Lads, anyone remember this police chase? I watched it with some of you on here. We noticed the dude was bloody as shit, but the aerial view we were watching didn't show this

check this angle I just found on liveleak

the police dog ripped the guys fucking face off,while he was in the process of dying lol

did he died?


how the fuck is this Sup Forums

prune this shit, random police chases are NOT happenings

pay debts


It was so low speed and the cab was intact, how he die? Dog rip out his throat?

Dude a fucking police dog ripped the face off the suspect

B tier but that's a good doggo.

stfu this is fine, 99% of threads are lefty bullsit from faggots like you.

Once again shareblue tries to control the narrative

shot three times, once by himself, was already dying when the dog got to him

who CARES take it to Sup Forums
>sad white boy think im liberal because im tired of low-effort gore threads
if you want something like this start a niggerhate thread instead of demanding everyone jack off over this one video of one getting mauled by a dog

I knew it! I post a joke last time about the dog eating the guy's face. He still a good boy though

Police allowing a dog to rip of a suspects face is political.

I don't see liberals and niggers chimping out over this

DESU they ran in as soon as you could see flesh ripped off
They don't have to risk getting shot to save a murderer

What's your point?

>Murder suspect
I don't see why anyone should care lmao

I'm not making judgments, I'm just pointing out to the shill that this is a political conversation

>white hate
I was right, youre a nigger leftist.


incorrect, it only becomes political if it turns out he was a good boy that didnt do nuffin
>he thinks making fun of white boys is white hate
lol, you dont even understand why im using that phrase on you, makes sense since you think whining about racism will work here

Yuck that was brutal.

Nah, user is a paid shill,they all use standardized tactics to take control of the narrative.

No, the use of force and the dishing out of punishments which could be considered inhuman is political. Race has nothing to do about it

dont you have a quota of drumpf threads to spam nigger?

what a faggot. I love watching police chases and Cops with pol

Yep. Imagine that being the last thing you experience and feel.

being crimscum definitely did not pay that day

here's one of the last shots we got. We had no idea he was getting his face ripped off, just that there was plenty of blood once they got the door open

Anyone have any after pics?

Imagine the outrage if this perp were black. Oh, the humanity! Sharpton 911. BLM burn it down!

steal a 'vette and get wrecked

>He doesn't appreciate chase threads
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if you all love reddit shit so much maybe you should go back instead of acting like this nu-Sup Forums faggotry is acceptable

>hates whites
>hates trump
>hates car chases
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Don't fall for this bait.

Gore was always part of Sup Forums, but never of Reddit. And police chases and shootings were always part of Sup Forums.
And Sup Forums is not only about politics, it's about current events too, maybe you should read the sticky again

Sugi pula la cai morti si tu si curva de ma-ta date-n pizda mortilor ma-tii de cioara jegoasa

Holy shit, that was the best chase we've had in months and this just makes it even more epic.

damn, i missed this chase.
The last chase i witnessed on Sup Forums was our low-speed Californian.

Are you the same faggot that was bitching about the Chicago police scanner "Robert" threads?

lol only redditors are this presumptuous, you cant stay here
im not saying gore is bad faggot, random car chases are. start a niggerhate thread,take it to Sup Forums, or go back where you came from

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