Europe & Asia & Africa & Benin RISK

RISK THREAD, update once in ~9 minutes (depending on the number of players).

State your actions clear, if you don't point me to where your spills go, I am not going to colour some tiles randomly, so you are going to lose a part of your roll.

Don't be rude.

I have 195 minutes from now on.

Guide for the beginners.

>You start in a place, pick a colour, a name and a tripcode
>You start rolling, and the number of territories (T) you take depends on your last digit(s) (check legend)
>You have to include your bonus in your name, that bonus means extra territories taken per round
>You can start an alliance or wage war on another state

Starting at 5 players.


Ottoman Caliphate
Dark Red

Egdy red
New British Empire.

>Binland :DDD

So... who is going to yield here?

Adding trip.

ottomanges took edgy red ill take purple.

I called first.

Germany(border with czech republic)
any color

Yellow South Africa

Persian Empire
Eastern Persia

I'll change my name when I actually get a bonus


Fix your name, furthermore there is no South Africa on this map.

Meant Vandad

I don't even want to think about Lebanese furries...

North Africa sry southernmost part

Any color

National Bolsheviks

stop working and play! :P

Let's begin



Fill Istanbul area.

Change the colour.

Fill England.

OP, Vandad requested Eastern Persia (IRAN), not Afghanistan!

Iceland green please. Roll to fill iceland spills norway

Dark blue.

Fill my region(region that i`m in)

Fill, then move into Persia

Dake more Binland :DD

Persia included Afghanistan, and that would be eastern Persia.

...I see. My mistake. I apologize for my outburst.

Oh welp I'm out.

...? You're leaving already?

You have just entered, your roll doesn't count.

I appreciate the initiative. Allies?


Didn't count my start so meh n I'm in another risk already


Fill Western Turkey, then spill rest of Turkey.

Excellent news!

Finnish England Spill Netherlands.

fill my region spill czech

Fill Moscow, Spill South.

Fill Iran

Fill iceland spills norway

Yes, Finnish Binland and dake Sveden!


You rolled 35, spills where?


Fill China spill Tajikistan,Kyrgyzstan



Fill Turkey, spill Syria.

Finnish England Spill northern England.

fill my region spills czech and slovakia


Fill Kyrgyzstan,spill Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan

Moskau, Moskau, spill south.

i swear to jesus i`m gonna shit myself with this rolls

Any further spills to Kashmir and nepal

Fill Iran

Fill portugal then spain

Can you be more accurate?

If anything still left,then go Into Pakistan

Expand around West Africa.

Take Sveden and den Eesti! :DDD

Scotland, start in scotland

Attack finland, spills sweden

Edinburgh to be accurate

More accurate? Point me to some countries.

I suppoort scottish Independence.

Fill Liberia, then spill to Sierra Leone.


Fill Turkey, spill Cyprus, then Syria
>Further spill fill Lebanon, Jordan, Israel.

Fill Iran, god damn it.

Finish czech spills slovakia then bavaria

Kill Persia.

Fill scotland, secure southern border first, then into the higlands
how if you are Britain and not England


Sweet, now I'll have +6 bonus

I knew I should have killed you earlier

Fill northern England spill

7 more Ts available for you.

Fill Sierra Leone, then spill to Guinea.

Op 3d palis spill little region left to bavaria after finishing slovakia and bavaria

Spurdo is mad! Defend bonus and addack Nordic Union in Norbay >:DD.

Fighting you will be fun.

Nordic Union requests a NAP/ally with scotland
Take Finland, spills Sweden

forgod name :DD

Cede my territory

I have 3 more ts put them in the netherlands.

Force me.

Fill Region, spill neutral North.

Ally me.

Scotland sends its kilted emissaries and responds to your NAP with the finest tattys
Maybe an alliance later NAP for now

Be more accurate for fuck's sake, Guinea literally has 7 tiles and you rolled the minimum yet I can't fill. What if you rolled 35?


Ill Ally if I get Ireland.