What's your take on Marine Nude Scandal & how it will affect the armed forces in the future?

What's your take on Marine Nude Scandal & how it will affect the armed forces in the future?

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nobody cares about grunt cumdumpsters

need to see more evidence

No one in the armed forces care. They are just holes to fuck.

Weren't a lot of them nudes that chicks put on instagram and shit?

If you think about it a nigger is essentially a walking freckle.


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Women in the military will always be cumdumpsters.

Gonna have to see some evidence before I can give you a straightforward answer

This. Only reason I come to these shit threads.

Look up "wook" on pornhub. That's her videos.


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Who fucking cares

Women shouldn't be serving on combat positions anyway. If they are the military is doing something wrong.


It's been proven over and over that women make units less effective. They distract the guys and hypersexuality is a sign of a healthy military unit. Women and sjws don't understand this. Any actual fighting units except for perhaps the air force should be only men.


could not care less

also imgur.com/a/ZD4mf

you're welcome in advance anons.

It never happened. Just more fake news

Who cares, women in the military are only there to take liters of cum from all the men in there so they don't get frustrated.


Why do we allow women in the military again?

Who gives a fuck?


This is why they should not be able to get into military

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you mean, not at all?


Everything women touch turns into shit and drama. We need to bring back the patriarchy.

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So when pinned down and out numbered by enemies we have something to negotiate our safe escape.

This is the only person I've seen so I don't give a shit. Once you give me all the nudes, I'll give a shit.


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Why they don't just kill the men and rape her?

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pretty sure it's just for spank bank/cum dumpster purposes to be honest family

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We need to train our troops to start going on long term assignments for the eventual rise of the great Imperium which our God Emperor will create.

Holy fuck I didn't notice that.

Based marine who fucked her.

so this is the power of gorilla mindset...

>been there, done that

Marines has the highest number of straight sex parties and swapping around

Air Force has highest drug use

Army is where all the dykes go, and also has the most rapes.

Navy? Fags. Sorry if it's a stereotype but, true.

Also, Navy and Air Force has the most female enlistees there to "marry an officer."

wtf I support the troops now

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Honestly, I thought this *was* the reason for letting them in. So that guys wouldn't have to fuck each other.

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>hypersexuality is a sign of a healthy unit
>units should be only men
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Is this actually real?

No pussy

That's how militaries and fraternal organizations are supposed to be.

The Marine Corps is the most pro-Trump organization in the military.
This is a partisan attack by the democrats in an attempt to destabilize those who support him.

Time to join the Navy, hopefully I can avoid all the fag.

jesus christ those are some killer tits but what's the big deal? she got her nudes shared around from a guy showing off. this doesn't sound like a huge scandal.


Isn't /pol supposed to be against degeneracy?

hmm idk, the one on pornhub has 2 tattoos on her belly. no tattoos on the imgur link images

I looked into it and those vids were first uploaded 5 months ago so I doubt it.

Still pretty hot though.

>these straight sexual predators that shouldn't be near younger women

>Women shouldn't be serving on combat positions anyway. If they are the military is doing something wrong.
Hitler knew about this and consequently restricted women to learning to handle small private pistols while staying in the kitchen so the men could fight on the battlefield

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Yup, some chick in the army gave me a blumpkin once.

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Spotted the beta virgin. There is literally nothing more masculine.

It's not the person in question, this is a camwhore who posted on /soc/ years ago.

That's a /soc/ camwhore from years ago not the leaks.

What's a blumpkin?


I don't say this often but she is a solid 10/10.

Nah dude, it's legit. Don't be a faget.

To fuck

>women take nude photos of themselves
>anybody surprised at all that there's a group of men anywhere (let alone actually masculine men with a sex drive on deployment) would share and horde these photos.

The women being marines is completely beside the point. Just a fetish to throw on top of the already completely understood and unstoppable sex desire of men.

nobody gives a fuck.

Ok Schlomo


Wow, she must have been through a lot of tough shit for a nude leak to be the reason for her to resign

Women shouldn't serve in the armed forces. It's a huge mistake allowing them in in the first place

>thinking females should emulate males in temperament/body proportions/hobbies and pastimes
found the cucked australian

maybe cunts shouldn't produce amateur pornography of themselves if they don't want it getting around

I didn't know you were a jew fish.

how could anyone possibly tell the difference between this being a real woman marine and this being a normal woman cosplaying, because infinite fetishes exist?

It's just pictures of naked women.
Men wanting to look at pictures of naked women is as old of a pattern of behavior as men and pictures has existed.

They literally just get fucked bro. When the men are doing all they work, afterwards they need a release and women are there for the fuck thats it.

One of my best friends from back home is in the marines and he tells me this is literally all they're used for

>Women shouldn't serve in the armed forces. It's a huge mistake allowing them in in the first place

Women shouldn't be in combat in the armed forces. They also shouldn't be in the same boot as men.

Women should have support roles only, and leave the pew pew to the big boys. The should also NEVER be put in a combat zone.

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Get out.

This is why women shouldn't be allowed in the military. Look at all that unreg clothing. Look at all that shit in her dorm that no male would be allowed to keep.

The problem with women in the military is that they aren't stripped of their individuality during initiation. They can still wear makeup, keep cellphones, wear lacy underwear. They get to tee-hee with their DS or DI while the men are out on the deck pushing concrete with their face. If there were any sanity left in the armed forces, these women would be getting twenty-year old hand-me-down Army reg burlap sack panties and makeup kits consisting of nothing but grease and mud, with the only selfies permitted being their disheveled reflection in an undrained swamp.


Not even going to bother looking for those nudes.
Tattooed people need to hang from trees and be burned on croses.

If you have to ask...

>something something rootless White American having lost WW2 and takes pride in his current Hollywood (((industry))) poisoning the western world with Hidden Figures or Ghostbusters 2016

Yeah seriously. The fact that they're pushing to be Navy Seals is ridiculous. They did better when they worked in factories during WWII. They're useless and shouldn't be trusted with fighting for the country

Marinefag here, women don't belong in the military. Every unit with women in it is weaker and less efficient than those without. Putting women in the military is bad for women, bad for the military, and bad for society. Women in uniform will always be dykes or whores, nature does not allow for healthy femininity in such an environment.


you sound upset, sorry for your inferiority

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>Every unit with women in it is weaker and less efficient than those without.

And pay attention to WHO put them there.

The same people in government that hate the military, and a strong America.

The end result is no accident.

massive psyop to make signing up for the military more appealing for underemployed males

israel "how can you hate our apartheid state when da soldiers are dis qt" JIDF 2.0

Jesus kinda hinted to forgive whores