Why so many Jews use glasses if not most of them?

Why so many Jews use glasses if not most of them?

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To see shekels better

Jews have the highest avg iq.
See: hindawi.com/journals/joph/2015/271746/

They have a small gene pool so it just took a few promiscuous Jews with bad eye sight to pass it on to many children

Poor eyesight due to spending most of their days hunched over the Torah and Talmud.

How are you getting internet, Syria?

Because instead of shitposting on Sup Forums all day they study hard and do something out of their 130+ IQ.

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it's not so much that jews have worse vision than the general population, it's just that a large portion of the general population has poor vision but chooses not to wear glasses but as a jew you can't survive without being able to read the fine print

because they work so hard

many are inbred as fuck, that's why they push marriage with some good looking Goyim's

Inbreeding fucks shit up. Its why they are full of snot and why most of them are weak and easily shoahed.
Dont get baited into the idea that they are smart, they are only evil.
Satan is thinking for them, and satan, after God is the smartest deity in existence.

they make 1 payment but get 2 lenses

How is this not getting more love?

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we are lucky so many jews waste all their time reading a 3000 year old religious law book

It enhances their abilities to spot money.

because they're the most inbred """"people"""" in the world

not jews dumbass, ashkenazi jews. and that's mostly because they're almost white.

t. Edgar "DawkinsianPhilosophy" Stevenwifeson





incest produces inferior offspring

When they read the Talmud it corrupts their eyesight

was good but too long

is this bait? i said almost white dumbass, learn to read. and that article is some bullshit sjw article.

european admixture, rings a bell?
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kys jews will never be white no matter how much they try, not even "almost"

they are a mix between semites, egyptians (hyksos), reptilians and Satanic Greed incarnate

are you fucking dumb is none of you able to read.

i didn't say that they are good or that jews are smart, didn't say that at all, i said almost because they have european admixture.

If they want to call Miguel 'Essay' Santos Cruz a white man despite his thick mexican accent and tan, they're fucking cream cheese.


no offense meant man, but still

what i meant by almost is that ashkenazi have white genes, not that they are white

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Tbqh arenĀ“t some of them Khazars as well, meaning at least partly slavic which are in turn nearly white or at least "visually close".

Millennia of inbreeding

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Yeah they are khazars, i don't know how if they are fully khazars or simply converts.

Jew here, I believe in God and Christ no one worships Satan except maybe Muslims.

Because the talmud is writen.is small very small.letter because printing ink is expensive

gotta say i can get along with some of you

i love the jews

I don't love you, Algeria but I guess you're okay.


I get along fine with most Europeans especially Slavs (my people) fuck the Swiss tho.

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their alphabet fucks up the eyes.


to save from using too much eyesight.

Both of these are correct. Various visual impairments are a recurring problem in their notoriously small genepool, and Jews are a highly literate demographic who spend a lot of time staring at text in all manner of light conditions. They're both genetically and environmentally predisposed to poor eyesight.

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genetics from inbreeding

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It's because they are genetically inferior.

Most Conquistadors were cryptokikes, btw.

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>Oy Vey!!! Stop making threads about how inbreed such a small group of people who only want to breed with other members of the small group!!! Genetically inferior Jew blood is better than tainted Jew blood!!! Now you goyim go breed with niggers so we can treat you like the genetic mutts you are!!!!

Sorry, but this is correct. They steal your shekels and your dna.

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Any european admixture they have is SouthEast European, and a tiny bit slav. The rest is levantine. So they're more intelligent than northern Europeans, but have very little northern European admixture?

The rationalisations Sup Forumsacks make.

Jew here. Most of my family has glasses/contacts. I had laser surgery as a teen. Best decision!

desu those iq score results are debatable and lot of people have high iq tests are dumb as shit and beta autists so it's not really significant.

It's a combination of culture and the fact that they are closer to whites that makes them intelligent.

Dunno how that was hard to understand unless you're autistic.

I wear glasses
Am I a jew?

those are orthodox jews

in other words they belong to the oven

how long does the effect of laser surgery last?

Till you die. I will need to wear reading glasses likely in my 40s onwards due to muscle weakening but that has nothing to do with the laser results which were great. Went from vision so poor I couldnt read a book without glasses to not needing glasses to drive.