Chicago teen gangraped on FB live

>CHICAGO (AP) — A 15-year-old Chicago girl was apparently sexually assaulted by five or six men or boys on Facebook Live, and none of the roughly 40 people who watched the live video reported the attack to police, authorities said Tuesday.

>Police only learned of the attack when the girl's mother approached police Superintendent Eddie Johnson late Monday afternoon as he was leaving a department in the Lawndale neighborhood on the city's West Side, police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi said. She told him her daughter had been missing since Sunday and showed him screen grab photos of the alleged assault.

>He said Johnson was "visibly upset" after he watched the video, both by its contents and the fact that there were "40 or so live viewers and no one thought to call authorities."

Snitches get stitches.

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She was probably a nigger.

white people would of chimped out at that shit,must be niggers nigging

>missing since Sunday

Is it normal for minorities to not know where there kids are?

When I was 15 my mom would shit a brick not knowing where I was at. When I was younger me and my cousin got lost (meaning off having fun) in an amusement park. Only a few hours but she had the whole staff looking for us.

Was the girl white? If not I don't care.

niggers confirmed

Saw this earlier. Was a nigger.

Feds when?

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Niggers will let their little apes run wild at 2am in Summer. Like 5 year old niglets running around chimping out in groups.

>Mom saw daughter gangbanged.
>no way she would do this!
>you were raped, right?

No way it was rape. It's just embarrassment.

Reupload somewhere?


It was probably 6 neonazis raping a syrian refugee, unless proven otherwise. In which case Trump still made them rape her with his influence.



Move along, folks


Just another reason to publically hang Mark Cuckerburg

Never change, Sup Forums.


Are you all joking?

Use this to show the reality of black-on-black crime. This is what an end to broken-windows policing means- this is what liberals advocate for. Make sure it's known.

Also, if it were 5 white guys that did it, this would be international coverage. Make them eat their own hypocrisy, don't become it.

so ye but what hentai is this from it looks very good desu

>video of a 15yo getting gangbanged by 5 guys
my god, that's awful, where would one find that horrible horrible video


I've only ever seen that with minorities or drug addicts.
Not giving a shit about where their kid is I mean.

Digits confirm. Just a nigger. Move along guys.

>Johnson was "visibly upset"

probably not true

Christ I feel bad for that 1.37%

is this shit just localised to south side Chicago?

for some reason I've always liked Chicago more than LA or NY, even though out of the 3 I've only ever been to NY, and I'd like to go but not even have the possibility of some awful Chicago nigger shooting me with some stray bullet

requesting vid

Do we get our death squads now! Please!


this tbqfh famaranians

>gang raping a 15 year old girl is fine if she is black

nu/pol/ continues to sink to a new low each day

the girl? oh ok
>people think I am just pretending
>mfw I really dont care one bit

Chicagofag here, I live in the south burbs and it's decent. Most of this shit is localized to like 5 neighborhoods/2 districts. That's where the main war zone is and that's the place to avoid. Otherwise, some of the hoods are alright

Gundam 00. I don't remember this scene tho.

Rights are for people only, friendo

it is semi contained but the chimps make occasional foraging raids into downtown and the northside as well

Chicago is very big and beautiful.
Chicago"land area" stretches all the way to the western suburbs.
70% of people who say they are from chicago dont actually live in the city

Hello, can we get a public ban on this guy announcing his sage? Thank you.

Lmao most white middle class post today

this thread is worthless without a video

>Is it normal for minorities to not know where there kids are?

did some black man fuck your girlfriend or something?

Not always. But it IS normal for everyone to cover for the criminals.

or a least a screencap, goddamn

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That sort of mentality is left over from old Sup Forums you fucking newfag

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Can we watch it anywhere?

I wonder who did it.. I wonder who is also doing this in Europe.. truly a conundrum.. I think Destiny was right, it's just random poor people doing it because their poor.. drumpfist racists btfo agian...

Animals rape and murder each other all the time.

Coulter's Law in effect. Lugenpresse at it again

Only good thing about Chicago is that they're one of the few cities in America that has a genuine Japanese bookstore. Like the bookstore is actually part of a chain of stores based out of Japan.

