If you're under 5'6 you are condemned to Beta status by women, forever

This is not a troll. I'm 5'4.5 and this being pol, we shouldn't give short men like me a false sense of hope. Here is the bitter harsh truth, height is the most attractive trait a man can possess. Height screams strength and confidence, which I bet you all agree, are real panty wetters.

It is far more important than being muscular, or having a good face or a good personality. And if you're under a certain height like me, no amount of lifting or game can make you Alpha.

I think we all know that Alpha Males are the fittest and strongest people in prehistoric society. Being tall gives you automatic strength and speed gains because you have much longer muscles, a larger range of attack and can take longer steps for running. Tall men have a much larger potential muscle mass, can strike a predator or an enemy before they can even come close to hit them and can run faster and longer for hunting prey.

If you're tall, congratulations, nature has gifted you default Alpha Male status. Getting women will be much easier and even other men will respect you more. But if you're short, you're out of luck, you are a default Beta. Getting women is hell of a lot harder and other men have much less respect for you. Life is in hard mode if you're a short man.

Most politicians, businessmen and celebrities are taller than average.Being taller on average means that you have more sexual partners, financial success and just general, overall happiness and satisfaction with life..

I have lifted for such a long time, and not to brag, most people tell me that I have one of the most shredded bodies they've seen. I take pretty good care of my skin and hairstyle and people have told me that I have an above average face. I try to wear nice clothes that fit well and make me look taller. Again, I didn't mean to brag, apologies if I caused some cringes.

Yet, look at me. I'm still a kissless virgin who's ranting and whinging about his height on an anime forum. A majority of women I've asked out have outright told to my face that they would never date someone as short as me. Some even told me that if I was taller, they would be head over heels for me but since I had short parents, I don't deserve any love from them.

Admittedly, I might not be that confident or witty as well because I'm still getting over my primary school bullying. Guess why those kids bullied me? - you guessed it, because I am short and its fun to see me cry. You'll never get over early scars like that, especially if its still affecting your adulthood.

Luckily, I was born in the age of VR porn to satisfy my sexual urges. I can rely on my pets, buddies and relatives to fulfill my needs of love and belonging. I will continue to lift, make music, pursue several other hobbies and my career dreams to boost my self-esteem.

Who needs women, am I right?sigh

It's weird that I'm 5'11 and not a single time in my life did I ever car for worry about my height

I can't imagine being short my entire life, it would be like I forgot to grow up or something

Oh well, back to not caring


Your mom and dad screwed you over. I know one guy that has your height, but he very successful, handsome, and athletic. Tall Woman marry tall man. Womenlets need to stop marrying manlets.



I'm 5'5, had sex and have had a number of girls interested in me. I'm not exactly a normie social butterfly, and I agree that height is an important factor - but not being completely fucking autistic and having a good sense of humor goes a long way too.

I am exactly 5'6 and I get plenty of pussy, bitch boy

What did Kek mean by this

I'm 5'6", my girlfriend is like 5'1" and she's super submissive to me. This manlet shit is stupid and self defeating. Anyone can be alpha at just about any size as long as you are not a woman

cute post

- 6'4

stop being such a pathetic beta.
im 5'8' and my life is awesome, never had problems with girls.
hit the gym, get educated, have some hygiene, get some confidence.
there i just solved all your problems.

>manlets, when will they learn

>central american
That means you're tall for a central american.


Which is also the average height in your country

>under 5'6
dont you mean under 6 feet. stay mad

I'm 5'8". You'll never be alpha under six feet.

At 5'10"+ you might be a genetic fluke, maybe she can overlook your shortness if you have other qualities. But you'll be like an otherwise hot woman with a flaw.

Under that you're entering serious flaw territory. ( that's me ).

Below 5'6" you're a mutant. You might find someone whose fetish that is though...

Also you might consider becoming a gay twink.

Kys if you're under 6'2 and/or shorter than your dad

manlet cringe is the worst.

5'8 hits gym who would thought kek

>Tfw 5'6
Any smaller and I would Suicide tbqh

Latins are shorter on average. Your 5'6" is 5'8" to Europeans.

t. Dude who goes for Hispanic chicks because he's 5'6

holy fucking shit this meme needs to die. I'm 6'5" and have never so much as been touched by a girl. I have seen plenty of manlets walking around with women on their arms. If you're an autistic Sup Forums browsing sperg, of fucking course women aren't going to be hurling themselves at you. Height helps, but it's not make-or-break.

Just find a short gf

I can't believe people still fall for this shit

height only looks good if they arent frail lanklets. manlets lik me are buff and ladies like it. Im 5"8

Well obviously. You were created to be a good little bottom boy. What woman wants that?

> I'm 5'4.5



I know how you feel man. I am 5'10" and my life is a fucking living nightmare. No woman will give me the time of day because I am short. Fuck this harsh world.

She's fucking a tall boyfriend if she's smart.

Keep going this way and you'll be a freak of nature shorty.

That's how they are created.

I meant over generations.

Short girls are trying to improve their stock. They had to watch their brothers flail through the dating scene.


