What is wrong with this country?

What is wrong with this country?

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Is that even legal?


This isn't real, it just can't be

lol i'm not gonna defend them but i'm pretty sure such speciments exist on both sides


>destined to a life of....

I was going to say failure but they actually grow up to be alphas and make tons of cash... rewarded by a society that's based off looks... and not talent.

It's probably a fake tattoo
Your skin is all red and swollen and bleeding after a real one

they aren't real... it's spray painting.

pretty sure those are temporary and this is a slide thread

nice try

it's henna

Looks like its airbrushed on
That kid would be crying and it would be red and bloody

You Finns are as obsessed with that video as you are of cleaning.

must be fake tattoo, i refuse to believe that would actually be legal..

it just airbrushing

its fake tattoos applied to hospitalized kids to make their stay somewhat more pleasant. Idiots.

Jesus Christ

Cant be real tattoos
Imagine they get older, the tattoo would look horribly out of shape.
No tattoo artist would do that, and probably no parent in their right mind too.

Fucking airbrush, but still degenerate in the making

Fake as shit, but they'll probably end up with real ones anyhow since they're being raised by pieces of shit.


Pretty sure it's spray on.

Just look at the design; it's fuzzy. I would be upset if the artist gave much such shoddy service.

tattooed children apparently


>Still falling for the divide and conquer meme
Whites are clearly the best race, as demonstrated here.

These are temporary air brush tattoos

I've been looking for someone that will tat my seven year old boy. Source?!??

Aren't those tats gonna be really stretched out after puberty? How does that work exactly?

What talents do you have that society should "reward" you for, because your post implies you don't have the looks?

how fucking dumb are you guys its drawn on or airbrush, look close

wouldn't actual tattoos just look like shit when they grow up?

It's a Kiwi that entertains sick kids with temp tattoos.


Thank Allah

Mom, this isn't facebook.
And those tats aren't real.
Please stop posting.


The fact that most of us thought it was plausible for this to be real just shows how far we've degenerated as a society. I've seen so much crazy shit that I wouldn't find it surprising at all

Which eye should I scoop out first?

Pretty sure that's airbrushed and not actually tattoed.

Judging by your OP, women trying to make their kids look like the man who left them is a problem.

>The fact that most of us thought it was plausible for this to be real just shows how far we've degenerated as a society.
No, it demonstrates how much of your brain has rotted trying to justify the behavior of Republicans.

Yes because their skin will stretch out.

Its a fkn airbrush dum cunts. Drumphnts.



>The fact that most of us thought it was plausible for this to be real just shows how Sup Forums is so gullible it will fall for any clickbait


fake and faggot

this. retards.

Nothings wrong with your country, it's functioning just the way its meant to be

>has a team to wash his rigor mortis off his decaying body

>no one is stopping that fat cow from eating

just stop feeding him. he'll survive for a long time.

things that trigger pol




Fucking hell man....

yeah that cuntry is top. Which one is it? Looks like Japan.


It's obviously sprayed on paint, temporary for fun.

Rich parents raise bratty kids these days. Money will be gone and they will be in the trailer park in 2 generations.



I actually gagged. Fucking shoot that fuck

muh genetics

They aren't following white culture, they are following black/Latino ghetto culture. White people who do this usually have confused identities, low IQs, and very little cash.

Someone needs to let these people know that small children are not dolls or toys.

oh you finnish bastard

They are fake tats for kids in the hospital. Fuck off you baiting fucktard.

at least they aren't sagging their pants, listening to rap and speaking in ebonics

Jesus Christ

Yes, because we don't see more legitimate degeneracy than this on full display from the left, all day every day.

kys plebbitfag


It's a statement, even kids can look like fags.

IQ is heritable.

West European history is about suppressing the lower classes reproduction.. unforntuatly that has been flipped on its head and it's now the upper classes that are having their reproduction suppressed


kids getting airbrushed? how can this be legal?

First time I've ever gagged from anything visual

I honestly thought that was just a meme reaction from TV but now I see.

Made me hungry

The last pale light in the West...

These are pictures from a guy who does airbrush tattoos for kids but real tattoos for adults.

Are you guys retards you don't see the point air pump hose? He's just spray painting them like cars etc. Autism fail


Try the title you fucking retard.
>My 600lb Life - James K

republicans are the people who shop at walmart they have their own website google it, friend.


yes look at the title

If i take away his toiling family members away, will he die?

for you


Not to mention it would look like shit in a few years when they grow. Not that it doesn't look like shit already.

Fuck why wont they put him out of his misery mane thats fucked up

What is even happening? Did he seat naked in the subway?

damn he is qt

fucking christ that's disgusting

Le back to Le reddit you fucking le faggot


It's fake you morons like holy shit get out of a basement once in a while you fucking nerds. I could tell this shit was a fake tat just from the fucking thumbnail

>rigor mortis
American intellectuals

Fuckin hell, mate. This is disgusting, I gagged, and that takes a lot.

Plebbit fag you have to go back.