Yugoslavia looked pretty comfy

I dunno why but I've been watching Yugoslavian music videos from that era and it looks super comfy. It was gommunism but I felt like it was way more lax than other gommunist countries, they were enjoying Western luxuries and they had a pretty cool and thriving industry.

Any anons who lived through that time could explain how it was back then?

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Yes, it was comfy as fuck.


Good video, thanks for linking.

Damn I wish I grew up in Yugoslavia instead of some dirt poor part of Appalachia here during the 80s

Tito was amazing at handling internal enemies and traitors. After his death, there was no successor of his skill, so outside forces had no problem dividing us and annihilating the country.

It was great while it lasted. It's just a nice memory now, the whole region is in shit shape & nothing is under control.


Yugoslavian economy was unsustainable. The only reason it lasted that long is because it received huge investments from the western block (mainly USA) who wanted it on their side against soviets. With that and tourism, the local people (ones lucky enough to have a job) got to live a nice and comfy life while doing barely any work. As a result, you'll now have tons of grandpas telling you how great Yugoslavia was.

There was a constant shortage of absolutely everything. There was even a period when only cars with even plate numbers could drive on even days of the month and vice versa, due to fuel shortage. At the same time, approximately a third of the workforce was unemployed and classified as "surplus labor", resulting in one of three large emigration waves from the region.

Are people longing for the Yugo-days?

This is the spawn of traitors I mentioned earlier. All the shit stuff came after the days of Tito. Yugoslavia died with him.

Only losers and left-wing normies.

>slovenia talking about anything Yugoslavian

I'm not a gommie or left-wing, but I would have loved to live in Yugoslavia.

It doesn't even seem that bad. Everybody was nationalistic and communities seemed much closer than they are now.

>Everybody was nationalistic and communities seemed much closer than they are now.
Those two haven't changed. Not knowing your neighbors is mostly an american thing.

You're either a globalist cuck or you're pro-Yugoslavia. So you're right.

The music was great and that's it. I am glad it's dead. It was build on crime, terror and supressing croatian and serbian nationalism

One of more popular groups:

>suppresing untermensch autistic screeching
>suppresing nationalism


Hardly an American thing. It happens in every Western country. I know my neighbors very well, but I don't know everybody from my village, or my town.

I'm against globalism and I only know about Yugoslavia from what other anons teach me, and from music videos from that era. Educate me on its positive/negative traits, I'm just trying to learn.

Kind of a similar story as Libya and Gaddafi.

I grew up in Europe as a military BRAT, my family toured Yugoslavia several times before the war there. All my memories of it are pretty comfy. Beautiful beaches with crystal clear calm waters, cozy inviting towns. It's a real shame what happened there.

>Any anons who lived through that time could explain how it was back then

everything was nice when i was a child. yugoslavia was living high live on loans from west/east, serbs went full retard land-grabbing mode, war time, living onb even bigger denbts now, country is independent, robbed from within, poor, clean, with beautiful serbless coast. was it worth? hell yes!

Did all the ethnicities get along with one another more or less during Yugoslavian times, was there minor chimpouts?

It's very strange but I have this feeling people weren't just "forced" to get along back then by suppressing ethnonationalism, but like they wanted to work with one another, and they really didn't hate each other as they do now. That whole area of the world seemed a lot more optimistic back then than it does now.

Damn it's like some Pink Floyd stuff. Who could ever believe this kind of music was produced from a gommie country?

It was a multi-kulti federation loosely held together by a very skilled dude that crumbled the moment Beliniggers took things in hand.

there wasn't any chimping as far as i can remember. maybe with alboshits. serbs should just erase them back in the day. now it's too late. those fucks breed like rabbits.

>The walls of Dubrovnik were never once breached
Kek if only they knew...

>Tito was so based even Sup Forums likes him despite the fact that he was a commie
I've always like him.

Lying commie faggot

There was no debt in Yugoslavia, everybody had at least apartment and a house. Debt is now. Yugoslavia had very simple credit system, even at end of Yugoslavia after Tito died. American myths. It's USA who has the biggest debt.

encrypted.google.com/search?q=debt in Yugoslavia

>immodest white slavs in riviera

i want to go back.


