Trump lied to us. Obama deserves an apology

Trump lied to us. Obama deserves an apology.

Oboma was the worse president. I would rather have any other nigger in office.

Oh there will be proof.

TRUMP plays games.

Fuck Trump. Honestly.

I finally understand that Trump was only elected because people are unable to look forward. They're desperate for a past that never was. The uneducated voted for him because they want their factory jobs. They don't want this country to see any kind of improvement in overall quality of life and level of happiness.

Same fags.

What did he lie about?

See, this is what I'm talking about.
"Oh god, Shills!"
"Same fag!"

You're unable to see the world clearly because of your inadequacies and biases. It's honestly disgusting.

Kill obama

>people without (((education))) are the same people who are poor

It's easier to just Screencap and prove he's wrong if you aren't samefagging. The fact that you went all sperg mcautist about it just shows that he's right, nice thread OP, hope you're making some money.

Work harder goys.

Tommy Christopher has to buy himself a new boat


>0.02 has been deposited to your account

The spider, dropping down from twig,
Unfolds a plan of her devising,
A thin premeditated rig
To use in rising.

And all that journey down through space,
In cool descent and loyal hearted,
She spins a ladder to the place
From where she started.

Thus I, gone forth as spiders do
In spider's web a truth discerning,
Attach one silken thread to you
For my returning.

Every shills use the same tired old shareblue images.

Not gonna lie, former cuck here. This is fucking hilarious watching clinton crash and burn. But in all seriousness we can't let this guys fuck the kids.

Obama deserves a short drop and sudden stop.

>t. Shareblue or Reagan Bataillon

relax user, it will all be over soon

Good. There's no reason I should be subsidizing health insurance premiums for old people.

Slide and sage

Have to wonder where most of the $40 million shillbucks is really going

Maybe David Brock needed another vacation mansion

people forget this works
put sage in options for the shill threads

shareblue is paid to start threads like...

voter regret threads
muh 3 million popular vote threads
da russians da russians did it

all of these are straight from the shareblue playbook that was leaked, this is why you see so many of these shit threads

the voter regret ones are the dumbest of all

yeah.... we are so regretful that Trump has done, is doing, or is in the process of doing everything he said he would

sage in options ya dummies

This country is run by international globalists. There's not even a constitution anymore. The first thing Hillary Shitton would've done is rip down the fucking American/Mexican border. I'd sooner have a nigger in office than a fucking bitch like her.

But really, we can't let this man get his hands on the nuclear codes

> Implying people don't type sage in saged posts.

Reply to this post if you are /trumpgret/

This is more than some flimsy accusation. This is a long game Trump is playing. Just wait.

Did everyone just forget the NSA existed or something?

Obama deserves to be disgraced before burning in hell for eternity simply for being a damn commie.

Slidethread, dont even respond
>Sage all of the fields

I say Trump knows much more about what's going on than any of us. When he said that, it had a reason. I believe the wiretapping statement was to send a message to the deep state. I'd bet my kidney on it actually.

>I voted for Drumpf

Waste of digits.
Trump says ridiculous things. He doesn't think. He doesn't stick to facts. He just says things. He has always done this.

He's the President. He has the codes moron

>Obama deserves an apology
For what? His own brother releasing his Kenya birth certificate?

>Waste of post.
>Hillary says ridiculous things. Xe doesn't think. Ze doesn't stick to facts. Re just says things. Qe has always done this.

You're still getting paid?

>tfw Trump will never hold you like that
>tfw you'll never be pre-teen Ivanka
>tfw Trump will never sneak into your bedroom after bed time and ask you to massage his massive 13-incher after a long day at work

>trump won the presidency without thinking
Really makes you think.

>Trump lied to us.
ain't the first time
won't be the last

maybe going forward don't trust a pathological liar with no connection to reality

Says more about his supporters.

Donald was shopping at the local Walmart looking for the newest kids bop CD when he felt someone breathe their warm hot breath into his ear.
"Got any lube?" The unknown creature asked. Donald turned to see Hillary Clinton standing right bedside him.
"Hillary, what are you doing here?"
"You know I'm a needy bitch, baby." Hillary said as she grabbed Donald.

"Bend over Donald." Hillary yodeled. "Or you might have to be punished."
Donald didn't move, he loved fucking Hillary but he also loved being punished.
"Fine then" Hillary said as she began to reach in her back pocket pulling out a copy of the minions movie. "Once I'm done fucking you, you're gonna watch the minions movie for 2 days straight." Donald smiled, god he wanted to fuck those minions so bad. He wished he were fucking the minions right now and not Hillary.

Donald then bent over. Hillary pulled down his pants and dumped 69 gallons of lube on him.
"Are you ready Donald?" Hillary asked.
"Yes, Hillary the hoe." Donald screeched. Anytime Donald called her anything other than 'Hillary the hoe' she would get furious and would burn Donald with her dragon breath. Yes, Hillary is part dragon, all celebrities are.

Hillary then spread Donald's asscheeks and began to thrust like she had never thrusted before. She was humping Donald so fast his asshole caught on fire. As Hillary clitoris was humping Donald, Donald's legs began to shake and he had no control. Donald let out a piercing screech as he came all over the Walmart Bathroom.

He turned his head. "Did you come, yet?"
"Is my dick still in your ass?" Hillary asked harshly.
Donald began to squeeze around Hilary's 8ft dick and Hillary moaned at the pressure.
Hillary rammed her dick inside of Donald and the was all it took for her juices to come flying out all over the bathroom. She came so hard that the entire state of Washington got flooded and there were no survivors. But in all seriousness we can't let this guy get the nuclear codes.

Good work shilling goyim! Here, have some shekels.


> trump lied
are you trumples this fucking stupid? Hes been doing NOTHING but lying since campaign

>Le 5D chess

We are SO past this already ffs he is getting his ass handed to him.


trump is a fervent zionist though

Former Trump supporter here. Really disappointed tbhfam. Impeachment of DRUMPF when?