Pol wants to ban this

Why are yall such Islamophobic bigots?

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Nice fucking form..one handed, one blow..

Isis could learn a thing or 2 from these sandniggers.

>Oy Vey!!! Stop posting proof that Muslims are evil!!! Muslims are our pets we are going to use to destroy all the white goyim and invade their lands!!! Goyim listen too me... Islam is a religion of peace. You are the evil one.. not the Muslims who throw homosexuals off the roofs of buildings and chop peoples heads off like savages. You the white goyim are the devil!!!

Clean. Neat. Tidy.

Why Americans are still the worst


Look at how that fag tippy toes away real quick hahahha

worried about a little blood on your robe? what a fag. No doubt this guy went home and got shat on by a couple frat guys he's paying to stay in Dubai.

that wasn't the first swing.
look at all the blood

also sage this shit rreeeeeeee

Probaby the other guys that were executed before him.

Wasn't that the blood of the person who got beheaded just before?


also that position is almost impossible for a clean cut, they should really be using a chopping block. Disgusting heathens.

Wow you limes are fucking dumb..

now that you put it like that...

Muslims love Sharia law until they fall on the wrong side of it.

guillotine Is honestly probably the best cleanest most proven execution method

The gif shows the imposition of a sentence.
ISIS murders are done with small blades to prolong the suffering.

communist jews are the worst..

>one handed
>used bendy blade of crude Saracen make designed for slicing
>chops instead
>doesn't have the weight to do it in one go
>doesn't have the strength (one handed) to do it in one go
>handlers let the corpse flop back in most amateur fashion imaginable
>executioner jumped away from the blood like a pansy

>a good execution

Altijd die kut hollander met commentaar, opkankeren van mijn board.

quickly backwards because dont want blood spills on her dress

How sharp is that blade? Doesn't look like it even weighs that much.

There was a nice slow-motion video from ISIS where they behead a guy using a yuge two-handed sword with a single chop, somebody must deliver the webm, looks like something straight out of Tarantino movie

Second this, I was trying to find that one for this thread

haha that dudes wearing a dress

wheres the rest of the video?
how do you know there were more?

It's Saudi Arabia, they are constantly executing people


Islam deserves much respect for all of the gore videos they've given the world.

LMAO how he steps backwards to make sure no blood touches hisn dress

This guy is probably a rapist or some other lowdown scum. If you have a problem with justice, you are a pussy liberal.