Any fellow patriots here have the link to the video where they interview Drumpfans who say they'll still support Trump...

Any fellow patriots here have the link to the video where they interview Drumpfans who say they'll still support Trump regardless of what's found with the Russian allegations? I want to rub it into the face of some sheepy Drumpflings.



Trump supporters are brainwashed cultists. Theyre retards that cant admit they got conned like the sad pieces of shit they are. Theyre scared, mediocre hypocrites, racists and sexually frustrated losers. It's all true.

Thats what you wanted? Fine. You got it.

How do you go from physics to politics? Huge leap between completely unrelated fields.

It probably explains her failure though. In a lab you used to working with extremely controlled conditions that don't reflect reality. When that line of thinking is applied to politics it leads to idealism.

Pretty sure he was asking for a link... Not your opinion.

Trump made more money

>Trump is dumb.

Share Blue can't meme fuck off.

>implying Trump isn't dumb

wew lad

So a literal autist with the achievement of being the only woman in the lab, vs someone with charisma and knows how to manage a business and lots of people are being compared for their leadership ability, and they think the autist wins?

i dont even know what the fuck.

The con was crooked Hillary

>Billionaires are dumb

>silver spoon upbringing
>tons of potential business contacts
>millions of dollars from daddy
>a lifetime in business
>can't even achieve double-digit billions

Over 150 people in America have way more money than him, and over half of them started from nothing.

What's your IQ, user?

It's okay not to share for fear of shame.

>Angela Merkel
>Replacing the native German population with outsiders

>Donald Trump
>Slowing down the process of replacing whites in the US

I don't care. Trump could have been a Best-Korean puppet for all I care.

>Donald Trump
>willing to sacrifice thousands of Americans to further the Jewish agenda


Thousands of Americans dead > Whites losing power over their own country and at the risk of a genocide.


We didn't get conned, you faggot.

Only retards thought that Trump winning the election was "the end".

The globalists/satanists will fight until death, so of course they will fight back every minute of his presidency.

Trump is already one of the best ever, and nothing you say can change that, FAGGOT

This so much. The left really do not understand that some people, for some CRAZY reasons, do not want the Caliphate to devour the west.

>Don't reflect reality
Literally wrong. This is the opposite of true. What the fuck goes through your head?

Remind me how many lottery winners go onto to be multibillionaires?

Looks like 130-137 is the sweet spot. Everything lower is retard tier and everything higher is autism tier

>has nudes online

>doesnt have nudes online

Trump wins

Faulty wording, this is true, but I believe you can figure out what he meant to say if you really try.

You forgot to add that she let millions of mudshits into our country and nobody knows where they all went.

Lottery is irrelevant, Trump had every opportunity to be an amazing business man with all the contacts and insider info he was privileged with, and he squandered it paying for beauty pageants to fuck little girls and making shady real-estate deals to throw out niggers.

But Global Warming is a hoax.


>increase his wealth 1000
>not a good businessman
>lottery is irrelevant
>millions of dollars from daddy
Is startup capital indicative or success or is not not? Make up your mind fuckstick.

So Merkel is smart enough to know letting hundreds of thousands of rape monkeys is a horrible idea? That makes most people wonder just how evil she really is.

Wtf I love Merkel now

I'll definitely support Trump no matter what.