Just cause your 8 year old cousin likes you it doesn't mean human sized people do

You're completely wrong.
If you are a 6'6" beta girls will still consider you as their beta and will use you. Even if you dominate other men, then your beta disposition towards women will mean they will cuck you AND make you scare away guys for her, or intimidate guys for her.

Your worry and belief that women can condemn you to any status, let alone control your status, IS what being beta is.

There are alpha manlets, alpha nerds, alpha most categories.

The difference is internal not external.

Let the record show that finally, on this day, March twenty-first, 2017 Anno Domini Nostri Jesu Christi, a manlet has learned.

6'2 is the perfect height prove me wrong

exactly. just find someone smaller. if you are under 5'2" im not sure how to help you tho, maybe just get with a literal midget?

This. I've had a 8.5/10 girlfriend who was taller than most women despite me being 5'5". Just be dominant and commanding and funny and don't care what people think. God I hate betas

I'm 6ft1 and i've been lifting consistently for 2 years and lifted on and off for 2 years before that. I have average facial aesthetics which become above average due to good beard genes.

None of it matters because I have a 3 inch micropenis. She'll get wet over your abs and biceps at the beach but as soon as she puts her hands down your shorts or see's it when you undress she's gone.

You're wrong. Source: 6'4" master race

That is fucking terrible.

under 5'6 haha , yeah right. That's impossible.

This is almost certainly the rule, but there are exceptions. You're just playing on hard mode.

Lol mate, height is important but grills arent like us. Look males care much more about look of grill than grills do about our look (including height). They care much more about your social circlure, your sense of humor, how you speak, non-verbal and verbal communication, if you believe in your self while picking them up, your energy when you speak also they love if you are passionate about something (anything as soon as it runs your life with something, even if you dint have any passion try developing it). Im 6" and i know have to actually know how to get the grills they wont come only cuz of ur height.Read something about pick up, maybe do some building, visit psychologist or if you feel so bad go for fucking operation for height
Height is only bonus, you do the rest
Gl user

LMFAO 5'4.5


And yet I have a hot wife at 5"6. Stop being an insecure faggot and you'll be fine. This thread is proof that you wear your insecurities on your sleeve.

Andrew Anglin, stop using a Brit proxy dummy...

I'm 23 and 4 women have seen or put their hands down and felt it. 3 of them had visible disgust on their face and another laughed thinking i was joking (what by shrinking my fucking cock?) and then we tried to have sex but she said she wasn't feeling it and just masturbated and then left.

Given up trying to get a girlfriend or get laid.

its for the best, imagine your son/grandsons lives if they inherited it

5'7 wew lads

Alright but here me out, there are advantages to being short. The biggest being stealthiness, so to all those males who feel as though they're too short and will never amount to anything we'll give them an option to become ninjas and have their own special force.

>Must be under 5'6
>Extensive stealth training
>futuristic katana n sheit
>Will most likley die but thats okay no manlet genes for the gene pool
>Probably end up killing terrorists in cool missions n sheit
>be cool and stealthy

Look if we do this being short will be cool, and manlets will be taken off suicide watch.


I'm 5'6 and I lost my first and only girlfriend (of four years) partly because of it. My life is suffering and I want to die

Those before you reproduced, although it could be a recent mutation. Perhaps try to get a surrogate? Unless you do not want offspring.
there is more to life than just sex, also they could easily not inherit it.

I'm 5ft 11.5 inches.

Is that why Im 26 and only got laid once?

It's not my compulsive autistic overthinking?

She wouldn't have made a good wife then, fuck her. That's why I go after 5'2 Cuban chicks. Still searching for the tiny white one to pump full of babies

>t. 5'9

How fucked am I if I just barely reach 5'9?

>there is more to life than just sex
not after youre dead retard, can you even into abstract thought and concept of progeny?

If you live your life to impress women, you've already lost. They'll find something wrong with you no matter what, nothing is good enough for the entitled princess generation.

Shut the fuck up this is off topic.

Truthfully, OP is probably correct in that you're fucked only if you're 5'6, maybe 5'6.5, or under.
5'9 is fine.

>tfw 5'4"
>stupid shits get stuck on a bank of snow in a prius
>they try to get themselves out
>be good Samaritan and stop to help
>singlehandedly turn the tides on getting them unstuck

I can be the best kind of guy to run into, but FFS, women are savages because of their ridiculously high standards AND their asinine desire to seek out the abusive schmucks as their male of choice.

But don't give me that "Alpha Male" crap, OP. I've brought bigger men down to their knees simply by knowing how to take them down. Having had enough training in CQC because of my family being practically nothing but Marines, it just comes with the territory. Also, the taller they are, the dumber they are as well, because they let their height get the better of them.

This guy gets it as well.

>qt gf
>make 6 figures
>great social life

Just learn some fucking bantz, if someone calls you short just hit them back with something and stop being a pussy.

Yeah I've thought about this, but I've seen my dad's dick before when i accidentally walked in my parents once before, obviously didn't get a ruler and measure it but looked like a normal size, much bigger than me.

