What's the worst European country?

What's the worst European country?

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>get a loan

>help the less fortunate

>Monaco or Andorra

probably bosnia

>(No Data) will still claim they're a real country


Albania and by extension Kosovo. (Kosovo is not a real country, though. At least it won't be a country anymore once the EU collapses.)

>once the EU collapses.)
Not gonna happen, Hans. Too many powerful people want it to exist.

Slovakia is obvs the coolest, who the fuck doesn't wanna train a cat.

>Immigrate to the US

at least go to a commonwealth country

wow u want to kill my country, atleast sandniggers dont want to be here

England, Sweden and the part of Russia that is in Europe. Plus the rest of Russia obviously. Fuck that poor shit hole. Worst countries in the world.


>immigrate to Germany

9001 keks

Yes, but financially speaking there's only a handful of countries that pay for the EU. If France drops out, we can strike the whole project. No more farming subsidies for Polish peasants and Latvian car thieves.

There's a list of them.
Pic related.

ROMAnia, no contest.

Sweden: how to help the rapefugees. Kek.

>austria and iceland

Is anybody else even trying?


Bosnia is Muslim

France won't drop out unless Le Pen wins, and her chances are low. Not impossible, but low, and even if she wins it's not guaranteed. What I do expect is the EU's power to degrade in the likes of Poland and Hungary.

I wish it was Hanz. Alas, it won't be another 3 months until he re-appears with his talk of scanners


>how do I die

we got an offer to join the commonwealth

we also have two states that are commonwealths if thats what you want.

How odd, I was just wondering that myself.

>Map related

Slovenia.... are... are you alright?

>importing Islam
>sustainable economics


tfw googled exactly that just a few hours ago.



You want to talk about it buddy?

What's going on?

It doesn't make any sense.

Turkey, but they're not really European, so I'll go with Kosovo.

Those are just four arbitrary colours.

Portugal is the worst since gypsis are not affect by law


I'm having bad thoughts. I dreamed that Europe was blacked and arab'd and that nothing will ever be the same. And my blood demands retribution.

>how do I tell if someone is a terrorist?
Fuck. I didn't confess here to feel.

Definitely Swedenistan

If Le Pen wins, she could do plenty of damage to the EU even without leaving.


>how do I pretend I'm normal
go to /r9k/

ID is brown


>become an Olympian

Should ask how to become an Olympic gold medalist instead

god damn it do you fuckers even try anymore?

Belgium is a non country where excluded

Italy is literally Womyn-Tier


What movie?

Every Which Way but Loose

>"stop scratching my butt"

>ib4 google

You just stop. That's all.

We have them here, too. Probably a lot more than in Portugal because we have more welfare and a lot of more people to steal from.

The only thing that affects them is a stake fthough the heart.

Burger,Are you color blind?

This. Muslim gypsies worst combination ever.

>stand up to my wife

Now Ukraine is the worst, after that Belaruss, all the exyug, Romania, then the 2 baltics that are poor, Bulgaria and after that the V4 and Greece

Ayyy bruv thanks.

It's EMIGRATE you illiterate buffoon.

Greece. European equivalent of West Virginia, except with more gay.

Modern Germany has fucked up europe

poorland ofc, nuke us already


No questions asked

Met some of them. Fucking animals I tell ya.

There are only two countries in Europe:
- Europaea Consociatione Nationum
- Keçi kahrolası Türkiye'de yasal

Take a guess on which one is worse.

You Emigrate from England, you Immigrate to America. You simultaneously condescending and and ignorant illiterate buffoon.

I can't think of any European country that's worse than Sweden right now, with all the grenades flying everywhere and kebabs bossing around the police (1*) and wanting to kill you for no reason.

(1*) - youtube.com/watch?v=aoyXbd5-XXI

Watch 1:50-3:10, what the actual fuck...

>Moldova is coming for the diamonds

Yes, glorious countries like South Africa and Jamaica


You don't mean Commonwealth countries. You mean Canada, New Zealand, or Australia in particular. I can guarantee you wouldn't want to live in any other Commonwealth country

UK here. Can confirm the truth. I do wish to immigrate to the USA, really badly.

>avoid Roma
Can't avoid yourself

falling for "alternative facts"

Oh come on, it's not that hard.


bosnian """"muslims"""" are a meme.

they drink alcohol and eat pork, never saw a hijab there either.

Can Krauts even breathe?

>Portugal: Ninja Nation by 2038

Anyway, it most have been just Sócrates trying to kill Carlos Alexandre and getting to stay free

Oh, and Palito and Piloto, the based Outlaws

Also, I fucking hate Turkey so much

getting ready for them russians i see

huh I had that dream too. Was unsettling.

>not in the EU
>oil fortune

I thought ukranians being retarded was just a meme

t. soon-to-be south africa


truly the mountain jew


It's like a nightmare.
Only if I pinch myself, all I feel is pain.

Actually we were saving it until Merkel got her stroke and out of dementia invited all those fucks into Europe.

All of them.

>stand up to my wife

At least we are white

>train a cat
That's slovakia isn't it? Didn't know slavs could be so cute.