Yeah Moors from northern Africa. probably not a shit load but they were in europe

He was a halfie, and his dad was only still around because he was basically adopted and became an exceptional military officer

Yeah that's because France was retarded when they colonized. Whereas sane countries like Britain considered colonies just that, colonies, and subsequently severely restricted the ability for subjects to immigrate to Britain, France had this retarded notion that all French colonies were literally part of the country of France and its subjects were French citizens.

Sup Forums likes to act like shitskin migration into France is relatively new but it's not.