We got 'em boys

looks like the ranks of the Flat Earthers just got a little more divers than those of the Sup Forums neo Nazi right


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I'm really proud there are brave people like Shaq around the globe that are willing to show their support for the flat earth theory.

Is Shaq a white supremacist, right-wing fascist nazi now?

At least Irrving and Green didn't shame any university with their claims, but Shaq actually graduated.


hmm, is it because Muhammad said so?

>Say it's wrong without researching it.

I guess I'm a scientist now.

Friendly reminder that Shaq graduated from LSU recently...and is an honorary police officer
> scary

Makes sense he's super tall.
He can see that there's no curvature to the Earth.

>Shaq believes the earth is flat

Well fuck, if Shaq says it, I guess it might be true. I mean the fucker's tall enough he can just see for himself.

>flat earth shilling oportunity

Mo money to star in dem hit blockbusters for da kidz

>around the globe

more like because there's thousands of years of geocentric astronomy of civilizations more advanced than us, and only a few hundred years of a heliocentric astronomic lie from the pagan catholic church.

and most scriptures across all religions, tend to indicate the earth is disc shaped, unmoving. with the sun and moon revolving around us

the earth is flat and we're in hell

shaq is still an "ok" nigger compared to most, stupid maybe but never saw him as aggressive nigga type

The bible has a flat earth, and so it must be true.


>the belief is circulating the NBA for some reason
>for some reason

Basketball players have to constantly bounce a ball on a flat surface to play well. Rounded curves can alter the bounce of the ball.

NBA players not only don't see rounded curves on the floor their entire lives, but they also mentally do not want to ponder the existence of non-flat surfaces as that would diminish their confidence while playing.

I bet shaq has within 5 IQ pts of an average white person.


inb4 free trip into outerspace to "prove" a point

Wait! Did Flat Earth get memed out of Sup Forums?

wew lad



How can the Earth be flat if ball is life?

because ball is illusion

He was being sarcastic, but you know that, you're just here to shill your shitty clickbait.

If the earth is flat, why can I sail from California to China, drive west and sail from the UK to New York. suck my dick flat earthers

>implying they aren't the same ranks

The Flat Earth is the truth the Jews want to hide from us. Their banking schemes can only work in a world where fools can believe the Earth is round.

Isnt Shaq a Mason? This probably some psyop

plus it can easily debunk Christianity and create a group of nihilistic people

Confirmed for black neo pagan


all the round-eathers stuck on the bench, they can't ball right

nonono watch more nasa goys the earth is clearly round!

Shaq is pretty based. He doesn't smoke crack or get into scandals every week, he just raises his kids, rides motorcycles, goes target shooting, and does volunteer/honorary police work.

I don't think he's much of an intellectual, but his moral character seem impeccable.

the same reason why sea levels are dropping in australia and rising the west

Yeah let me tell you the real shit nigga you see the earth be flat n shit and in the middle there be diss big asd three dat be Yggdrasil. Dem jew bois be trying to hide this from us by putting these fish lenses on dem planes.
Yeah and we wuz vaykangz n shit

He sounded sarcastic at first, but he kept saying it.. It was obviously not a joke.


where can i find more of this?

>for some reason

hmmmmm what could it be

or maybe they are uneducated niggers who are nothing but followers



the flat earth is a disk, not a sphere.
>what can I sail from California to China
>wut is a circle



can't believe people are retarded.


a flat disk still has an edge, that makes no sense. what's the theory behind satellite orbit in that case?

I've looked myself and I've never found anything, sorry. I got it off /sci/ if that helps. Check the archive maybe?

I can fly across Antarctica.

>i drive from coast to coast and it looks flat to me

Yes he will kill 6 Trillion Jews because he things earth is flat.

>a flat disk still has an edge, that makes no sense
it answers the question about how you can sail from cali to china

you know whats on that edge user? an Ice wall, and there are thousands of UN patrol boats guarding it, waiting to arrest anyone who wants to investigate

>If you dig below America upside down you will end up in CHINA with your body straight up?

NO you won't. We were lying just like with (((Darwinism)))

Fuck (((NASA)))

>believes in flat earth
>posts pic of earth spinning beneath the stars
>too retarded to realize how retarded he is

>still thinking the earth is round
HAHAHAAHHAHhahahahahhahahahahahahaahah Sup Forums never seizures to amazing me

I love the fact that people are downplaying these guys. "They're just kidding", "It's just sarcasm".

No. People are really fucking stupid. This isn't new.


tehse are the satellites you think are flying through space

yeah, and you'd reach one of the other continents outside the antarctic ice barrier

>linking jewsauce
can't believe you have the audacity to call other people retarded.

