War with North Korea

So Sup Forums supports war with Korea now because Trump wants it?

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Sup Forums has always wanted war with Best Korea.
In other words, kys shill fag


It's a war we can win and it's a war that would benefit us. Why wouldn't we support it?

Trump is a war mongering lunatic. Time to impeach this guy.

Because it's a nuclear armed puppet state. China can con them into nuking anyone and claim they dindu nuffin.

>nuclear state
>As of 2016, with 5,889,000 paramilitary personnel, it is the largest paramilitary organization on Earth. This number represents 25% of the population.


IF ONLY he were that great. And then there's this shill OP having to reply to his own thread because no one commented. Also sagerino

>Bomb the shit out of them
I love Trump more and more every day.


You also like Bush.

>8 years later
>Sup Forums will claim they never supported Trump!

>can't let this guy get the nuclear codes




Sup Forums has never given a shit about North Korea. If America wanted to we could defeat North Korea within a week.

I support Best Korea

Like you did with Vietnam?

Don't the Chinese have NK's back?

Shut up, ya dumb faggot. North Korea wants to survive intact despite what they say. You're one of the stupid niggers that believes their bullshit about muh nukes muh Japan.


Why drunken apes? Does North Korea generally find sober apes acceptable to fuck?

Unlike Middle Eastern sandpits the Jews want destroyed, a North Korea armed with nuclear missiles is actually a threat to the United States.


We have the technology to wipe these dirt farmers out without even setting a foot on their soil now.

Unlike vietnam, there is a clear and central government to target. It would be cake.

They pull their missile systems with tractors we gave them for agricultural aid, for fucks sake

nuke those bug eating gooks, along with china as well.

only libtards are scared of nuclear war. America has never lost a war and we never will you fucking ctr shill.


China have the backs of those that buy their shit

Only because they don't want us military sitting on their border like they would if Korea was unified under South Korean government.

As if every administration doesn't pull this troop movement shit bit don't get it blasted like teenage girls on twatter. Then they try to portray Trump as having a mental breakdown. Fuck the left. Fuck the right. Trump.

Some of us always wanted to see the world burn. Just part of the plan. ;)

You mean like last time? Back when it was post ww2 equipment USA and its allies vs a bunch of korean and chinese farmers?

For 3 years.

Ending in a stalemate.

Implying it wouldn't turn into a proxy war for China. They would not allow unchecked US aggression on its boarder. Also implying that NK posturing isn't at the direct request of the Chinese to occupy and draw US activities away from the South China Sea.

>Sup Forums will claim they never supported Trump!

I would laugh my ass off if that actually happens

The good news is that North Korea would nuke the west coast.

>I would laugh my ass off if that actually happens

time traveler user

......LET'S DO IT!

Fuck you, we have to nuke Seoul.

Acceptable losses.

>be america
>spend trillions on military and defence spending
>repeat for half a century
>amass the largest and strongest military in the world
>amass the largest nuclear arsenal in the world
>can't take out a single asian shithole with a gdp the size of a small city and no substantive miltiary force except some dingy piece of shit 'icmbs' that are incapable of farting their way half the distance to any US land

fucking pussies, fighting decentralized underarmed haji's for a decade is more your thing lmao

We've been training for this and its been told that we're going to face a Japanese like mentality. They will not surrender.

Don't forget, the big wigs are looking to go all in if there is a war with best korea. Expect carpet bombings and amphibious lands because some crusty old fucks want to pretend they are fighting in the 1950s.

>shit-talking any other nation

>Everyone will forget about this sensationalist garbage in a week.

>be Canadian
>insulting any other nation
>your culture is literally nothing, and are irrelevant to the point it hurts, your countries only culture is in Quebec, and it's just French Culture.

>shit-talking any other nation

don't make me call north korea to kick your ass you fucking pussy

china puts everyone who escapes from NK in prison forever

Goddamn right we do.

Can you imagine Sup Forums if Trump nuked Pyongyang?
9001 It's happening threads with 2-3 replies each.

wtf are you talking about, he wants it? kill yourself.

fuck off shariablew

Well looks like shills have taken over another free speech true american bastion falls to the evils of the left and their idol Bernie Sanders. Goodbye forever pol I won't be coming back. I hope all you antifa shits enjoy your next conquest and all the good, true right wingers still here f you, because you are all complacent in aiding and abetting the enemy.

>poisonous fish-wife
double kek! It'll be sad when we wipe these bant masters off the planet.


>but mom i'm afraid of the short chubby man with an army of anemic unarmed untrained citizens

The second Kimmy fires off a shot it'll be an actual race to see who glasses that country first.
Everybody is eyeing that clay. Nobody is actually an ally. And China is getting really hungry.

holy numbers confirm

repeating numbers confirm, Vietnam days are coming


Their nuclear infrastructure is heavily fortified underground.

btw, you faggots could literally block out the sun using fighter jets that cost more per jet than the annual gdp of that shithole

I guess it's true that it doesn't matter the size of the gun but the size of the man holding it; you're all just too big of a pussy to actually use the weapons you've gone into debt to attain; you're all bark hoping that you'll never have to actually bite

Could you imagine the left's reaction if nuclear arms were used? There'd be enough salt to melt Antarctica on twitter alone.

