Drumpf is finished

Drumpf is finished

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He reacted roughly the same as he did to the piss dossier hoax.



it's not looking good but wait for the investigation to end?



Why do shrills shrill so much?

Great job you posted a picture of a news article that I can't find, post link or it never happened.


Trump (the character) is based around success and not showing weakness.
He is "acting guilty" because he doesn't want to appear like the limp wristed faggot before him.

If Brian Beutler is a man, why is he such a pussy?

He's not. Look at Comey's body language yesterday.

Comey looks stressed out. Bags under his eyes got bigger. He looks like he lost weight or he wasn't wearing his body armor under the oversized shirt he was wearing.

FBI is also investigating Infowars for those alleged NSA leaks they were reporting on.

Operation Dragnet.

Wikileaks and others have proof the the US government was spying on Trump.

Comey brushes off Obama was directly involved but it's clear something was going on in the White House.

Comey also seemed to be protecting people in his statement.

He's protecting his agents or people he knew in the Obama administration.

Hell, Comey could be protecting Obama because he thinks its in the best interest of America 'cause he might wrongly think investigating Obama publicly could lead to a civil war or something.

I don't know.

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What a shitty op. He post a pic, writes a sentence and bails. Fucking fag op

Russiagate is a deep state leash.

They want to trick Trump into lying, so they can get him on some bullshit perjury charge about eating a corn beef sandwich instead of a ham sandwich.

As long as the investigation is open, Trump and his people have to behave like angels and monks.

They can only fuck their wives. Can't smoke weed. Can't watch porn of any kind, etc.

It's blackmail and harassment.


No one in the Trump administration can watch porn, even legal porn.

They don't want to jerk it some bitch that was 17.5 years old and then have the FBI railroad them on kiddy porn.

The only sex they can have is straight sex with their opposite gender spouses in the missionary position.

And they better get their wives to beg for the penis all throught intercourse so the FBI and Democrats don't cook up spousal rape charges.

Every weak some Obama mole will walk into Trumps office and be like....

"Have you been a good boy? We're watching... "

is that putin in the gif?

>acting """guilty"""

Rape guidance for Police in my country says that if a man is calm and is able to coherently explain that he didn't rape anyone, then that supports the notion that he is a rapist.

Acting """guilty""" is just however someone you've decided is guilty is acting.


prove that the article is wrong

Shut up nigger

He used verbal gymnastics to wiggle out of the question.

He only said that if any wiretaps happened, they weren't legal. He doesn't know of any legal wiretaps ordered directly by Obama.

"Don't look at me. Don't know anything. Didn't see anything. "

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