Prove to me that Buddhism isn't the most redpilled religion

I'll wait

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buddhism isn´t a real religion

Buddhism is pretty close but ultimately it sucks because, like other religions, it encourages you to devote your life to the religion instead of just partaking in normal human affairs.
Taoism is the true redpill.

If you can't see why Buddhism is for cowardly cucks, there's no hope for you.



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Life-denying meme-tier religion for cowards

Most Chinese are Buddhist, ever been to China? Grandparents have their children shit on the sidewalks. The toilets in public are mostly squat holes, the people drive like impatient 12 year olds in go karts honking and pushing others around. People who want to cross the street have to fight the traffic even at cross walks.
They eat dogs

Buddhism makes people savage

Buddhism is basically is degenerated form of Hinduism which is the true Redpilled religion

t. Guenon

buddhism represents the ultimate social conservatism and ennui since it embodies the idea that the world around you is meaningless and nothing in life matters other than achieving one with the universe. Buddhism doesn't have to go anywhere, do anything, learn anything, or invent anything, to strive to some greater goal, and traditionalism is the standing goal of most right wing political schemes. so In effect, buddhism is like a super conversvatism, one that never needs to evolve or change and thus is free from leftist ideas more than any other religion.

Unfortunately, it doesn't exist in a vaccuum, just like the real right wingers, so when society advances around it it has a tendancy to force the morons inside to change and become more left than whey where beforehand in order to compete. so the actual expression of buddhist traditionalism is not perfect, in a similar way to the catholic church being not perfectly right.

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Is that the one where I get to reincarnate? There's this hot chick that I know who I'd like to turn into a lesbian by possessing her throughout her entire life.

It's also good to note that all modern religions are bastardization s of their foundation. They all suck the money out of the people who attend the churches and temples, they all use incense and other brainwashing ceremonial actions to encourage more Belief and more donations. It's all about money and power, the root of every religion, be it Jesus or Buddha, would be ashamed of every modern church today.

Leaf, you're lost case, there's nothing you can learn.

But in one sentence buddhism is common sense, logic, compassion and balance.
Basicaly it's about having sanest sanity.

You are close, but no cigar. The true god shines brightest in the morning.

Pro tip :Hinduism has much more focus on and on the person

Society *

None of you understand anything about Buddhism. It's not really a religion, you can be any religion and still be a Buddhist.

Like that one user above said, all religions are a shadow of their former selves. They're all run by kikes, and they only serve the purpose of subverting people from all walks of life and keeping them all under the same thumb. Mahayana Buddhism is nutso demonic bullshit, Theravada is normal, very important distinction.

Anyways, all religions are just telling the same story about the history of our planet, and they're all run by kikes these days. You shouldn't adhere to any religion, you should learn about them and start to grasp the idea of the over-arching story, and you should learn to pray and build a relationship with God/Christ in your heart, that's the only thing you can truly trust.

What are you some type of Satanist?

lolno, religion for the longest time in China was b&.


Buddhism as a religion may not be red pilled but as an individual the buddha defo sounds red pilled. On his journey he trained with all sorts of culty people and always moved on, he never gave up by following someone else and went for his own enlightenment. At least he tried to attempt a logical look to overcome the emotional animal nature with an outlook based on introspection and logic, not blind faith. The buddha has some good ideas for the warrior striving to better him self.

Buddhist is very redpilled,

Listen and consume this then prove otherwise

Typical Buddhist mantra

>Mahayana Buddhism is nutso demonic bullshit, Theravada is normal, very important distinction.
Question. I don't know anything of budhism, what makes those two branches so different and why mahayana is demonic stuff?

In short
Mahayana is more into rituals and religion
Theravada is core teachings of the Buddha, no BS.

>Mahayana Buddhism is nutso demonic bullshit
Yogacara is extremely redpilled

Buddhism is about a flying golden man who travels into the 9 heavens. Where did your bullshit come from?

I was raised on Buddhism/Hinduism/Shamanism and psychedelic drugs. It's why I know;

>buddhism represents the ultimate social conservatism

Imagine your Dad telling you about the impermanence of all things, and how pleasure is transient and shallow. How he was born to be my father, and I was born to be his son, and how I was him reincarnated.

