Hello welcome to Starbucks what can I get you?

>hello welcome to Starbucks what can I get you?

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>implying I would even enter that anti white kike store

Chai Java chip, vente and make it decaf


O-oh h-hey I'm a refugee. Can I have a-all the m-money in your cash registers?

A large double double please

A free drink coupon, you have given my friend diarrhea. He asked for soya but you gave him without soya.

Make it 2 coupons cuz he is black and oppressed.

Enjoy the 3 day ban, you've earned it!

medium hot chocolate

can I get a cup of SAGE

I'm sorry I thought this was a coffee shop.

Oh yes. Can I get one side of white genocide, two sides of bull preps, and four of those mass immigrations, please? Thank you.

Wait.. is that Michelle Fields?

I did that once and they looked at me like Im retarded.

I was only there because there wasnt a Hortons anywhere around

my tax money back

i don't drink sugared water thank you

>Ah yes, can I have some pieces ple-

Uh for you to move up to a different job you dumb bitch. How old are you? 28? Why the fuck are you still doing a minimum wage job? See, that's the problem, you dumb fucks continue to hog these jobs making it harder for us young adults to get a job while in school or to get the experience needed to move on to a better job. Fuck you, and fuck your coffee. You look like a fucking washed up Jennifer Carpenter you dumb cunt. Why don't you just become a stay at home mom? Oh what's that? You don't have a husband? Is it because you were swallowing loads of semen during your younger years? Here is a tip for you, go vertical not horizontal you subhuman.

I unironically agree with this post.


Well you are retarded, Charles.

Daily reminder to treat your local Starbucks employees like this

All those jobs will be gone within 5 years anyway. A machine will be making your shitty coffee and burgers. At least it'll be consistent.

Latte, Venti, yeah the biggest one. Also, can you give me a panini too? Thanks. How much it'll be?

>autists will criticise this


>actual coffee
pick one

>going to starcucks

I work at Starbucks

Automation means young people won't be working those jobs, anyway.

why don't you kill yourself?

>"your name?"

Your number.

>Paying $10 for coffee

No thanks

A job blease I am beaceful refugee

> Not buying a coffee for $1 less at the local gas station

Every few days a thread about the mermaid opening her legs.

pol is being pushed around.

Shultz would shit

I'd like some tea from Ceylon, if you please Madame.

>15 stars until you earn a cuck shed

Do you serve tea?

$1 less, huh? With the competition around here between Kwik-trip, SuperAmerica and Holiday, every station has really great fresh coffee for around 69ยข, while Starbucks and Caribou are around $4.

My gf cried the other week after she got laid off from her work at starbucks, she misses speaking to her gay coworker, fucking JUST

Idk but I'm tempted

your mouth on my dick and make it quick

If you want coffee make it yourself
Starbucks only sells liquis deserts disguised as coffee. Shit'll make you fat

Directions to Tim Horton's

well your country is the nation of cucks so i'm not suprised

>turn 360 degrees
>walk out door
>go to comfy dunkin donuts instead
>full of working class people instead of cucked city retards

Starbucks is such overrated shit. I can make the same thing for like $0.50

>double double

Do you mean four shots of espresso?