Head of government literally in a shitty townhouse

Brits are truly an empire worth of having India and Pakistan as alumni.

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*teleports behind you*

oh look
this fucking thread again

And that shitty townhouse pierced your tight anus twice, kraut.

british house looks fucking stupid...

this seems to be the main reason isis didn't conquers this pity shithole yet - it's just not worth the effort

I wonder why the Kraut is so salty...

Again with this thread, why?

its because in the UK, the prime minister is supposed to be a set in his ways sort of chap; enjoying the Britishness in everything (see victor meldrew). A massive complex is too grandiose for a lowly ministerial position as a commoner.

>servant of the people lives in a house similar to the people

I don't see why that's a bad thing. Treating an elected official as a god is retarded and putting your 'president' on a pedestal results in Merkels and Trumps who are in it purely for their own ideologies and not the nation ideals.

Stay mad Eurocuck.

Whats that building in Germany?
Looks like car factory.

Well memed

Plus Chequers.

Are you the same fucking turk that spammed the anglo threads some months ago? Don't you have anything better to do, like getting back in your own fucking country?

>kruats have disgusting 'modern' architecture

No. 10 is comfy and historic as fuck m8, stay mad

What's up

German one looks like a fucking Corporate Headquarters not a government building.


Do you have a new modern shit house because Muslims kept bombing your old one?


This really says a lot about each country

The WH is not the main seat, the Capitol building is.



It's historical and not a new one because your shitskin mudslime loving country got the shit blown out of it twice in the last century.



I think you forgot about something, Hans.

ITT: triggered britfags

Oh ok .
So Angela works out a car factory.
Well that does save space and all.


German government building is retarded modern art. Kraut

wew lad :^)

That's because the Federal Republic of Germany is not a sovereign state but a big corporation. It's also why I'm not actually NEET but an employee of that corporation and my welfare is my monthly wage.

Agree. That's fucking gross.

Good thing that I'm a monarchist :^)

How can krauts compete? Oh that's right, they can't because they're no longer a monarchy.

>Picture PM sitting all awkward with a stupid grin on her face in a terraced shed.
>Paper thin walls means she has to listen to Boris incessantly humping the staff members and Coronation Street blaring from next door.
>Squalid conditions leads to rat infestation.
>Get some cats to keep control.
>Nationalise more cats as it doesn't seem to be working.
>Vote for Brexit.
>Paparazzi are outside taking pictures of rats and said cats trying to catch them.


>the aerial view of Downing Street.

Bigger, better and classier than your lego bricks, fritz.

this is the prime minster other house

Μy grandfather paid good money for this

>dis pic
>a Polish Jewess as Jeanne d'Arc
fucking kikes

Look at that shit modern architecture in Germany, looks like an office block not a home. Probably just where Merkel re-charges her batteries after a day of fucking Europe

Not to mention that we've got no fucking soace left in London

Looks like projects in the Bronx.

>Blocks all supplies to Germany after the end of the first war
> Starvation leads to revolution and as a result of that overthrowing the rightful kaiser
> Accept the shitty treaty
> Germany retaliates
wow it's like if you push a country to it's limit they retaliate


Our head of state lives in a literal farmhouse.

The president lives in the WH, OP just sucks and didn't post the German one.

the german one Looks fucking ugly
the old one was amaizing

Firstly, I don't know what you're trying to prove with that German one, it looks like hideous post-modernist garbage. Secondly we do not glorify mere politicians, mere men in suits. Which is why I find it amusing when all you Republicucks essentially treat your heads of Governments as if they were some sort of divine rulers. You see in Britain, God's country, all of our reverence lies with the Sovereign, Her Majesty, in all her splendor. Not with some grey bureaucrat.

But the Queen is our head of government you stupid sausage munching jerry.

Am I the only person in the world that thinks this building is ugly? There's so many beautiful mountain castles and then you post this McCastle that does not even have any defensive value.


The White house looks like some cheap plaster board shit rofl

>you will never have history

Beautiful castle. I got some good pictures of that covered in snow.

Wow you german cunts really have the most disgustingly ugly building

Kys worthless krautfag
Bomber Harris should have just finished it.

>nodody itt gives it the credit it deserves
a-at least we have a nice gooberment building :D

Not that surprised Germany abandoned roman references in their architecture.

fucking cucks.

Honestly, he is right. Historical or not, the state of architecture in our country's Capital is very shoddy. Liverpool has a better blend of traditional and modern.

German one is ugly as fuck. Germans have no class.

Why does the german building look so wobbly?

You fucking krauts are basic nothing tier bullshit. You understand this right?


Turk or Greek?
If we could i would annex Cyprus. Too good to let go. Let the trannies have Ibiza.


shut up lad you don't know what you're saying

Harrods looks better than that mate

Because you bombed the shit out of the first one

The brickwork in london is cool, a lot of it is 1800s and good colour

I like deansgate in Manchester for its bricks too

It's not about government buildings but about president residences.


To be honest the government should always be in a shitty townhouse. Compact, functional, no unnecessary shit to get the job done.

But you should have some palace or something where people think you are all the time so the suicide bombers blow up the flashy thing instead of the government officials. Also it's good for dick measurement contests when you invite foreign leaders.

We had this thread yesterday.
The German one looks like a modernist mosque. Fitting.

That's a nice mosque

Brexit can't come quick enough.
Continental Europe is fucked, and you know it Fritz.
Now get back to work, my new car isn't going to build itself!
The fucking cheek on these cunts.

>honestly he's right
>has never seen what the projects actually look like

does pic related look like 10 downing street?

Why is it everyone forgets that the Prime Minister gets the fucking massive country house aswell as 10 Downing Street?

i wouldnt care
the real Germany died in 1945 anyway

The brickwork in London is still chipped from the Blitz.

I do like the old Imperial buildings myself, too. But 10 Downing Street looks right out of a Shameless Estate and the rest of the architecture is just very shabby.

Honestly, not too far off.

But they were a monarchy until you forced them to get rid of it after WW1

How are you going to criticize Germany for something you made them do? Seriously?


I think he meant to say that it was shitty. Not a literal copy.

And it doesn't look too dissimilar to council estates around here.

dont you know the difference between a Castle and a fortress?

Bow peasants

Maybe because half of it got blown up 70 years ago by OP's grandad


Technically our Head of State (Präsident) resides in the Bellevue Castle though ,not the Kanzleramt

That's a pool house, you can't be serious.

Looks comfy as fuck

Should have been used as a reason to overhaul London's cityscape. Instead they rebuilt it all in the style it was before.

here is a typical council estate.

does that look like this ?

you okay?

You've outdone us all Juan


forgot pic

Would hangout with druglords/10

Its a constitutional monarchy the queen is the head of state you fuckwit.

Are the scars still visible or have they re-built everything just as it was before the war?

I can't remember seeing any traces of the war, last time I was in London. But that's a long time ago.

Literally a Cartel bosses hideout, including the mandatory helicopter landing pad for dramatic escapes

The WH looks like a place with a seat of power.
Yours looks like an oversized college.

Silly britbongs