Then when you turn 18, he gives you legal drugs and you trip balls while he chants sutras.

Also, he's violent and stern.

>buddhism is like a super conversvatism, one that never needs to evolve or change and thus is free from leftist ideas more than any other religion

Nothing can change. My past lifes all felt the same as this one does, and more or less involved the same events and kinds of people and things.

There's a glorious Chakravartin, and we should submit to his rule. Is Trump the current Chakravartin?

>Buddhism is about a flying golden man who travels into the 9 heavens.

Your statement is not only false but also unworthy of refutation

Mahayana in which Vajrayana is part of is very red pilled and they are not veganism also killing indiscriminate for a greater good, like that Myanmar monk who kill a lot of muslim for example

Acalanatha is a Mahayana god, a wrathful gods they are cool as fuck

>LIfe = Suffering
This fact is used to perpetuate one of the most brutal slave societies in history.

>Serfdom in Tibet controversy

By any rational metric, the philosophy you support is more evil than communism.

>Praying to fucking Bongs and Mekka
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So you are denying Buddha existed?

Srry my memory messed up Wiranthu is Theravada.

I would argue that Buddha and Christ would have been good friends, if you strictly go by the Gospel (PRO-TIP: You should), but I'm not really looking to get into a long argument about it.

Judaism and Islam or horrid, particularly for our modern society. The only major religion I don't know much about is Hinduism, but I'm going to start doing a bit more research. I mean, say what you want about the Poo-In-Loos, they're at least attempting to get their shit together.

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looking for an argument.

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English cuck vs Lama Dondrup Dorje
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Actually Buddhist arent praying at least not in Christian and many other religion mean, they are just pay respect to their senior and teachers, they dont actually believe much in solving problem using gods power and actually very agnostic, I think a rightfully translation would be pay homage to.

There's not soul in Buddhism. It literally rejects the fundamental unit of memetic existence.

It's atheism for cowards.

>Talks about Mahayana being demonic.
Thanks Satan.

Zen here. Yes.

Consciousness is self-referencing it is the only thing that explains itself, “I think therefore I am” we can be more certain of the existence of consciousness than we can be of matter, knowledge of which appears to us through subjective sensory inputs (for instance when we choose to observe the path of a photon through a double slit and it collapses from a wave function to a particle) and if we believe in our conscious experience, this mental component of the universe then we can say we are all small pieces of God’s mental apparatus.

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>Buddhism is about a flying golden man who travels into the 9 heavens.
Where did you come up with that?
Did you just pull that out of your ass?


In olden days Emperor Ming saw in a dream a god whose body had the brilliance of the sun and who flew before his palace; and he rejoiced exceedingly at this. The next day he asked his officials: "What god is this?" the scholar Fu Yi said: "Your subject has heard it said that in India there is somebody who has attained the Dao and who is called Buddha; he flies in the air, his body had the brilliance of the sun; this must be that god."

>Buddhism is about a flying golden man who travels into the 9 heavens
It's not the fucking Silmarillion


this thread looks a little spook'd

Kek, I love the Chinese propoganda Buddhism

Hinduism is better!

Zen is cool too!


the final red-pill is realizing all religions in their core are essentially about the same thing

>buddhism is nihilism!
>buddhism is about nonaction
>but I like being degenerate

dull minded millennials who read three lines from a wikipedia page

Because it's false, something not true doesn't deserve to be called a redpill.

Orthodox Jesus was better too.
>Jesus went to hell and freed all the souls then escaped because hell couldn't contain his divinity.

Like the doom Marine?

It's not even a religion. It's end goal is met with the stagnation of humanity



Buddhism is death worship. As are alll religions based on eastern mysticism like Hinduism. Christ is love. Christ is life.

>literally using communist propaganda as an argument

>by any rational metric

you're literally using propaganda as a strawman and applying it to all forms of buddhism. impressive feat of mental gymnastics

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>still being religious
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Buddhism is so "redpilled" it realizes that even being redpilled is another lie.

