Sup Forums is missing the best troll opportunity

Read this you wamp dwelling cucks:

>the US is set to ban electronic devices such as laptops and tablets from cabin baggage on flights from some Middle Eastern and North African countries.

>The airports are in Amman, Jordan; Cairo; Kuwait City, Kuwait; Doha, Qatar; Dubai and Abu Dhabi, both in United Arab Emirates; Istanbul; Casablanca, Morocco; Riyadh and Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

Notice anything? ALL MUSLIM COUNTRIES!
This is the time to cry "racist" like you've never done before.
If any of you is brave enough (you aren't) you should take this to court, especially so in a liberal state in a liberal city.

just imagine:
>The ban gets overturned, just like the visa ban
>because of rasssisim of course
>Boom goes the Ahmed killing US civilians.
>The judicial system is directly responsible for dead US civilians.

>ban is not overturned.
>Lebrals have to explain how either the judges ARE racist, or accept that the ALL MUSLIM ban is justified and connect Islam with terror attacks.

Either way this must be hyped.
But Sup Forums is retarded....


Or just google this shit.

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Sounds about right.

Hey the uk is too, thanks trump

>blames Trump for UK legislation

Not your personal army kike. Were gonna find that laptop, and whoever took it is getting reamed.

We don't have to do shit, kike. Leftists will do this for us.
They dig their own graves.

>Israel wants others to take actions that will lead to dead US citizens

Fucking kikes never change

Yeah I was saying this when the first travel ban was overturned. Hope we aren't but if we are hit by a terrorist attack it is directly the fault of Democrats and their incompetence. I've been saying it may be the event that brings on civil war and overthrow of all liberals in power by force.


>only seeing short term consequences.

If Trump is able to stop Muslims migration into the US, it's going to save countless more lives.

fuck off, kike.

gas yourself kike

> can't have technology on a 13 hour flight because MUH TERRORISTS

I know this doesn't effect your basement to bathroom travel plans, but some of us actually do fly internationally. Emirates through Dubai is the most comfortable way to get anywhere in Asia, banning laptops on fights to/from a massive international economic hub is one of the stupidest things I've ever heard of.

This is a shit attempt at a thread tho, OP you've managed to make a serious issue sound very boring

>Do things that will kill innocent people! Best troll evarr!
Yepp, that's Israel.

This. I'm just not going to travel abroad ever again, or at least anywhere that requires a connection in the middle east.

it's not racist if literally all suicidal terrorists comes from muslim countries. every sane country should do the same.

>not taking direct flights to anywhere in Asia
It's like your time is worthless

Well fucking deal with it lad, i can't even smoke in the fucking airport I'm sure you can go a couple of hours without your fucking laptop.

>I often fly to the UK/US from the middle east

>putting American lives at risk to push an agenda

Who could be behind this kikery

>checks flag


>Lebrals have to explain how either the judges ARE racist, or accept that the ALL MUSLIM ban is justified and connect Islam with terror attacks.

Hah, you naive little faggot.

They'd never admit to this, they'd simply blame Trump and say it's his fault because his racist bans/restrictions made them angry.

Silly me, I didn't notice the flag until after I posted.

Well Oy'd.

> post about flying internationally
> assuming I live in the country I'm posting from

Wew lad

No such thing as a non stop flight to Thailand
You'd think with the amount of fantasizing you guys do about lady boys you'd know that

>Admits to living in the ME

You can always stop in worst korea or Japan then, ANA probably isn't that far off in terms of quality from Emirates or Ethiad.
Unless you live in the ME, in which case you should do us a favor and suicide bomb mecca


> the state of reading comprehension in bongistan

This doesn't effect you.
This effects Americans who work/vacation in Asia.
The US has taken a step to make life objectively worse for a portion of its residents for absolutely no reason. This is pumping-gas-in-New-Jersey-tier retarded

Thats right fag, killing some innocent sand monkeys nothing wrong with that. While your country embraces them and gets fucked up the arse in return.

Of course they will blame Trump.
But anyone who is not a radical SJW would see through that.
You're not targeting the radicals, but those who are still critical, at least a bit.

>This doesn't effect you.
Actually the UK is following suit with the ban.

Pro jew tactics
I support

But those are actually direct flights
In that case, bongbro is right

ah, ok. I wouldn't know.

There are direct flights to Bangkok from Cologne, Munich, and Frankfurt. And they're not expensive either.