Why niggers have to be like this? Why don't they want the world see them in positively...

Why niggers have to be like this? Why don't they want the world see them in positively, like why can't they just calm down, start to build human societies and stop behaving like bunch of savages.

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Because they are savages.

Why haven't pigs colonized? Why haven't apes?

They are instinctively savage, and fully instinctual beings. You cannot change biology.


Perpetually warm climates like Africa don't cull people who are only fixated on gratifying immediate desires.

I remember reading about an anthropologist asking a tribe why they walked miles to collect wild fruit instead of setting up an orchard outside their town. They told him it was because they'd all be dead by the time the orchard was ready.

>Because they are savages.

Says the phoneposter.

But blacks too are humans, or at least supposed to be, they can speak and think so you would expect that they have free will too, like what is the purpose to have some civil wars all the time and eat people and rape and shit like that, even animals are more organized

Blacks are literally a different species from other humans. If you look at genetic evidence the rest of humanity is one species with divergence not that long ago, while blacks are different enough that they would be classified as a different species (ala dogs and wolves) were it not for ideology.

Conflict among tribal groups. The genetic diversity in Africa is greater than in Europe. This diversity causes conflict. A prolonged period of peace is necessary for societal development on par with Europe and East Asia.

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pick one.

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This is patently untrue. I sincerely hope you don't hold any sort of authority or position of power.

you want to know the sick but true answer to the question of your pic (from the mind of a democrat of course)?

Government. It is government's job to force those two things into equilibrium. The reason socialism never has and never will work is because you are correct, it is a pick one scenario. Or at least one has to have majority over the other.

>Blacks are a different species
>This is patently untrue

Oh boy kid, you've got a lot of learning to do.


Get started.

They need to go trough a world war first

They aren't able to. It's beyond their skill set.

Fun fact. I'm in liberia right now...


This means blacks never had to develop forward looking thinking skills (pre-frontal cortex) to grow food for themselves.
Unlike cold climates which require planning for the winter, hot climates have food all year around.

What's the difference between Africa, South-America and South-East Asia?
They all have warm climates and lots of food growing in the wild.

Africa just happens to be black while the other two aren't.
Climate isn't an excuse.

how many dead bodies do you step over on your way to the shitting beach?


how much does it cost to fuck a 8-13yo in there?


All those warm countries have lower intelligence than colder, more northern countries.

I don't believe you.

Tree fiddy.

Honestly though, I'm not going to even try venturing too far from this place I'm staying. I rode to the grocery the other day and it's your typical third world shittiness.

It's kind of weird how cold some of these people are. They speak English and understand you but can be rude as fuck or just seem cold and uncaring about whatever. Nobody I've seen walking around has a smile or anything. I can imagine having to live here sucks ass.

>But blacks too are humans

Typical Argentinian pedo faggot.

Falklands are rightful British clay.

This video makes me want to vomit.

Because they're not human

Post pics

>Oy Vey!!! Now these look like the type of people we want to import into Europe and the United States!!! The way they chop people up... *tear runs down kike nose*... they are future doctors and surgeons!!!

That's okay because you're a pussy faggot leaf.


just because you added that hyperbolic prefix does not add gravitas to your "rebuttal"

True West/Sub Saharan Africans have ZERO Neanderthal DNA... none. It's a bloody miracle we don't have sterile offspring when interbreeding with them

Do they speak like African Americans or do they have the Hollywood-style African accent?

>just calm down

The original people in southern parts of Asia were black (not African, but Asian black and Australoids) the mongoloids came there later also in South America the natives haven't been long enough to evolve even darker skin than what they have now

I don't know. Ask your sister how much she usually earns.

They've had to adapt to ~3000 years of progress being forced on them in the space of a century. To be frank, most of them simply aren't ready for civilisation.

Read it and weep you cuck.

If you have seen blood diamond they sound like those RUF rebel guys. It's like english, plus their African slang, with a thick accent. It's funny to listen to.

Btw, got a cigarette for me, bru?

only normies get salty about malvinas

post pics of liberia you faggot

Fuck yeah, bong bro. Anglo-American imperium shall erase the argentine shit stain from the face of the earth.

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Well that's wrong European countries have been fighting and changing for melania

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Nigger, youve seen machu picchu, mayan pyramids or the south east asian temples. Were switzerland compared to sub-saharan africa.

Without mass introduction of black genes in western civilization. How long would it take for whites to evolve to the point where they're unable to breed with african blacks?

How long do we have to block the Africa to cause two different species evolving from humans?

>when different subspecies are more genetically diverse than some species but somehow this means they cant produce fertile offspring
Some people are fucking retarded

>Can hear "WORLD STAR!!" in my head, watching this