>you know whats on that edge user? an Ice wall, and there are thousands of UN patrol boats guarding it, waiting to arrest anyone who wants to investigate
>Haha jokes on you I was only pretending to be retarded


kill yourself.

>doesn't know anything about astronomy.

come back to me with pictures of the ice wall that supposedly isn't there

Auscucks gonna Auscuck

die in a fire.

Look at this: youtube.com/watch?v=4QvthaSbsiI

Charles Barkley is surely more intelligent than him and the average person (all people) and surely an outlier of black intelligence.

Wtf I hate reality now.

Fuck my PhD and working on sattelites n' sheet. This nigga got it down.

>>still thinking the earth is round
It is.

As probably the only individual here who's actually trained in Physics (PhD. in General Relativity), it's funny how this myth of the sphere earth has been promulgated by the elites to promote their globalist Marxist idea of cultural relativism that nobody is the center of the earth, every spot is just the same!

If you actually perform the GR calculations like I have, it comes out right away that a spherical earth is inherently unstable when rotating and the only solution to the rotation problem is a flat, disk shaped earth. But of course you'll never hear this in the """"""main stream media"""""" because they just read the propaganda sent to them by the globalist elite.

the sun and moon are only 4500 miles away, and 32 miles in diameter

>Asking me to prove his own opinion
>Thinking Game of Thrones is real life


>Around the globe

i know more than you...perhaps you can use your astronomical knowledge to explain to me why i can't see the Southern Cross, which is on your flag, from Mississippi but you can see it in Australia, and why I can see Polaris, but you cannot. what is the retard explanation for this?


Oh so is a disc square shaped then, you upsidedown nigger?

He's a Mason and it's a psyop.




>learning jew physics

Lorentz transformations are lies (literally, they have lie algebras)!

Non-commutativity is a myth promulgated by (((them))) to conflate computation with needless concerns like choice of geodesic for path integration.

Everything is an illusion! Take DMT! Etc...

>he doesn't know how to construct a disc from the limit of a large number of tiny straight line segments
Did you know that molecules are granular, not round, or did you happen to miss first year science?


because the whole galaxy is moving at the same speed. and further proof that the earth is a wobbling, spinning globe. the position of the stars does change by a slight but noticeable amount in a cyclic fashion.

This means the Harlem Globetrotters is a farce and they've been lying to me all this time! Muh childhood!

you obviously don't if you don't understand that the previous pic is mathematically impossible with the heliocentric theory

discoball. large room

inner circle *northern hemisphere" lights spin one way, outer circle southern hemisphere lights spin the other.

reprodicble no matter how large the room is, doable with a discoball, or disco mirror shaped like a disc

That's what I thought, so then we agree that discs aren't round, but rather shaped by squares, AND that 0.999...9 = 1. Thank you.

Those fraudsters!

And here I thought that was just field-of-view and why earth still looks (((flat))) from high altitudes.

Fuck geometry, topology, and all that kike math n sheet!

O-or maybe they are tall enough to see Earth is flat

Listen, jew, we were vanir and shit.

that is just nonsense. it only proves what a retard you are.

>American education
You can construct a circle out of hoizontal and vertical straight line segments which consequently leads to pi = 4 in that metric space since in the limit the circumference constructed of horizontal and verticle lines is larger than that of curved lines
i.e. you can construct a shape of curved lines, straight lines or any lines you want as long as they're small enough and they lead to the shape having different properties
But I guess they don't teach basic math in """"""""America""""""""

Fucking hell, what do you think the smallest "line" is? HELLO


you're the only idiot... like really.

also, please tell me why you flat earth retards all use a spherical projection for your retard map arguments. can't you retards make a flat earth map?

Flat earth makes more sense than round earth. Just like holohoax history will prove Shaq was right.

what did the UN mean by this?

Induction coils dog.. uses intense electrical field to heat metal efficiently and with convinient isolation of heat. Coils stay cool to touch because they are hollow copper pipe with water cooling. Machine is about 1500$ for a cheap one or you can diy.


I particularly like this bit of flat earth "proof"...the top photo of which clearly shows that the center of the essential red line is closer to the horizon than the ends.

the bible also said there was a massive flood and all animals around the world got on a boat in pairs to be saved. Anyone taking something as an absolute fact from a book without hard evidence is an idiot.

I watched Kazaam when I was a kid and I thought He was a cool nigg but now I see he is just another stupid fucking nigger

>basketball american intellectuals

It's also great because it ignores the fact that the distance visible is different.

At sea level the horizon is visible up to ~ 3 miles,
the Mt. Everest one is up to ~ 209 miles.

Further reading (assuming that anyone here reads): en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Horizon