Serbs visiting Dubrovnik

Of course rock was first forbidden in Yugoslavia, because it was seen degenerate drug related hippie music, since nudity, drugs and prostitution was highly forbidden in Yugoslavia and whoever had long hair was seen suspicious.

Yugoslavian Muslim rock:

Literally "Come here, it's not THAT bad".

Slovenian yugonostalgics are pretty much murderers in waiting, and it's actually really unsafe living here.

Here's the key principle behind Slovenian yugonostalgic's mind:
>If you disagree with me on any of these, you are a traitor and need to be shot"

These of course being:
>Tito was not a brutal dictator, but rather greatest man ever.
>Yugoslavia was not a totalitarian regime that punished dissent.
>Fojbe massacres were justified.
>All the other countless massacres were justified.
>Independence was a mistake.
>Janez Janša is literally Hitler

In a sense, slovenian yugonostalgics are SJWs, except more deranged and less capable of understanding the truth.

pic related: the greatness of Yugoslavia, and what this other janez in the thread wishes for me, and anyone else who dissents.

Oh, and don't fall for "we're civilized" meme, most people living in here are degenerate peasants and absolute barbarians.


I heard them before. My favorite song is Blues U Parku. Good stuff. I didn't know they were Muslim, thought they were mostly Serbian.

We had no connection with international system until 1989 when Serbians re-opened into international system. That's all a myth, even when Yugoslavia collapsed people had very little debt. GDP and all those numbers don't apply to Yugoslavia, we had 100% ownership of all companies, so how can we have debt if we owned everything? Only after Tito's death we got debt.

>To se pravi, da je bil vsak prebivalec nekdanje SFRJ zadolžen za manj kot 1000 dolarjev!
That is to say that every person in the former Yugoslavia in charge of less than $ 1,000!

In Yugoslavia we build everything on own, we didn't need foreigners to build, everything was owned by people, so literally debt couldn't exist.
>picture related see how debt started not so long ago, before that there was no debt

> t. petokolonaš

>it received (((huge investments from the western block (mainly USA) )))

Almost, the US used their credits once more to make a foreign economy dependent, so they could then raid it's assets after the bailout through the ((((((IMF)))))).
Same playbook as in Greece.

Yugoslav """economy""" was almost same shit tier as Romanias. Hell, but we got all the cheap dollars from abroad with which to finance a leisure life.

Some good charts here:


Legendary soccer team.


Zizek detected.

Evo crveni se pokazao, drzite ga!!!

That cave was from WW2 dufus, traitors gone there.
This is our political prisoner island:
>A total of approximately 16,000[4][5] political prisoners served there, of which between 400[4] and 600[6] died on the island.
>picture related USA, has more prisoners in a month then we had in 50 years

t.i collaborate with all occupiers

>>picture related USA, has more prisoners in a month then we had in 50 years

The Yanks should just have Bleiburged all their niggers after the civil war

communist propaganda. faker than fake news.

We had 23000 criminal acts in 1963 and then it just increased with time, especially after Tito's death and even more so after EU. Today we still have 10 times less crime than Brazil or Sweden.

spizdi res

Oba dva!

GDR, i.e. East Germany, also had almost no crime - especially murders.
Wouldn't have looked so good, so why bother publishing it in official statistics?

What's wrong, snowflake? Need a safe space?
Oh right, the whole country's your safe space you genocide-promoting piece of absolute garbage.

Fuck no it wasnt.
My dad and grandpa built a comfy house on the Peljesac peninsula. Sadly it was demolished in the 90s by Croats to drive out the Serbs. However we still own the plot of land.

