Happening: Drumpf to be Impeached


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that's the same woman who said that russia invaded korea fyi

So bernie still has a chance?

Trump is finished! Progress will finally return to this country.

These kinds of tweets are really mean to leftists, it gives them a false sense of hope.


We should donate some more


Can't wait for their hopes to be crushed again and again.

20D chess

Dumb liberal bitch or dumbest liberal bitch?

This is officially a house nigger thread, good boy n girls doing massa's work

No refunds

She should have been forced out long ago for being such an embarrassment.

What if Trump enacts a law reform that simultaneously makes false impeachment claims and false rape claims punishable with extreme prejudice. This protects the real victims of rape and the real patriots of the country, while damning those who cry wolf.

Real victims of rape should never have their voice diminished by harlots who seek nothing but petty revenge because they feel slighted or because they are idiots.

>Maxine Waters is 78 years old

No wonder the Democrats are so desperate to impeach him, most of their key figures will be dead by the end of his first term.

He shouldn't have backed Putin invading Korea I guess.

I'm pretty sure this sheboon has dementia

If a literal ape from the zoo says it, it must be true.

Have you heard her talk? She sounds legitimately retarded

>daily reminder trump won't be impeached
>even if he was no impeachment has resulted in a removal from office
>even if that somehow happens we have pence and 13 more republicans that would need to be impeached and removed before we got to a democratic candidate

This is such retardation

All this repetition is just a failed and sad attempt to harness the mememetic power we used to get Trump into office. Ignore it.

I can't wait to see this on Rachael Maddow's show tonight.


So if fake news isnt talking about this....then where did he come up with this?


its a congressape from commiefornia who is actually retarded.

they just keep telling themselves these things.

Russia could not have been the source of leaked Democrat emails released by Wikileaks. Please read:

>August 2015: DNC knows it has been hacked, confirmed today by Comey. DNC refuses FBI direct access of hardware. Refusals continue for months and, indeed, FBI never receives access to hacked servers to date.
>January to May 2016: DNC "rigs" 2016 Primary against Bernie Sanders in favor of Hillary Clinton, as shown in Wikileaks' DNC Leaks published in July 2016.
>June 2016: Hired cybersecurity firm CROWDSTRIKE releases a report blaming Russia for the August 2015 hack after claiming to have examined the DNC's hacked servers
>July 2016: Wikileaks publishes DNC emails ahead of Democrat National Convention. Leads to multiple resignations including Wasserman-Schulz and shows extensive collusion to ensure Clinton defeats Sanders in the Democrat primary. None of the publications have been proven inauthentic to date. Content of emails is from as recently as March and April 2016.

So did the DNC really not secure its servers from further hacking after the 2015 breach? Why would they have refused to turn over their servers to the FBI? How could Wikileaks have published emails from April 2016 when the DNC hack was supposedly done by Russia in August 2015?

Either Democrats are obfuscating evidence of repeated, secondary hacks that continued for at least 8 months after the original DNC hack that was concluded by Crowdstrike to have been perpetrated by Russia, or their entire narrative around Russia has been fictionalized with the help of the Crowdstrike private cybersecurity company.

These are simple facts and indisputable

How old are you
Waters has been insane for years but her stupid nigger constituents keep voting her in


I hope those golden showers were worth it.

I'm a liberal, and a patriot. I say no to treasonous colluding with Russia.

Rural and suburban retards BTFO!

>I'm a liberal, and a patriot

Fucking twitter the home of niggers and faggots

is this before or after putin raises the russian flag in seoul?

Who's going to impeach him?
The Republican dominated Congress?
The Republican dominated SCOTUS?

Are you fucking kidding me? She's black. She has immunity just like every other minority. No one wants to appear racist user!



it just means he's a fag

>doesn't know what country is what.
>expect impeachment.

niggers and jews....

Why do we let black people in politics? Who is voting for these people? Blacks only make up 13% of the population.

>I'm a liberal, and a patriot

>Oy Vey!!! Impeachment of Drumpf!!! What good news!!!

I think they kept the FBI out because they killed Seth Rich. FBI would have found out that he was the leaker.

I feel sorry for you. Here's 2 cents. Save it.


