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Welcome: hard workers, patriots and all around decent people who resist Trump

NOT welcome: russian shills, alt-righters, stormfags and larpers etc.

It is time for the silent majority on Sup Forums to rise up and retake our board from the trumptards

Some FACTS about Trump:

>F.B.I. Is Investigating Trump’s Russia Ties, Comey Confirms

>Donald Trump will 'attack everyone and anyone' but Vladimir Putin is 'immune'

>Donald Trump wouldn't have to make $18m education cuts if Melania lived in White House instead of Trump Tower

>White House defends Trump wiretap claim despite FBI finding 'no information'

>Donald Trump’s approval rating falls to record low, finds Gallup poll

>Trump when told the biggest losers under 'Trumpcare' would be his own voters: 'Oh, I know'

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Wtf I hate trump now

Trump tards and anti-trump tards are the same level of tard.
>just different types

If trump cured cancer
>haters would claim cancer is good

If trump said eating was leftist
>lovers would starve themselves and rally against anyone who eats

hurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr the neocons are finished under drumpf! no more nation building!

If you're going to criticize Trump at least put some effort into it instead of:
>muh Russian boogyman.

Where are the proofs?


>hurrr durrr Trump's voter base is against obliterating ISIS




MAGA! Kek wills it!

essential viewing

can a shill be reported?..for shilling alone

Goddamit normies ruin everything

that's the average the_donald poster

I was just walking home and shirtless Alex Jones wearing a Trump hat stopped me. He tried to hi-five me, and I ignored him like I usually do with strangers. I know not to talk to strangers, I'm 36 btw. He asked me who I voted for and I said "that's none of your business." That's when things got bad. He said go back to Africa. I said I'm white. He said technically everyone is from Africa. I said I've never been there. He asked me if I used Super Male Vitality. I said yes it's the only way to get my pecker hard. That's when he pulled my underwear up from the back of my pants, which puleld my dick (small) and testicals into my ass hole with my underwear. I asked him why they were doing this and they said because it's legal now its legal for them to do this and he was going to take away my healthcare that I already can't afford or figure out how to sign up for. What's happening to america. My four year old say all this to me, btw. I'm just repeating it.


Not gonna lie I voted for Trump, but these Russia connections look very suspicious, no wonder his supporters are fleeing in droves



>i've got a feeling this will be as much of a succes as those daily gomminism threads.

I forever serve the God emperor. Op is a libtard and an enemy of the people.

but aren't you a britbong?

This shill thread is brough to you by
>The Reagan Battailon

Do not forget to put the magic words into the option field.

>le shill meme
get lost faggot Unable to read /var/lib/chanbot/postlib/4chpol/trump.xml


trumptards are delusional

>screencapped my thread

cowards will always, always be this mad...
every time that I read these threads, I smile, CRTs shills.


See, that's legitimate criticism but when you throw the Russian stuff in there it completely discredits everything you say.



How do you justify that Trump will attack Germany, Australia, Canada, Mexico.. Whatever.. But he decides to throw the US under the bus to avoid criticizing Russia?

>Silent Majority
>Colluding with MSM, SuperPAC, and Hollywood

Pick one

and you complain about leddit

He attacked the Australian PM because he wanted Trump to honor a deal that was made under the Obama administration.
As for Mexico, fuck them, they've been a parasite on our ass for far too long.
Fuck Merkel as well, she's destroying Europe. As for Canada, I haven't heard of him saying anything about Canada.
Also, how has he "avoided criticizing Russia"?
Should he go out of his way to increase tensions with another nuclear armed power?
This is what I really hate about the Russia conspiracy bs. It's really about pressuring Trump to continue this second cold war and anyone who perpetuates it is a useful idiot for the neoliberal establishment.


>Putin “kills journalists, political opponents, and invades countries,” objected Scarborough. “Obviously that would be a concern, would it not?”

>“He’s running his country, and at least he’s a leader, you know, unlike what we have in this country,” Trump said, referring to then-President Obama.

>“But, again, he kills journalists that don’t agree with him,” protested Scarborough.

>“Well, I think our country does plenty of killing also, Joe,” Trump said.




>muh journalists
I don't give a shit what he does in his country you interventionist little shit. I care about MY country and I don't want to antagonize a super power that has more nuclear weapons than we do. What about that is hard to understand?

good goy

>most loved therefore most hated

>super power

>not wanting nuclear destruction somehow makes me a good goy
>not treating Russia is a boogieman even though they're technically defending themselves from western imperialism makes me a good goy
Whatever you say frenchfag.

and yet nothing I've said has been refuted.

ITT: Major triggering.
Safe space has been violated.
SJWs would be proud!

Tasty tasty tasty bugs here

Nothing you've said needs to be refuted, you literally posted "LMAO IDGAF DAE NIHILISM!?"

No, nobody is going to try to disprove that you're a nihilist baby with no understanding of the world

this thread is shit and you should feel bad about making it.

Yeah, okay, but let's not fuck around. We all know if Hillary got elected and even 1% of the shit came out about her that's coming out about Trump, this country would be in flames. Trumpfags don't give a shit if this country gets fucked, they just want their guy to do the fucking.

>Oy Vey!!! We love these anti-Trump threads!!!


Hillary is more experienced and would have done a better job than drumpf.



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>Good goys!!! Destroy that little hands having buffoon!!! Support our anti-goy agenda!!! What ever you do... DO NOT LISTEN TO THAT KIKE MATT DRUDGE!!!!

thanks for the support man

come on france, get acmehd's cock out your ass and start cleaning his junk out your ears.

>No problem you stupid goy... anything to destroy you and replace you with our Muslims pets.

>being this delusional

You already have a website for this.

It's called Reddit.


trumplrinas need to go back

>civilian deaths
Any dead Muzzie is good enough for me

Any day now


>Being this suicidal... good goy.


I am dum yes



i am dumfpff AMA

a favrot tv show is coldberrd and snl

it mak me kek

Watergate took two years.

Be patient

Pfffftahahahah. If you search "Kill yourself" on youtube or jewgle, the first result is the suicide hotline number.
>You're not alone
Fuck why are people such absolute pussies.

[email protected] ugh btbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrarararararraraaaaaaaaaap
Lololololololooolololololololahahhahahahahahahahahsgx7djrhgwjdk r v4vrv
But seriously....

[email protected]aaaaaaaaaaaaaaapp

heh e

if you searge rodjar stoon you get Cnn wwtfff

this will be the end of trumps campaign for sure.

>but seriously


Ungh, hang on my shit is leaking out my vagina.
B%[email protected]arrarraraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaap

My vagina smells so funny lol lol hahaha hahaha drumpf it's over rrrreeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaap



I'm sure he'll try his best to campaign for a nice little pardon from the next President.

Impeachment soon my frog friend

I used to love Trump until I saw the picture in this post. Why would Trump allow himself to be Putin's marionette puppet? Why Trump, why?

It's just the cycle of life my friend... aids gets cured... russian hackers become an epidemic

Guy's I'm so sleepy. Aren't you sleepy? I think it's time for a nap in my nice cozy bed.

>still can't refute anything I says so he resorts to namecalling like a petulant manchild.

Welcome to Sup Forums, newfriend. How much are you paid per post?

>moving goalposts

I'm not paid
How about you, rusky sub-human?

>rusky sub-human
That's really racist, I bet i'm less inbred than you.
Lying on Sup Forums only works if you aren't that obvious. How much are you paid?

Still butthurt about the last time they sent you running for paris?

Friendly reminder to all new-anons to sage shill threads