Hey guys, boogie here

Hey guys, boogie here.

I saw that you guys were shitting the bed because I finally qualified for weight loss surgery. I thought I'd come in here and give you a chance to say that shit to my face.

Today I met with a WLS who said that he'd operate on me within 3 months. The reason we have chosen WLS is simple: it will give me a metabolic reset as well as a satisfaction reset both of which are a tool to helping me become a chad before any of you cucks do.

So let me have it. here's your chance to be big tough faggots and say that shit to my face where you know I'm actually going to read it. Lets see what ya got, nerds.

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Yes, use technology to make up for your short comings. It was always meant to be this way, you were never meant to craft yourself into something.

You've deeply inspired everyone here on Sup Forums, boogie. I don't know why you think we hate you.

I hope that obese fuck dies very soon.




maybe now youll be able go survive living in a nation without socialist medical care

shoe on head with timestamp or fuck off

Bruh, I live in the NOW and you are now fat as a motherfuck. You're letting a nigger faggot date your wife because you're beta like those Hak5 cunts.

Try working out and eating right instead of trying to fundraise your fatty fat surgery.

It's too damn early to deal with your shit.

But why does it say shemale world???

This faggot thinks that lardass is the op.

How gullible do you have to be, idiot?

You will gain all the weight back within a year or two because you're a degenerate with no sense of self control.

Dont worry about it. Just fap at will.

Personally I've had a lot of issues with controlling my diet. I managed to cut out the sugary sodas a year ago. Still drink the diet stuff with my doctor's permission.

I use food to self medicate and can't really drink or do drugs so its the only way I know to self medicate. Afraid to mess with the other stuff cause look what I did with food.

My body doesn't produce testosterone and my doctors wont give me supplements so my muscle percentage is next to nothing. Makes it uncomfortable to even sit, much less walk. Exercise is almost out of the question.

In the last 6 months we have had me on a appetite supressant that makes it possible to scale back even on my worst days and managed to lose 3-5 pounds a month. Down from 558 to 518 in that period of time. Should be down to 480 in time for surgery.

Doctor says to not expect the math to work out. He said due to the diabetes, the tumor in my brain, and the lack of testosterone it was a miracle i lost weight at all.

WTF I love black people now.

The larping continues...

Fuck off.

I just hope the taxpayer won't have to waste money on a failure like you.

Why can't you just STOP FUCKING EATING and save the money on the useless surgery?

Well, there's still a chance I won't 100% qualify. Blood work and other things need to come back. So its not guaranteed but at least i'm in the program.

I won't 'fail' as it were, but I do plan to lose a bunch of weight and keep it off long enough to fade out of the public eye while youtube rides off into the sunset.

I might put some of the weight back on but I promise you'll never know if I do.

But I probably won't. I've been preparing for this for a decade.

>But I probably won't. I've been preparing for this for a decade.
If you would have just counted your calories, you could have been a normal weight long before a decade.

Get your body cut open cuz u cant stop fucking eatiing. You're a disgrace. You make hundreds of thousands from youtube and you still leech on tax payers. Id tell you to kill yourself, but you already are.

You are going to die from a blood clot within a year and I will jack my dick furiously when I hear the news

Fat faggot

Pay for his healthcare pol


Make no mistake more people here want you graveyard dead than alive.

I will loan you this gun and one bullet and stand there to make sure you use it.

Your a slob, a coward and a degenerate piece of shit.

End it fat fuck.

This kills the boogie.

Its even more glorious because the cunt is too fat to type out his own messages (he's still waiting on that dialing wand) and his wife has to do it for him.

So he has to see this video knowing that his wife is getting sopping wet on her chair listening to a real man stick it to her amorphous blob. He knows that his wife loves to go out and cuck him with black men. Boogies chair is also getting wet but thats just arse sweat.

Your blood type is still gravy, the WLS is not a magic bullet. You are living on borrowed time.

You're disgusting.