Niti komunist nisem, samo ti retarded stvari govoriš

Ko tu tikko teici par mani, mazā kuce? Es tev pateikšu es esmu absolvējis kartupeļu audzētāju kursus ar zelta liecību, es esmu bijis iesaistīts vairākās kartupeļu novākšanas operācijās Vertukšņā un Elejā, un esmu salasījis vairāk nekā 300 tonnas buļbu. Es esmu trennējies traktoru vadīšanā un esmu vislabākais kapļa operators Vangažos. Tu man neesi nekas tikai kārtējais pilsētnieks. Es tevi pārspēšu kartupeļu ražas novākšanā ar ātrumu un precizitāti kuru tu nekad neesi piedzīvojis šai saulē,turu pie vārda.Tu domā ka tu tiksi prom sakot šīs rupjības internetā? Padomā vēlreiz,pajol.Kamēr mēs runājam es sazinos ar savu slepeno Madoniešu kartupeļu vācēju divīziju un tava IP adrese tiek notiekta tāpēc gatavojies vētrai,tārps.Vētrai kas pārtrauks to nožēlojamo lietu ko tu sauc mājas jumtu. Tu esi miris puis.Es varu būt jebkurā vietā un laikā uz lauka, un varu novākt ražu vairāk nekā 700 veidos ar savām kailjām rokām vien.Ne tikai esmu īpaši ilgi trennējies traktora vadīšanā, bet man arī ir pieeja veselai arklu divīzijai un es to izmantošu lai izbeigtu eksistenci tai lietai ko tu sauc par uzartu lauku,tu mazais mēsls. Ja vien tu zinātu kādu bezdievīgu atbildi tavs asprātīgais “komentārs” gūs pār tevi, varbūt tu būtu turējis savu sasodīto mēli. Bet tu to nedarīji, tu to nevarēji, un tagad tu maksāsi, tu muļķi. Es tevi aplaistīšu ar vircu viscauri un tu tajā slīksi.Tu esi miris dēls.

GDR was little different, but generally there was very little crime and hardly any rape or murder, but idiots count in WW2 and other wars. These days crime is calculated by each criminal act separately, one crime like theft of cars got more crime rate then we have every crime combined.

>we still own the plot of land.
it will be excavated and shipped to serbia

kek maybe, but how can you ship my apartment in Pula

The issue with fuel shortages happened here too.

>USA doesn't have 138572343638467u times bigger population than Slovenia

God, why can't people just stop and think for a moment.

Do you like shitty commie blocks, long breadlines, and bribing border guards to go on vacation? If you do, itd for you

You know, North Korea looks pretty comfie too.
You should move there.

Goli otok was for whole Yugoslavia during Yugoslavian time.

I bet he was a party member, you don't truly own anything under communism either. He lived better than the average working man did there, that's for sure.

Can you fuck off with communistic bullshit threads?

Look up goli otok and tell me yugoslavia still sounds comfy

>le anything mildly good about the Eastern Bloc is propaganda meme

He was a fighter jet and then a civil pilot, gommunism or capitalism, he earned it.

Was he a party member? Yes or no.

North Korea is shittier than any Eastern Bloc country. By far.

Goli Otok: yep, lowest crime rate on planet. Very comfy, got Russians and Germans there who done labor and couple of anti-Communist spies. Literally no torture chambers. 15000 prisoners in 50 years, very low score.

Due to foreign money, they could just pile up the shit, instead of get rid of it regularly. When everybody gets a loan at the bank for whatever, there's less incentive to become a criminal.
Why steal money, if you can get it from your bank for free?

That's why our war was so bloody, essentially all economic misery that was evaded through foreign dollars hit us at once during the economic collapse of the 80s.

I don't know, he died before i was born, but i think he wasn't cause i remember my dad saying something about my grandpa not liking the party, and liking the western countries he flew to more.

All this loan bullshit, you worked for 1 year and could buy a house. Even in 90ies a house with 2 acres had a price of 10000 Euro and that was considered much more expensive than during Yugoslavia.

I miss the Ottoman Empire desu

I don't know much about Yugoslavia, as I was just a young kid during those wars. But that area has to be one of the prettiest landscapes on the face of the earth.

Can't wait to visit.

>you worked for 1 year and could buy a house

Well, then the party took the loan out instead of you, and gave you the house.
Public debt instead of private. Talked to an engineer from Sarajevo, he received his appartment right after graduation.
Totally unsustainable, too good to be true.

Now that I think about it, the parallels are striking:
the commies fucked us essentially in the same way over as the baby boomers did with the millenials in the US. Max out credit, let future generations pay for it, then dwelve in memories about the "good old days".

