Julia appreciation thread

Many blessings be upon Kek's chosen.

Julia is /our girl/

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Sesame Street is the best AltRight source of edutainment for children.


Julia will educate all normies and cucks.

Finally a character we can all relate to!

Is this what it feels like for trannies when they get pandered to?


Kek, more of these memes, please.

Jesus you guys work fast


fuck off with this cringe shit

Psyop meme campaign to make sesame street appeal to autist post-millenials

yep reddit checks out

They gotta go back

>Julia Streicher

Every party needs a ShareBlue.

she is very white, she looks like 16 or 13

I'm trying to do my best

She really does represent you. How autistic.


haha I too am from reddit, comrade!

it's something good then?

Hey fellow redditors. But you know what they say about the trickle down theory of memenomics.

Great new meme. Very thankful to Sesame Street for giving us /ourmuppet/.


There is no escape from Sup Forums's autism.


How long before Julia memes are being posted on reddit and tumblr?




Bump. Kek make it happen Sup Forums.




Template for the meme wizards









An (autistic)(child) puppet isn't meant to have those dreamy eyes.

There, I said it.


This isnt politics or news. Fuck off.

>tfw Sesame Street announces an autistic character
>tfw Sup Forums appropriates her as one of irs symbols one week later
>tfw there are already drawings on Sup Forums of Julia with Trump hats and redpilling other characters
>tfw she will be accused of being a racist symbol by normies even before her debut
>tfw Sesame Street will be shut down one year from now for inciting alt-right thinking

Never change, Sup Forums




This is good shit. Keep it coming you autists.

>Not political

Hey , don't be autism phobic you fucking shitlord


How long til an article bitching about us ruining the character pops up?

Whats going on here? Can I get a speedy synopsis?

can we say... is she /ourgirl?

Let's shoot for the fastest record. FIRE UP THE MEME MACHINES.

Praise kek



How can a puppet be autistic? I mean most of them kinda already act weird anyway. How could one tell?? What are the symptoms of Muppet Autism .

Bert is clearly autistic anyway

Kek approves of Julia.

Kill yourself!


She's our daughter you degenerate.

>one week later
Kek. Sup Forums adopted the same day.


never she is a pure good christian girl

we cant meme this into the adl until we find a some crazy leftie to send these to on twitter who will lose their shit and report it

4u, degenerate autist.
rule34.paheal.net/post/list/Julia Sesame_Street/1

GTFO Sup Forums pedo

Recon squads, roll-out!

You know that autists were killed by the Nazis, right?

>tfw Sup Forums turns another normie thing into a symbol of white nationalism
really makes you think

I am willing to die for the sake of Germany

When Julia's friend says she's found where the Jews are hiding


wow, this isn't as funny as I thought it'd be

Like clockwork, within a week, we will see a dozen "The new insidious face of the alt-right." articles

where can we shitposting her?

I think kek approves of that

That is why I love this place. I can just imagine the rage coming from normies thinking these things are all "secret garden" nazi's

Hitler did kill himself.

Best post I've seen all day. Let us continue the good work.

>Then Julia reported Abby to ICE


Julia more like jewlia
Someone make a comic where she realizes her names this
It will ruin her branding

If Hitler knew of the power he could harness from weaponized autism, he'd never kill us.

The Trump election, the HWNDU flag, all because of weaponized autism.

so... is the original tap that feeds Sup Forums supposed to be FunnyJunk or Something Awful?



i think we did it the moment she was announced
like a year or two ago


Her mouth looks like the tip of an uncut dick

> Digits

Really wished I hadn't clicked that.

He's probably been hit by a bus.

me too.

>What are the symptoms of Muppet Autism .
Apparently she doesn't talk or make eye contact. She also screams when something upsets her.

My eyes are overflowing with the tears of laughter and joy. You are wonderful people and I feel proud that I can serve with you. Shadilay.

I stand with this man


also... crossover when?

They're often using the internet and posting on imageboards

Its fucking wonderfull