Going to school in the ghetto as an intelligent white male

I'm beyond sick of whites literally ignoring black crime, and the flaws in their culture. I went to school in a ghetto fucking shit hole. I was the Only white guy in multiple classes. They fit every fucking stereotype you could imagine. They all sold/smoked pot, were loud as shit, rude, violent, ate/drank everything stereotypical. It was fucking awful. Anytime a teacher would even attempt to discipline one of them, they'd scream "racism" and get away with whatever they'd want. Shit, they'd literally be playing their shitty mumble rap out loud on their phones in class, and the teachers would not do a fucking thing. It was like being stuck in a monkey exhibit. I also developed health issues involving blood pressure from being in that environment for years. I had a few black friends who were really cool guys, and weren't what I'd call niggers, but holy shit do 95% fit the fucking profile. Western culture is going down the fucking drain, I just needed to vent a bit. Fuck niggers.

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you're in an echo chamber m8, literally every single person here feels the same way. And if anyone says different, they are lying to get a rise out of the rest of the board for (you)'s

Whoa that's crazy. I don't think that's true at all.

drop out and get your GED

its that or get niggerstomped to death for being white

That can't be true. I have a class with a black guy and he is really nice. Maybe you shouldn't generalize everybody

>go to mostly white high school
>handful of niggers in my year
>they all get in fights/trouble

And then I moved to a nigger city and its just gotten worse.

I graduated over a year ago, and my parents would not let me drop out or get home schooled. I just lifted and pretended to fit in.

My high school was at least 50% black. I didn't have classes with most of them because I took college-level stuff but from what I remember there were fights in the cafeteria almost every week and a lot of chimpouts between classes.

Here's my new take:

It's glaringly obvious what the problems are. But fixing them means they integrate and nobody wants that. So they are shuffled to their "reservations" and keep docile and repugnant by their culture (media approved rap moguls) never to climb out of the bucket of crabs.

and they wonder why school shootings happen

Buddy of mine was unlucky enough to go to an all black high school with one or two other whites, he would get jumped daily and if he fought back or spoke out about it the administration would treat him harsher than the black who would beat him

The irony is we had popular black kid threaten to fucking shoot the school up, because the black coach got fired for defending a gang banger in court.

Top lel

kys masterb8er

Went to public middle school in West LA, I know these feels...

Sucks seeing firsthand the destruction these niggers impose on themselves and the country at large by literally molding into stereotypes.

yep. i went to a majority black elementary and middle school. elementary wasn't so bad since we were all still young, but in middle school it seemed like the nigger behavior came out in full force. groups of blacks would always try to start shit with me, if i didn't keep my possessions in sight at all times they would end up missing, got spit on, etc. it was hell on earth. i'm just glad i switched to a majority spic highschool. i can only imagine what highschool nigs are like.

Youngstown,Ohio here. Armpit of Ohio.

This is what they want on a societal level. The goal is for minorities to be able to do anything they want with little to no repercussions while whites get thrown in jail for years over making racist jokes.

18yo hs senior going to a nig-infested school, you're spot on. Most people are partially illiterate and get violent over nothing, the causes for high black unemployment are obvious once you live around these animals. It's like kindergarten again, most of them really just don't function like adult humans honestly.

I just hope whites finally get fucking sick of this, and start fucking fighting back. We conquer and invent. Fucking globalist media is ruining us.



Spread it far, spread it wide, gents:


>town is overwhelmingly white
>only black person i know goes to my class
>stereotype nig slut
>dumb as shit
>loud, annoying and irresponsible
>dad left her (tfw no one else in class of 27 even has divorced parents)
>can't swim; afraid of boats (live in coastal town)
>adores watermelons
>can't even speak fluent despite living here since age of 2
>spends obscene amounts on clothing
>complains of bad/no food at home

Thank fuck there aren't any more of them here, this shithole isn't so bad.


Why in the fuck are we allowing this? When will we finally fucking fight back?

The problem is that kikes have whites well divided. The biggest roadblock are cuck whites.

True. Man, we just need to and together, grow in numbers and let our voices be heard. We have to stick together.

>breaking news
white people are faggots too. Cry more bitch.

cute bait

are your Parents cucks ?

cute bait

this ain't no bait, nigga. Comin' for that ass, cute stuff.


I went to elementary and high school with niggers. They're animals.


its time, senpai.



>t. Wayne State University in Detroit

you messed up the grading curve

intelligent white here
went to mostly black inner city school
aced SATs and other exams
college recruiters from good schools came to visit me
perhaps surprised in person when they saw I was white
got several full-ride scholarship offers when I was still 15
goodbye high school, uglier than many prisons


i hope i could help you my racist comrade^^

Witnessed. Counting the days until I see them hang. I'm tryna keep my faith Kek

Jesus man I feel bad for you, I'm in an all white school in a small village in the West of Ireland. No non-whites in the school of 200, none in the entire village.
It's lovely having all the trust and friendliness of being surrounded by your racial family and good white people. Gives you a big sense of comfort and happiness really, as if all is as it should be.
It must be terrible being surrounded by people you have nothing in common with and can't understand and who can steal or become violent at no provokation. Must cause a lot of fear, anxiety and paranoia. Not a good state to exist in. Whites are not meant to live among negros, there are not 2 races so different.

Im waiting for it. But i has to be the blacks that start it.

You should watch First 48, or as I like to call it, Killed by a Negro. It's great for getting fired up about the negro scourge.