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Remember the Pueblo!!

that's pyongyang, where all the upper class live

by the way, children will play and have fun in any environment

Have we been lied to by our western imperialist masters?


t. shlomo

>Sup Forums will defend this

nice shoop bro

by the way, the people outside that tiny white speck (which is the majority of the population) live in absolute poverty and sometimes have to eat rats to survive
>its a conspiracy!!1!1

>implying this wasn't setup for the tourists

Read Dear Leader you fkin shitheads.
Kim needs to burn on a stake. All commies need to burn on a stake.

Famine caused by economic sanctions of the united nations and usa, how is it different from cuba for example?


>upper class

nice try shlomo

What is wrong with a lack of light pollution and people sleeping at night instead of engaging in degeneracy?

>kids have no toys
>no computer
>no cartoons
>everyone basically hangs around at a fucking square
Low IQ commie idiots defend this.
Not to mention, it's the capital, those are all children of government workers and government workers themselves; the majority of the population of North Korea is in rural and even poorer.

except sanctions have only been in place since they started threatening to nuke everybody, what were they doing up until then? the famine happened during the 90s and other countries provided aid
that's what always happens in "communist" countries, social hierarchy is innate in humanity and you can't get away from it
they're peasants who live in squalor and don't even have electricity

I love the "everyone outside Pyongyang lives in darkness forever!" meme

Truly makes my neurons fire faster.

Putting aside that it's how all of humanity lived for tens of thousands of years and billions of people outside of the DPRK still live, it's not even true. Major cities besides Pyongyang do still access to electricity at night.

Watch, this is the hell of "OUTSIDE PYONGYANG":


Exclusive hidden cam footage!! You'll never see this on Jewish fake news. That is the city of Wonsan in which 300,000 Koreans live and thrive in happiness without Somali refugees raping and beheading them.


>no computer
>no cartoons
those things are bad for children though, they should go out and play instead of sitting in front of a tv or monitor

>they can go to the beach!!!
>capitalism BTFO eternally
A little detail left out is that a couple miles from there, in their capitalist counterpart territory, lies one of the most advanced cities of mankind:
>reddit spacing
Really makes me think.

WOW goyim look at all that material success hehe envious yet? Yea sure southern Korea is becoming a rootless mongrelized mixed-race society without national identity just like the West but at least they have lots of money. Don't you love money goy?

DPR Koreans value blood and soil over the Jewish God of Mammon. It's better to sacrifice material wealth for racial survival and purity.

It's a world in itself. Communism does that I guess.

It freezes things over until materialism and degeneracy eventually prevail.

>It's a world in itself. Communism does that I guess.
Nationalism does that. That's why a nationalistic world would be a lot more diverse than a brown globalized mess.

That's true, communism is just the most recent example and NK the only one left around.

This is how life looks like without internets.

Well, the tourists came so authorities could just force citizens to pretend happiness
btw what's the name of best korean equivalent of nkvd?

>this level of autism
>money is wealth. It is work produced. It is quality of life
>the whole purpose of having racial homogeneity is to have a prosperous society, when your society is shit and people have to work 8 hours a day to get food, have no personal computer, no internet, no hobbies; it defeats the whole purpose of even giving a shit about race.
>it's like killing a patient in order to do an organ transplant
And at last, but not least
>north koreans are mixed with chinese and are a mongrelized collectivist race
So much for muh race purity.

ur a fucking idiot. wonsan is one of the bigger cities and tourist area and to top it off u linked a propaganda video. also when the fuck was that video made? the 80's? their gdp was not so different than the south at that time...

hey ahmed shouldnt u be raping a pure aryan QT right now?

Why would anyone want to live in ANY Korea?

Last I checked you faggots have some of the most censored media on the planet, along with it being a crime to badmouth your government, and being unable to do a lot of things (public displays of affection, etc).

idk i dont want to live here??? but dont talk shit like DPRK is some socialist paradise and the 'jews' have been lying to you this whole time.

>some of the most censored media on the planet
>a crime to badmouth your government
>being unable to do a lot of things (public displays of affection, etc)
Bullshit. America is WAY more restrictive about the small-scale stuff. Guns aside, ironically, S. Koreans enjoy ~10x the personal freedom of Americans. Drinking is legal anywhere, as is public drunkenness, which is so common no one bats an eye. Stores sell liquor 24 hours a day and bars never have to close. Prostitution of every stripe is not only de facto legal, but men are expected to partake in it regularly. S. Korean police are actually there to help citizens rather than hunt them down. Even the prisons are among the most civilized on earth. You have absolutely no idea what you're talking about

Unless I'm mistaken, you're not allowed to kiss your girlfriend/wife in any prolonged manner in South Korea while in public, and you guys have had multiple incidents of being arrested for viewing Japanese animated porn, along with anything your government considers "indecent".

On a side note, public drunkenness is a safety hazard most of the time, due to dumbfucks picking fights or stumbling into traffic.

I'll cop to the illegal porn shit, but you'll never get a ticket for kissing your fucking girlfriend (that's mostly a cultural norm anyway- Koreans don't do the touchy-feely shit in public).

However hazardous, public drunkenness is so ingrained in the social structure that everything has adapted around it (such that the stumbling into traffic thing is rare- but traffic is a completely different animal here anyway). Fights, when they do occur, are hilarious sissy slap-fights heavy on the screaming and light on actual contact, and no one ever gets arrested for fighting unless they're subhuman foreigners.

>Fights, when they do occur, are hilarious sissy slap-fights heavy on the screaming and light on actual contact

Drunk fights tend to involve a gun or blunt object like a bat over here, thus we don't tolerate that shit at all. At the very least, fists and a barchair or two will fly. There's no "sissy slap-fights" here.

>Drunk fights tend to involve a gun or blunt object like a bat
Fuck that shit. I'd assume fights are rare then at least (excluding enriched zones/Worldstar staging grounds)

The video just got SHUT DOWN.


Outside of some idiot punk kid trying to bother a rather intimidating dude at a bar, it rarely happens. The enriched individuals do their own shit that I'm not aware of since I have none in my area.

Did anyone save it

video got shut down
i wonder (((what))) could've happened

Wait guys i can still play this video via the Sup Forums embed.

Would anyone like me to record it?

Also tell me good video sharing site other then jewtube to post it

The guy who shot it got butthurt that others were uploading and "taking his views".


>Sup Forums will defend the (((sanctions))) that cause this

Looks like I'm late to the party