>Those before you reproduced
I don't see any chance getting a girl with my fucking baby dick. Took years to get the confidence to even approach women and now it's gone through the floor.

Hitler didn't have kids. There is more to life.
Like killing all the Jews.
Come on cheer up , ill get the Zy-b itll be great!

5'1 here
stfu and man the fuck up faggot

>5'11 in south korea
>It's weird ... worry about my height

Yeah mate for from your perspective 6'0 is also a manlet.
Overall, 6'1 is a perfect height for a male. Taller than average, and not too tall overall.
Too bad i am a manlet 5'7

Listen you little fucking autist, I am not so sure what your point is, I mentioned reproducing and other things besides sex; which could imply abstract thought or anything you want.
I was implying along the lines of paying a cunt to impregnate her, artificially or not. If you care about having offspring.

Im 5.9.
Am i a manlet ?
Am i to be made fun of ?

5FT 6 1/2 MASTER RACE CHECKING IN. I'm good looking and obnoxious asshole sometimes. I still manage to slay pussy. As long as you aren't fat and pretend to like listening to women you are golden.

Can confirm. We need to trick feminists into defending us or something.

5'6" with a 7.5" cock because God apparently doesnt totally hate me. Dating a chick who's 5' 0", only girl I've had sex with. 22 but people say I look 12.

Nah dude it's your personality. Although I'm one to talk. I'm 23/ 5'9 and only slept with 5 girls, +3 more that I didn't go all the way with and 3 that I just kissed. Not huge numbers and somehow 60% of them were when I was in high school and an overweight pot head. I'm ugly in my own opinion. I'm the kind of superglue who bought tinder plus and still only got 2 real matches after weeks. Somehow though if I can be in close proximity to a girl for a length of time (2 weeks+ usually co-workers) I can score just because I'm funny and care free.

Deep down I wanna be Chad though. Getting /fit/ sorta but still have another 30lbs to lose but I have a girl currently who sucks me off once or twice a week and I'll maybe fuck if she sleeps over (co-worker) but that's only happened 3 times. I'm german/Italian but everyone says I look Asian at first impression and have a lazy eye when I get drunk so I attribute that to be only ever having 1 one night stand. Reading this thread though it could be so much worse. I even feel better about my cock size

>The biggest being stealthiness

5'10" is not short.


Exactly, we'll finally have a purpose other than constantly working out to make up for our height.

6'1 here. I don't do shit for my apparence. Wake up, wash my face, throw on jeans and a t shirt and that's all, and women still throw themselves at me. I do have a handsome face too though.


repeating things youve heard=/= thought you dumb little faggot

go back to r/childfree

Lol wait are you serious. No homo but post a picture of your cock. For science

Oh dear lord cringe lmfao

I know senpai

I'm 6'4" with a decent frame so take it from me: chicks who value appearance over everything aren't worth your time. Sure they're usually nice to look at, but they're almost universally vapid and disloyal.

The same applies to men so you need to relax. Nobody is attracted to someone who thinks more about themself (even negatively) than who they're interacting with.

That's horrible, user. Even though I'm king of the manlets (5'10"), my dick is 7" and has a nice girth. I've never had to worry about that. Must feel awful.

That's the tude to have


Not using the metric system amerifat.

>they're almost universally vapid and disloyal.
This. If they aren't going after you for your looks you got a good one.

What's your job?

I don't believe this story. Surely you know you're just hanging out with terrible people

Jesus Christ what a shit show

Introvert master race reporting in

Around 169 170 cm, user.

You are all getting it wrong. If you want to impress a girl you have to dress nice and take care of your hygiene. You have to look like you are successful and mature. That's what girls are craving for.

Partly why I'm lifting is because I've been best friends with this dude since 1st grad. I was skinny and he was chubby. Then puberty hits and he got shredded from football while I got fat and pale from eating Velveeta and playing wc3.

The catch is though he's barely touching 5'7 and this guy pulls the most insanely bad bitches and easily fucked 30+ freshman year of college. He's got looks and build but even he wears lift shoes and is really insecure about his height so grass is always greener I guess.

Being a lanklet is no better. I'm 6'2 and 25 years old and I've fucked only one woman in my life.

Maybe when the technology to decide the gender of child is available I'll try to have a daughter to be on the safe side.

I don't hate women or anything for not being able to get laid, I have a genetic defect and it makes me an incompatible partner and I understand that. Obviously mad at the women i mentioned before but i realise it's irrational and pointless.

Maybe just get chemically castrated and live in the mountains and live at my aunt's farm.

tfw 194cm: feel like a god walking among shitskin anglos

>good career as a DBA
>8.5", very fat cock

>crippling social anxiety
>autisticly nervous in huge crowds
>cries in room alone all night jacking off to 2d waifus

Why even live

Also 5'11 in Korea. See GIRLS taller than me everyday. Honestly feel very average here a lot of the time.

Korea has the fastest growth of all countries for average height. Fuckers are turning it up.

No homo but

are you legit 3 inches diamonds?

or do you jerk it to weird stuff or have a medical condition so that's all you got even at best?

A woman literally told me this yesterday about a dude she was considering a second date with. 5' 5" manlet