How the fuck did I not realize this until now?

>Scottish Character
>Is a literal nigger



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I don't see the problem

You are 10 years late

but back then no one gave a fuck. almost like most people didn't even notice

So what is your point?

The joke is that there are practically no black scots who act like scots.

why was this okay back then (without any real sperging) when if that shit happened now, all of Sup Forums would be triggered to oblivion? what changed?

I'm pretty sure that was his gimmick. I recall him raving on once about being a black Scottish cyclops.

because the demoman is ironically black, while today they push diversity unironically

>while today
today even if you do anything ironically, everyone will be triggered and say you're pushing an agenda.

Because TF2 was a legit great game in it's prime and devs never had any agenda.

Yeah, in the 'Meet the Demo' video

The SNP in a nutshell

Because TF2 was actually funny.

It was played as a joke, not for diversity

you can't play something like this as a joke now without (((alt right))) babbies being triggered and crying. admit it.

But that's because, for example, Battlefield 1 included niggers for diversity. The company behind it had an agenda.

Valve just made the Scottish guy black as a joke. TF2 characters are all stereotypes in some way so the Scottish guy being black was ironic.

Back then people weren't bitching about representation, now when minority characters are included it feels like caving to political pressure rather than it being the best fit. Having a black Scottish dude for diversity's sake is bad, having a black Scottish dude because that's what YOU wanted is good.

Demoman was unironically likeable as a nigger
Valve didn't try to push a muh diversity agenda, even then you had frenchies, brits, germans, russians, mexicans and burgers.
He was black because yeah sure why not
not because of ebil wypypo

This. I don't know how you're not getting this.

>WW1 game
>Tyrone included on launch
>France is DLC

>or is he ironically scottish?


Demoman is based and honorary hwite. Back off nigger.

Valve did all of the concept artwork and voice acting prior to making him black. The change had something to do with making him look differnent than the soldier or something like that.

>Having a black Scottish dude for diversity's sake is bad, having a black Scottish dude because that's what YOU wanted is good.
but how do I as a developer/artist, do it because I WANT TO without the community of people online all sperging out and claiming it's because I'm pandering to SJW?

Do it like valve did
Every character in tf2 is a steryotype, demo is black just for the lolz, he isn't there because MUH WHITE PIPO
You can make every character a steryotype to be fair, or just not having someone to pander to SJW'S

>Do it like valve did
>Every character in tf2 is a steryotype
but I don't want my entire cast to be meme tier. I just want one or two to be weird like that.

Soldier is the single greatest video game representation of an American ever.


yes, americans are a joke.

That's the joke you invalid

fuck you for getting TF2 into this shit.

Then do it in a way that isn't obvious it's SJW bs, retard.

>a way
what way? it seems the Sup Forumscrowd will be triggered to hell either way.

Then do what Rockstar did with San Andreas. Portray niggers accurately.
Or you can just make well written and likeable character.

You are the Sup Forums crowd, unless you made this thread to get (You)'s to a non-existant problem

Who the fuck was the spic in TF2?

>non-existant problem
you need to lurk more if you don't know the fact that both sides are easily triggered now.

Yes, no shit because of people like you, stop feeding that phenomenon