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>multiculturalism works, we just have to constantly hand out cartoons to migrants to remind them to not commit crimes

This us what SJWs meant by "teach men not to rape"

Why did everything changed to the worse?
I want my comfy Year 2010 back

You’re one year too late.

>the hand is a only few shades darker than the girl's skin, but just enough to he noticilable

Subtle but effective

"teach brown men not to rape"

>Don't let their own women show their ankles
>Have no problem groping every Western woman they see
One of the many reasons people hate Muslims.

Shame grandpa is dead, he would love to see how you shit ppl have fallen (he was in a forced work camp during the war)

Western women are seen as whores and get treated as such. If they could rape them before stoning them like they do back home to their whores, they would

>not wearing a swimming hijab
Theyre asking for it

> so hygenic

they should ban bikini desu
shit is making me horny

>white hand, white girl


yeah, stop it ethnic germans!

(exact same shit happens in Sweden, like clockwork)

maybe if those whores covered their ankles they wouldn't grope them, those sluts deserve this

I'm not so sure he would be happy with all this shit happening everywhere in Europe.

Here's a readable bersion of OPs pic

Note how all of the people doing anything harassing are brown muzzies, and the white characters are just reminded to only jump into deep enough water or not to wear non-swimming clothes

>allowing men and women to swim in the same pool

shit I didn't know you had to take a shower before swimming kek

No diving into the pussy

If they flood my country and muhammed so much as gets near my mother I swear I'm going to bash his skull in

How the fuck do dirty arabs even fucking communicate to german whites? Inviting people to your country who dont speak your language is the dymbest fucking idea in mankinds history.

It's ok Achmed, you don't have to wipe your ass after taking a shit either, the swimming pool water will wash it all away anyways

what the fuck, 12 is just like spitting directly into our faces. how stupid do they think we are?

i can't believe people didn't purge this establishment yet


Did it work

wtf we muslim always use water to wipe our ass and dick
unlike you whitey who only smear your shit until it barely visible with toiletpaper

Didn't they try "don't grope" wristbands, and then the rapefugees just stole the wristbands of the girls they groped?
Or was that sweden?

I'm gonna need a quick rundown on no.5 and no.9

That's because you don't have toilet paper in your beduin tribes and would rather waste water on your dick that to drink it and prolong your worthless and shitty life.

requesting webm of muslim man wiping his ass on communal water fountain then drinking from it

it's about their inability to create a properly working drainage system

N° 5
Take care, especially with children and older people around

N° 9
No matter the clothing a woman is wearing, she has to be respected

>Fur Nichtschwimmer ist Wasser gefaehrlich!
Oh yeah, I'll just go take a dip in the deep end even though I can't swim, that just makes sense.

>No matter the clothing a woman is wearing, she has to be respected

but what does number 8 say then?

are females exempt from the rules? what the fuck


i fucked half swedish population by just telling them that i was muslim and i wasn't natural blonde . best vacation ever, btw did i tell you that i am half nigger ?

I think 8 is about you not going swimming without a swimsuit

Thank you Austria friend

so women can be dressed in whatever, but men has to wear swimwear

thats misandry

Do Muslims go swimming in their underwear often enough to warrant a sign?


swedish girls are whores, you deserve to be outbred by superior black genes, me and my black friends contribute in that

Swimming baths lol
Also really old news so polite sage

How do these shitskins have the confidence to grope white women in bathing suits?

I can't even make eye contact with women

I want that job.

There are multiple swimsuit choices for women and men.
Are you retarded?

cuz they are superior black guyz and you are filthy white faggot

>captions in deustch
>speech bubbles in english

Go get crushed by Russia

they're animals that need "corrected"

How many levels of irony has the "[country] YES!/NO!" meme achieved? I am honestly not sure whether OP is saying "Germany yes!" in earnest, or if he's being ironic. It could go both ways.

>How do these shitskins have the confidence to grope white women in bathing suits?

because they know they'll get away it

you want that ? if that happens we just migrate to sweden and outbred you until you become black like us, we love your *aryan blonde blue eyed pale skinned hitler loved* gurls, we will make them nigger tier shitskinned.

>This comes after migrants were banned from a historic swimming bath in Germany after a gang of men were caught on camera masturbating in a hot tub and sexually assaulting women.

>Several other men were seen 'emptying their bowels' in the children's end of the main swimming pool at the Johannisbad baths in Zwickau, Saxony.

Old news but Jesus Christ.


Not if you all die, Russia seems pretty good at crushing ants

>in a language other than English

But what is a poor migrant supposed to do when he finds himself in a sexual emergency?

Fuck mudslimes. I'm a debt collector and I called one today. He just started screaming at me, and when I told him I'd document his cease request he kept calling my office. The asshole literally kept calling in. Fuck muslims.