When Soviet Union begun they gave you free land and they also gave you free commie blocks, but a house you had to buy. Everything is overpriced these days, especially cars and houses. When a country owns all resources and land then things aren't expensive. I seen price jumps after 20000 for land from worthless to 500% more expensive because some mayor decided his son is going to have his shit there. So the purpose was to sold it after they build on it. No such nonsense existed during Socialism. When Yugoslavia started people were mobilized to build, many wanted to help, many build just to help the country and there were regular Socialistic actions where you would plant trees with population effort or clean environment. Everybody plants couple of trees of puts couple of bricks you see the difference.

East Germany wasn't like Yugoslavia, but you fucked yourself by demolishing the Berlin wall, that prevented EU and migrants. Now eat up and be ready to be replaced by cheap Africans, while the worth of your money is decided by USA. But seriously why you complain, you are still most successful and privileged in EU.

My parents were young when Yugoslavia was at its peak and they can't stop talking about how better it was back then. but in a huge way. It's not the political, geographical and ethnic shift that surprised them, but the almost sudden shift of mentality, stemming from the rural and into the urban environment.

Is Jugoslavija the only real example of a functioning nationalist state?

>Free healthcare
>Very good healthcare to the extent that people from France, Germany and UK were flying over for operations and procedures.
>Free education
>Brilliant "arts thinkers" and science programmes so advance, they sold rocket technology to both the Russians and Americans
>Free housing
>Comfy and roomy homes easily capable of withstanding the schizophrenic weather that the Balkans endures (freezing winters, boiling summers)
>Comprehensive transport links
>You want to go to the coast? Jump on a train. Need to see your girlfriend's parents in another state? Smooth roads linking city to city.
>Full employment
>Work weighing you down? Enjoy more mandated leave than most countries in Western Europe
>Worried about overbearing external influences?
>Don't worry. Tito is playing both the Yanks and the Ruskies.

Oh and by the way, none of them were rich. They grew up both in middle-class families and what they always go on about is how capitalism completely destroyed the middle-class in Serbia, which it did - this is not some socialist fantasy of mine, the results are directly measurable.

It was shit.

Yugoslavia wasn't communist, what we had was basically a form of "national capitalism" where all incentives of capitalism were kept like paychecks and raises and shit that was more expensive and everything, but almost all industry was nationalized. The only problem with Yugoslavia, and its subsequent downfall came from suppressing nationalists, because something like that after all the shit that happened during and before WW2 was literally impossible. Serbs hadn't forgotten what Croats did in WW2 and Croats haven't forgotten how much they hated us either. Nationalism shouldn't have been censored, but actively discouraged and outsmarted, and only then could it die over time, suppressing it only delayed the problem of a large-scale nationalistic conflict.
>t. Serbian nationalist btw

TL;DR: Yugoslavia wasn't necessarily communist and nationalism killed Yugoslavia but simply because it was handled in a bad way

In the DDR:
>There were no homeless
>Everyone could get a cozy job where you only worked 1-2 hours per day and sat around the rest of the day
>Even with such a job you could still afford a car
>Food was cheap
>The radio still played Volksmusik instead of american nigger music
>You could leave your home unlocked and nobody would rob you

State capitalism*

We still have "free" healthcare, only that now(since 2017) it costs from 20 to 40 per month in taxes. In 90ies it costed 10 euro, in Yugoslavia wasn't worth the mention. Of course nowadays they have all kinds of tricks, you sometimes have to pay some little extra if you want latest treatment.

Actually if you were a party member it was breddy gud.

It's the only way to make """some """"people"""""" work.

How much money do you have to make to live a comfy life in Slovenia?


I miss the DDR.

The Wall:
Sure, it was hard to get out but even harder to get in. No Muslims, no rapefugees.

Sure, there weren't 60 different kinds of chocolate available but there was also no unemployment and people helped each other out instead of trying to bring each other down.

Sure, we were occupied by the Russians in a way, but patriotism was still encouraged and no one promoted racial and cultural suicide.