This is why Blacks have evolved with larger genitalia. During tribal rape the largest member of the group had the best chance of impregnating the female. Cucks will defend this

can you fuck yourself for bumping shill/slide threads?
Its literally nothing, I bet it hapens there every day.
I have red the rules, but if the thread is allready against the rules... hopefully it gets deleted soon.

lol, although I am surprised by some niggers now and then and I acctualy have sympathy for the negro in his natural habitat. I do not like niggers in white states and I want them to have bad lives.

The girl probably wanted to be in a gangbang then found out someone broadcasted it on Facebook so she said it was rape. I've "ran train" on 6 girls in my life all with over 10 guys

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what did god mean by this?


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Is there a video? a-asking for a friend.

I don't think the mods give a fuck after it stopped being used to spam threads like back in 2012.

Bunch of animals

sauce pls? i mean, the good one... if u kno wut i mean.

Her community does that sort of shit on a daily basis. If it's happening to a white person, it's news - if it's happening to a nigger, it's business as usual.

That's why successful black people are always such a huge media story - it happens extremely rarely.


you are disgusting

>thinking it doesn't matter because victim was probably black
>thinking this isn't utter degeneracy and that you'll be spared on the day of the rope for being "white"

Its all octaroons and cubans and wyatt wimminz and shit.

I really have lost my empathy for niggers, I've been so worn down from all the shit they've done to themselves and to there's that I actively delight in seeing them in pain

if she was a small child, like 3 I may care but I highly doubt she's an honor roll student. She's probably eyes deep in gang culture and if we're being honest I bet you she was being slept into a gang. The only reason this is even a story is because her mother found and stopped her and she said anything to avoid judgment and back away from responsibility like they do so often.

Did you know that ducks rape other ducks constantly?

Imagine that

I felt a weight lift off my chest when I realized the just a nigger.

Thank the Gods

How are those aids doing tyrone?

You know if anyone was white save for the victim, it would have been explicitly mentioned.

>gang rape
>40 witnesses who don't report it
>"victim" doesn't report it

Sounds like they didn't report it because it was consensual.

>sexing a black

Nah, that's disgusting.

Black people wouldn't act like the racist edgelords ITT if the victim was white smdh

This. If you disagree you need to go back to plebbit immediately

Who am I to judge wild animals nature? You sound like a bigot, these people should be allowed to rape and murder each other like nature intended and instead we keep them in cages and pretend they are human. Very intolerant to their needs if you ask me.

can we have the video already, i want to see if its a nigger or not.

Lolz fucking niggers not keeping track of their kids. How the fuck else could it happen? Niggers want to fuck and not protect but have society raise their kids. Not to mention the shitty gang culture that is a fucking piece of ahit but wooh dude thats racists if you call it what it is - shit.

We have to respect their culture.


Can't agree more.
If it isn't white, I don't give a fuck!

niggers raping niggers, I couldn't give less of a fuck.

Pics or it didn't happen!

Also this. We could use this to our advantage.

>Do we get our death squads now! Please!

I often wonder this -- why are niggers not slaughtered on a wholesale basis? Chicago in particular.

Used baited fields to draw them out. Cut them down like fucking weeds. Be done with it.

Violent subhumans imported by Jews. Slaughter them or bill the Jews to return them to Africa. Reclaim our cities.

>being racist

Sure ok buddy.

She relaxed around blacks. Serves her right. You never relax around niggers even if you are a nigger. They'll tell you that themselves.

Blacks don't read the news

>5 neighborhoods/2 districts

Uhhh lol

>I've "ran train" on 6 girls in my life all with over 10 guys

That's incredibly fucking gay and disgusting, and I've sucked dick before.

Rape is a part of black culture, just like respecting Muslims rights to molest muslim boys we need to BTFO and let blacks be blacks. Cant expect them to understand no means no.

Seems to be a lot of rapes getting live streamed in recent times.


Yeah I forgot when the weather breaks they head out to the burbs on foraging raids as well

Woodridge,Naperville, and Lisle always see a crime spike about this time every year.

Leave the dindu nuffin negress alone.. probably wasn't the first time she was a cum dumpster