If Turkey starts a War with Netherlands

Should we help them out?


Buy some roach killer

That would be suicide by him. Nato would squash him like a bug. He wouldn't try.

We'll release all our pesticides at once.

they aren't going to start a war. Erdoroach just wants to become a true dictator in his country by playing the victim card: 'see EU does not stand for free speech yada yada nazi/fascist EVET'

The economy in his country is shit and he needs something to hide it.

Isn't turkey part of NATO though?

I think if we have to pick though turkey will definitely get the boot

We will not because Dutches deploy their troops on our border.

muzzies always over estimate their power. It's hilarious.

It will be their undoing!

Roaches won't even reach the netherlands, yes, they could use ships, but turks are afraid of water, so....

is that you the infamous russian hacker known as 4chanonvich?

NATO is only a defensive alliance.

ERDOGAN NEEDS TO BE IMPEACHED already, how long has been ruling for? 20 years?

Whats worse is that his political party is a religious one. A recipe for disaster...

I can't comment on that. It's too late in Australia you must be so tired, go to sleep user.

Fuck you then Ivan

Don't worry Dutchies, we got your back. You're our boys. Turkey gonna be squashed like a bug.

Pray they are that stupid. The Roach attacking the Netherlands would necessitate the rest of NATO curbstomping them.

kill all roaches

not anymore, turkey is now unironically more based than cuckerlands

i will soon
everyone get some sleep. boring day, im sorry i have to sleep now.

No need to help I'm sure Turkey is fine by itself

kill all muzzies. you desert niggers

I'm against interventionism in wars between muslim countries.

>but turks are afraid of water,

>invade an island
>kill its natives
>give middle finger to global community
>put flag on mountain to remind the natives

Erdogan is good at barking.
Dont expect any war.

The point of NATO is exactly that. To squish any countries being dicks by dog piling the offending country.

Funny becuse the US in a total war scenario could take on most of NATO at once.

Why we should help someone who want a war with us?

>opportunity to squish the turkish bugs that have historically warred with you more than once
>I dont wanna cus some soldiers near my border :(

We really need to kill them all.

ill be honest though i loathe most arabs who share some muslim ideologies, i have a quite light skin tone and dying my hair to lighter brown ill easily pass for a white guy when race war comes

Fight side by side with you means we will get nothing. Why don't just wait until you win Turkey and then steal straits from weakened country?

Erdogan did nothing wrong.


Friendly reminder that the Dutch betrayed Geert and voted for pro EU parties.

Roaches and EU fags are both enemies.

Nah buddy, we still friends. You got my back. Still got those niffty harrier things?

Every time that clown opens his mouth investors and tourists btfo that shithole of a country.

that would be racist

What do you want from Turkey anyways? Constantinople?


We should help Netherlands bomb Turkey and Turkey bomb Netherlands

If that ever happens the Netherlands should hold all 400.000 Turks residing in the Netherlands as hostages. But I doubt they would do that because they are feminized just like every other Western yuro country

It's not up to an autist on a malaysian basket weaving forum whether or not the U.S goes to war..

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- Constantinople, straits and western part of Black sea shore to Russia
- western parts to Greece
- leave Cyprus
- return rightful Armenian land to Armenia

>should we help them?
No. An endless ream of "i told you so" from Geert is strongly needed.

Turkey has control over the Bosphorus strait, way more strategically important than windmills and clogs in the netherlands.

We sell carl gustav launcher to Turkey and Gripen to Netherlands, make very money

>Netherlands and turkey warring
Only a burger is dumb enough to even think this is possible. Delete this thread you fucking embarrassment.

Dodecanese to italy.

My grandfather jumped there in 44, so sure, i can help dutchs again i think