There are districts that are overwhelmingly black and hispanic. That's what gerrymandering does. That's how we get literal retards in office


the dems have really painted themselves into a corner here. if trump is still in office in 2018 they're done. if he's still in office in 2020 there won't even be a democrat party anymore.

So wait, That Sup Forums post was legit? from that insider? That had the leaked impeachment petition?

I've pretty much been on a poker grind as of late, pulling out of anything news and politicw. No idea what's going on. What's going on?

The kikes want Trump dead. Do you really think they will let him stay in office until 2018?!


she's literally lying to face of her constituents

70 IQ

What leaked petition??

Apparently. The libs have nothing to lose and politically everything to gain by attempting to impeach Trump. Even if they fail the NYC and LA liberals will be happy.



>file name

Isn't this like the 9000th time this has been said? Trump is gonna start his second term and these faggots will keep saying "muh impeachment"

Holy fuck, the date was today as well

There was a post on here with an alleged petition to be submitted on the 21st attempting to impeach Trump

was signed by all of the CA Dems, Wasserman-Schultz, Sewell (Alabama) Carson (the Dem one)

She's beyond repair

This is the escaped zoo ape that said Putin invaded Korea.

>Maxine Waters

I implore you all to listen to this woman talk before you take her seriously. She can't even form a coherent sentence.

Quick reminder - Maxine Waters funneled federal aid money to a minority owned bank that her husband was a major investor in.

After three years of investigation by congress she was let off on a technicality.

Pic related are going to be jizzing in their kike pants!!!

These people sure are excited at the prospects of a PENCE presidency. Good luck with that lol

Heres how Bernie can still win.

I can only assume she's talking about her own impeachment

She also literally retweets ShareBlue... niggers are the worst.

>Listens to Halfwit Waters
>Believes her

Drumpf has been stumped.

Trudeau to deliver to the knockout punch. #KAPOW

Looks like playtime's over Drumpfies.


Daily reminder tjat bill clinton was impeached and nothing even came of it.

go back to africa

can the deepstate just start the civil war already?

This dumb nigger doesn't even know what impeachment is.

Wasn't impeached because it failed in the Senate
> Clinton was subsequently acquitted of these charges by the Senate on February 12, 1999.[1] Two other impeachment articles – a second perjury charge and a charge of abuse of power – failed in the House.


>Oy Vey!!! Give us time you stupid goyim... we are going as fast as we can!!!

krumpf is done,the people in trump tower and in the white house are already burning devices and paper files

the USA is in big shit and the world is going to get the hit too

Only thing more cancerous than her post is the people replying to it


The fact than niggers keep voting for this stupid fucking bitch makes me...

I have no words.

If Trump were impeached everytime a leftard said "impeachment incomings!!!11", how many times would he be impeached?
How much of the US's GDP would be needed to cover the expenses of so many impeachment trials?

Just like I should get ready for Hillary to win the election, right?

It is only a matter of time when democrats will understand that their leaders can't do shit



Impeachment doesn't mean what you think it does.

i love it when they get their hopes up. it just makes the defeat that much more crushing.

witnessed, your destinies are bounded

Impeachment in the United States is an enumerated power of the legislature that allows formal charges to be brought against a civil officer of government for crimes alleged to have been committed.

Charges just need to be brought. Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton were both impeached, both remained in office.

She's the one that said Russia attacked Korea, right? Silly 'boon.

it must make you feel weak and powerless like a girl or a child that no matter how much you hate her there isnt anything in the world you can do about her other than shake your little fist in impotent rage. lol

Why is she appropriating white hair it posses me off. She should have a fro or nigger braids.

LOL, most don't vote at all. I wouldn't be suprised if the voter participation rate in her district was under 20%.

Democrats need a purge,a coup, something.. but why should I bother helping them? I'm just a white male and they hate me. Screw em.

I wonder what medications she will eventually be prescribed?

I'm ready.

Maxine is the dumbest black person. They thought that in the recent comey hearing he would tell Trump haxored dnc directly and shit. So they kept that in case of emergency impeachment. She just let the cat out of the bag

Thank you for sanity-ing on the matter