I dont think thats an official twitter. Im pretty sure its a britfag LARPing. He used to post videos on liveleak all the time.

Leafman, your tanks have license plates. When your country actually has something to bring to the table please talk. Otherwise go back to the kiddy table.

most of my population eat rats off of streets, but at least i called him "buffon"

drumpf btfo

He's just mad that they mostly only things they can really bring to the table are whining and faggotry.

It's called fighting wars of attrition. The strongest military this world may ever know controlled by limped wristed pansies with ulterior motives on top of 0 clear ploitical objectives. We now have the leadership in place to do what must be done, complete and total annihilation of the enemy


>there are retarded amerifags on here RIGHT NOW who will defend Trump's choice of Tillerson as Secretary of State
You guys are aware that the man was like 20% responsible for the Iraq occupation going on as long as it did?

fucking lol that is the best banter I've ever read

naw senpai, its called asymmetrical warfare and its the reason your trillion dollar military-industrial complex lost to a few illiterate haji's with 30 year old ak-47s

i'm lmaoing at your military life right now

o i am laffin

>c-c-china -i-s -is it o-okay if i-if w-we maybe stop against the country thats threatening to nuke us?

theres a word for that; i think it rhymes with yuck, i'll just ask the nsa to look through your email for craigslist messages and i'm sure i'll find it

I honestly wouldn't be surprised if you did. You probably do have family down there, chink.

Those who live in glass houses shouldn't cast stones, DeShawn

Congratulations on being the 1000000th person to post about glass houses today!
Look down the barrel and pull the trigger to claim your prize!

shut the fuck tyrone or i'll tell my dad to buy your house

How about letting the NK people free from the rule of that tyrant family and let them reuinte with ther relatives and family memebers from the south?

I mean Trump is the only American president who would be able to achieve it.
Chinese won't do shit if he steps back with his measures against China and Russians are on good enough terms with him to let go of a loose gun like NK.
Previously there was a strategic interest against a unified Korea opposed by all sides because of their strategic value.
If the Russians cooperate with the Americans this stalemate can be solved.
Face it. This is the first chance we have for Korea to finally unify.

What dad?

I personally don't but Im fairly certain war with Russia and China is inevitable

I've always supported war with Korea, ever since I was 11 and saw how their government treats its people and how much they hate America. Even a child can understand that Korea is an enemy. Lolberals are dumber than children.

>being this butthurt
Now don't go out and commit a robbery, Tyrone

Great! You can be in the vanguard.

good luck talking to him without getting your ass beat for getting a B+ on your spelling test

jesus christ i didn't know it was this bad

dad is man Deshawn, man who stay with family and provide money and food and love

Pol wasn't around in 2003 and in general has been against or war footing

The problem with war in the Middle East is we aren't fighting them to win we are keeping this perpetual low simmer of war and its fucking stupid

Go in; level the place; then come home

We haven't done that in 75 years and we haven't really won a war in 75 years

Was he the one guy trying to get shit done while the neocons and lolberals obstructed like they always do?



Also no one gives a shit that the US literally nukes japan twice less than a century ago; and no one gives a shit that Bush started a pointless war that cost trillions - history has a way of rewriting itself and forgiving/rewarding the aggressor.

>waaaaaah war scares me and makes me pee pee so I project my cowardice onto others
Don't worry Canada, we'll protect you like always. You don't have to sacrifice a single thing to keep your freedom. Sweet deal.

Idk if they'll ever acquire the technology to hit the US with an ICBM, but if they do it's only a matter of time before their already batshit crazy glorious god leader wakes up one day and decides nuclear war is a good idea. Fuck those crazy bastards.

Meant for

Kimmy Un is a puppet for the North Korean military. And the North Korean military are basically gangsters, who talk big but ultimately just want to keep their place on top of their rotting country. N.Korea will never start a war. If it does, it's probably a false flag by the CIA, like the Gulf of Tonkin.

Don't ever fucking (you) me again you piece of shit

You do realize the Korean War never really ended, right?

nuclear war kills everyone dumbfuck

It has nothing to do with North Korea the issue is russia and china (allied to North Korea)

They both border Korea and they don't want a us leaning state on their borders

They invaded Georgia, Ukraine and now Syria all to prevent the increase of us influence in "their" sphere of influence

That's the problem

Also it will be very violent and will probably result in lots of damage to Seoul, the west has become weak and decedent and doesn't know how to take a punch

Go study some history

This can't be a real account

Wars have been started for less.

They won't launch an icbm at the US, it would be suicide. He cray cray but probably not suicidal.

>ameriniggers are so filled with African rage that they can't even use Sup Forums correctly

I'd only support war on NK if China agreed with it. That will never happen so no, fuck NK just let Kim Jong Un die of diabetes while his subjects starve.