Seriously, the final level of Buddhism after you've transcended all your earthly desires and fears is to transcend Buddhism itself. Only then do you become enlightened.

Trump is a Satanic kike on the evil elite's side, pretending to be something good to trap you.

The Buddha and Christ both went on nearly identical spiritual journeys, both lasted the same amount of time, both were tempted by demons and ultimately reached "enlightenment". I think they'd get along marvelously and agree with each other entirely.

You're correct about the other two religions. Hindusim and Christianity and a lot of pagan religions are all the same, they're telling the same story of an even older religion, an old world.

Same thing obviously.

Cool Tocharians, too bad someone painted over those glorious Aryan faces.


The concepts of 'moving forward' and 'progress' are merely an illusion though.

Seriously, this is a really interesting video that explains in detail some connections between Hinduism, Christianity and more.


>Doomguy Jesus
Pretty cool.

>simplifying another religion based on your own limited knowledge

"christians are just compensating for daddy issues"

The video is blocked in my region does it talk about the yadavs theory or is it something else

Yeah and after the Chinese took over shit got even worse.

>think they'd get along marvelously and agree with each other entirely.
Agree. One of the most similar parts is when Jesus wanders and meditates in the desert 40 days to find illumination, similar to Budha journey and meditation under the tree

Your statement is both correct and wrong at the same time. In Buddhism we don't believe an unchanging soul (Anatma concept). However, when you die Buddhists believe you will be reborn (unless you managed to achieve Nirvana in this life), and there is some kind of connection from this life to next life - like carrying out karma from for eg. So, it is not completely right to say that there is nothing about "you" will be carried along as you go through your Samsarik existence.

That is such a subtle but huge difference between Hinduism and Buddhism

Yeah, I agree :). Antama is very difficult to comprehend or explain even as a T. Buddhist.

It just goes through a huge deal of linguistic connections between Hindu characters and Biblical characters, or myth and gospel, and then explains the good vs. the evil, the sneaky origins of the kikes. It also I think connects the words to other languages and

Can you tell me more about what that theory is?

That's exactly the spiritual journey I was describing. During their mediation, they are both offered tons of bribes by demonic entities and after denying them, they're both threatened by the enemies too.

There are a ton of other connections between their lives. Even the stories of their births are similar:

"One night, Queen Mayadevi dreamed that a white elephant descended from heaven and entered her womb. The white elephant entering her womb indicated that on that very night she had conceived a child who was a pure and powerful being. The elephant’s descending from heaven indicated that her child came from Tushita heaven, the Pure Land of Buddha Maitreya.

Later, when she gave birth to the child, instead of experiencing pain the queen experienced a special, pure vision in which she stood holding the branch of a tree with her right hand while the gods Brahma and Indra took the child painlessly from her side. They then proceeded to honor the infant by offering him ritual ablutions."

I don't think they're the same people at all but I believe that the Buddha was some sort of prophet. I think it happens with many other people, too, but Christ had a specific special path.
Here is one of the explanations I look towards



Well it goes something along the lines that all yadavs (the caste Krishna belonged too) were cursed that they will all be killed so they moved to the middle east became yahudis (Jews) and started semantic religion and they keep fighting among themselves cause iirc the curse was that they will all die by infighting

For the Buddhist perspective on this, I think Nagarjuna had probably the best expositions inūlamadhyamakakārikā.

Buddhism has been really ill-presented by the leftist western media and Hollywood propaganda.

It is by far the most red-pilled, most right-wing religion out there.

>literally started by a prince
>only the selected few can be awakened
>the only religion that encourages warrior ideals
>the only religion that promotes hierarchy and inequality

"He who is alone, will find that He's happy."

user leaving your first point I think you are describing Hinduism cause the one of the main differentiating factors between the two is that Buddhism lacks hierarchy

But it's the Abrahamic religions that are death worshiping? Eastern religions see death as a transit mostly.

>only the selected few can be awakened

Fuckin' dropped.

Find Christ, user.

For people want to get a taste of Buddhist thinking, I highly recommend Dhammapada -

Dhammapada is very easy to follow and offer easily digestible lessons in the form of poems.

>religion literally cucked to death by Islam

This is Christianiy's future