Poisonous American culture was mostly kept out of the country. No McDonalds, no Hollywood, no SJW degeneracy. The DDR was undeniably GERMAN. Not American degenerate race mixed brown-black Hollywood Niggers working at McDonalds, ads with trannies and queers.

Was hard, I admit that. But being a Christian in the DDR was still easier than being a Christian today in a SJW shit hole that is increasingly becoming Americanized. Sure, we don't have gay "marriage" in Germany yet, but it's just a matter of time until we are like the US where you commit a crime if you don't bake those gays their fucking cake.

The surveillance was shit, of course. Secret police and everything. But we have the same today. With NSA, CIA, FBI, Shareblue whoever watching. And don't you dare to say a wrong word about feminists or refugees! We arguably have less freedom of speech today.

The part of Germany that was communist is the part now, were 30.000 people march through the streets to rally against Merkel, mass-immigration, against the Islamization adn the Americanization of Germany. It's the part of PEGIDA, LEGIDA, Björn Höcke, people in Heidenau literally attacking the refugee-protecting police at night and then hiding in their neighbor's houses. West Germany is the "Refugees Welcome" SJW part.

50 years of Soviet occupation has obviously done less damage than 50 years (and counting) of American occupation.

Socialism didn't had homeless, now Ljubljana has some homeless, even as recently as early 90ies there weren't homeless. Being a drug addict on street, that would caught the police patrol's eyes, you would quickly sleep in jail for the day. Yugoslavia was very allergic against drug addicts or any kind of public screaming or shows without appointment. So you had police patrolling and there was no possibility of prostitutes, drug addicts or homeless. During Socialism it wasn't hard to find a job, since more or less same salary existed in any job and you simply applied and you got the job, there was no competition. They measured your performance at job, boss was just intermediary, not much important.

>Ghaddafi Libya:

There is no electricity bill in Libya; electricity is free for all its citizens.
There is no interest on loans, banks in Libya are state-owned and loans given to all its citizens at zero percent interest by law.
Having a home considered a human right in Libya.
All newlyweds in Libya receive $60,000 dinar (U.S.$50,000) by the government to buy their first apartment so to help start up the family.
Education and medical treatments are free in Libya. Before Gaddafi only 25 percent of Libyans were literate. Today, the figure is 83 percent.
Should Libyans want to take up farming career, they would receive farming land, a farming house, equipments, seeds and livestock to kickstart their farms are all for free.
If Libyans cannot find the education or medical facilities they need, the government funds them to go abroad, for it is not only paid for, but they get a U.S.$2,300/month for accommodation and car allowance.
If a Libyan buys a car, the government subsidizes 50 percent of the price.
The price of petrol in Libya is $0.14 per liter.
Libya has no external debt and its reserves amounting to $150 billion are now frozen globally.
If a Libyan is unable to get employment after graduation the state would pay the average salary of the profession, as if he or she is employed, until employment is found.
A portion of every Libyan oil sale is credited directly to the bank accounts of all Libyan citizens.
A mother who gives birth to a child receive U.S.$5,000.
40 loaves of bread in Libya costs $0.15.
25 percent of Libyans have a university degree.
Gaddafi carried out the world’s largest irrigation project, known as the Great Manmade River project, to make water readily available throughout the desert country.

First you have to know Slovenian. Depends what you want as comfy, in cities it's more expensive nowadays. 800 Euro would be enough. If you have everything you need(house, car), then that's more than enough.

I speak extremely broken Kajkavski lol, I always liked Slovenia i'm just curious lad. Also 800 EU a month?

Any ex-Yugos here familiar with Lepa Brena? She's in the OP pic and was basically like Madonna of the Balkans back in the day. Them thighs tho


Gaddafi had the lowest fuel prices on planet and he also knew how to keep those tribes together without killing each other. There were some problems, but not nearly as many as today.

Hungary was colloquially known as the happiest barrack in the Eastern block due to perceived greater freedom and quality of life its citizens enjoyed. Compared to other soviet countries, Hungarian human rights record was relatively clear and the people enjoyed many amenities and were unkown to chronic shortages and long queues. Lot of alternative culture was tolerated to a degree, best described by Kádár's slogan "Who is not against us, is with us".

Of course, after taxes.