How do animals have the confidence to shit in public?

Come on guys, I'm sure they will assimilate soon enough!

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ahahahahahah you are silly goose, there can not be total destruction of nation unless other's are driven by hatred not by politics. if it's so hard to understand u fat sven google chechnya war.
about chechnya war, half chechen population migrated to europe, that means if we get rekt we willa come to sweden and outbreed you to nigger level, yummy* russia attack me please.
did i forget to mention that i am a muslim tho ? well now you know, if allah wills it i will outbreed your kafir gurls

You have to wear swim clothes, not underwear.

the difference being??

number 9 islamclothes doesn't look like swimwear

I can't scream loud enough "Just kick them out!"

So, I'll just sit here and watch as more of their people are raped and murdered. I really, really think Germany is going to have another Reich, and I'm almost certain that nobody will say shit about it this time around.

I'm glad I'm in America and I won't have to see this refugee garbage under Trump.

Anyone have a full resolution pic of the leaflet? I want to see just how much they have to remind shitskins about.

don't just ignore me u kafir bastard i declared jihad on ur girls, and allah wills it i wll do it ! takbir.

gtfo u terrorist prick
fucking dumb democrat
hitler was austrian
wilders just lost you cuck
up the ra faggot
i trolled u enough
winter war was a lie

>I'm glad I'm in America and I won't have to see this refugee garbage under Trump
Who needs refugees when we have niggers

Dont play dumb with me you cheeky fucking swede-cuck.

showing her feets

i don't understand why are muslims so privileged, why don't you try to culturally assimilate them. key word is assimilate not integrate.

Fuck off rare flag.

I'm not a democrat, rare flag cuck
That's our own separate problem. They aren't refugees, but we would've done better to send them all off to Africa back when Jefferson told us to.

I mean, we would've done better, but they would've been murdered like the others we sent back to Africa. Blacks in the US are different than blacks in Africa, slavery was a mistake because it's extremely difficult for us to live together.

>Yes means Yes

>that 7th panel

These poor emaciated dream-fugees come from a wartorn country. Respect the fact that they have sexual emergencies, you racist Nazi fucks. And yes that includes molesting children. You don't want to be Islamophobic now do you?

Whatever you say, I know Russia is itching to try out their new satan 2 bomb on any willing country. Judging by the size of Georgia there wont be anything but a smoldering hole left. if there is anything left of you, well then you are welcome to come, SD is coming to power next election and then we will fire up our gaschambers and we'll be needing participants

>people need instructional guides to know to not grope women

Seriously what the FUCK? Are these people even human?

>has 5 crosses in flag
>gets called cuck by potato nigger and democrat cunt




You're real proud of that VPN, aren't you Muhammad?

>implying there are any georgia vpn providers.
haha we and russians are friendly between each other don't mind politics lol. you can't find russians/georgians that hate each other except neo nazi groups. actually we love russians so much taht we have already given them 2 rulers 1st destroyed swedish cuck empire - king peter. and other destroyed germanic cucks - Stalin.
when we give them third ruler, there will be no sweden hehehehe


2008 says otherwise.
That time Russia put their boot all over you.
You are on their leash, get out of line and they will pull it again.

every time russia attacks us we give them new ruler, so was during stalin, stalin became in charge of soviet union after russia invaded us in 1921. so averagely after 15-20 years of our invasion by russians, russia reks cuck germanic countries. tfw by 2035 russian troops in stockholm and instead of 10k mass rapes like in berlin there will be 1 mln massrapes and you for real will be shitskins for the rest of ur lives.

>when the hand is white not brown


That's literally cultural genocide, you're forcing the destruction of native migrant culture through the guise of 'assimilation'.

oh hai jonny

not assimilation, but integration. do you even know what assimilation knows ye black an tans bastard ? gtfo from ireland u son of a iron lady, margaret thatcher was a whore. T.A.L

At least you are human because you have the human trait of being shy. Animals don't feel shy and will do whatever the fuck they want and are purely instinct driven.

Did you give them a ruler in 2008 too? Or did you just let them gently step on you?
You have nothing left to give.
There is nothing left of value too keep.
Also, you seem proud to be on the loosing end, good luck with that.

so all alpha males are animals as well ?

Is this literally Comic Sans?

man i will be proud when i will serve unde Lt. General Tukhachevsky's federation guard's 1st unit which will conquer stockholm in matter of hours in 16th december 2037. and after that we will get our just prize, unlimited swedish qt-s to outbreed to shitty skin.

bantz me next pls

Alpha white males still have impulse control and don't do shit like groping strangers in public

Conviniently ignored 2008 when Slavs made you shit blood in only three days, mkay.