Why european countries are so disgusting ?

Why european countries are so disgusting ?

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African genes on the left and Asian genes on the right, rest are immigrants.

dutch people are literally african tier in hygiene


You have to wash your hands BEFORE going to the toilet. Not after.

We don't have to worry about being called a black magician when transmitting a disease and thus get burried till the head and get stoned because the sharia told them to.


>more likely to wash hands if you wipe your ass with it

checks out

Turks civilized balkanites

This, why do you want germs on your dick?

Even though that might change if we get a new leftist pro-islamageddon cuck elected for the next 4 years.

Try again baby

Just pointing out a few variables here that it doesn't account for.
>men or women
>shit or piss
>telling the truth on polls
>sickness levels may influence map
>age of people polled would matter

As for myself, I wash my hands so often that my skin got really badly dry and damaged, so now I have to only rinse them unless I go to the bathroom. Hygene is very important.

Your dick has then germs on it from your piss. That's why you wash your hands after

Holy fucking shit, TOP kek m8. Hahaha

I only wash my hands after pooping.

I don't even touch my dick when I piss and I still wash my hands after.

The map confirms this

I only wash my hands after taking a shit

I barely wash my hands after if im at home

I don't even look at my dick when I piss and I still wash my eyes later

Piss from your own body is pretty much sterile, retard.



The environment is passes through isn't.

Good Question
Only a Turk could come up with something as thought-inspiring as this

Urine is pretty much sterile in healthy people. The water you use to wash your hands is dirtier than the piss you're washing off.

Only if you're a dirty uncircumcised goy.

Well of course you do. While you wash your asshole with your hands you get soap on your asshole and hands at the same time, clever!

So you're saying you'd rather let someone piss in your mouth than drink water.

I'm breddy sure the UK is one of the top consumers of piss porn, so probably

>someone who pisses in someones mouth is healthy

You'd still want to wash it off your hands though since it smells bad

why should I trust him?

I'm a cook and im so paranoid about this. It absolutly disgusts me, when people dont wash their hands. Wash your fucking hands! Seriously,.. do it

It still smells and you want to wash it off

You wash your dick itself, you don't need to wash your hands.


Then stop peeing on your hands retard.
Why would you wash something that literally just unzips your pants and touches a piece of skin on your body that's most likely cleaner than any other part of your body?

before and after masterrace

cuck you

I have bad eczema and I piss like 5 times a day and wash my hands like 7 times a day to partial germaphobia/mysophobia, I can't afford to wash anymore without making my hands raw red.

u want to cuck me lad? not possible

This is the right decision. My dick is probably the cleanest thing in the bathroom.

>wash hands
Kek. Germans use same water for all family to take a bath, they'll rather die then spill extra drop.


Fuck is wrong with the netherlands?

The urine may be sterile but your sweat is not and the germs your dick has on it from urinal splashback or toilet seat contact or poo water splashback are not.



it's because they are not Muslim like you.

look at the netherlands

Poor norway and denmark didn't understand the question asked. Wash hands? What wash?

I can tell whenever a European is walking by from their smell. It's worse than Indian smell, at least they smell like food, Europeans smell like stale smoke, BO, rotting food, and a little bit of poop smell.

being sterile doesn't mean it's drinkable you fucking subhuman

Why are turks so incestuous?

Gross dude. I don't wanna smell your dick cheese.

Only in Moscow hotels

The 15% are Sporting supporters

> not peeing in the sink in public toilets so that tap gets hit too

Do you wonder why they did not publish Estonian results? Now you know.


Why is no one picking up the Turkey are more hygienic then all of Europe?

Because 94% is less than 96%. See Bosnia.

African education everyone.

Se ainda fosse Benfica...pq Sporting? Um sportinguista comeu a tua senhora?

Why turks can't speak proper english?

Nah, é só que 15% da população portuguesa deve ser do Sporting. Os numeros parecem bater certo

E não tem piada gozar só com os lampiões

Bons pepes



and now you know the proportion of liars

The cock is sacred, the center of happiness. You gotta wash your hands BEFORE, MAN.

Haven't used soap in like 8 years, seriously. Why not improve your genes? I use schampoo and I also like being out in nature in rain/mud.

Also trusting the bubblejew to care about anything other than your womans money seems low intelligence to me. Maybe I'm stupid.

don't use* my hair is great

>not washing your hands after touching your dick
Fucking nigger tier

Turks wipe their ass with their hand.


Degenerate ploy. Real men use only water.

How the fuck does not washing your hands improve your genes? I understand your immune system... but genes?

Ah ah Europe BTFO. We're the most hygienic country in the West.

Sou do sporting e esse Pepe fez me Kek

>all these people wanting to get sick if one bacteria hits them
>what is a strong immune system

wtf is wrong with deutsch people?

Because Eurofags are literally an inferior version of Americans. They will be terminated eventually after the race war.

Honest question: Do YOU wash your hands with soap after just going for a piss? Seriously, water is enough. These stats seem too high to me, probably many people lying.

that man know his stuff

I wash my hands before I puss if anything.
My cock is a lot cleaner than the door handle I just touched to enter the bathroom.

>Honest question: Do YOU wash your hands with soap after just going for a piss?
I wash my hands for everything

Yet it's mostly muslims who stink and shower once a week at best. So that's a bad hygiene if you ask me.

We use toilet paper.

fuck it

Reminder that it says SOAP AND WATER which is completely unnecessary.
Sup Forums BTFO
Dutch masterrace

They wash their hands at that rate because they don't use toilet paper. Easier to remember to wash if you've just literally shoved your hand up your arse.

True redpill here

You're supposed to wash your hands BEFORE touching your dick so you dont get bacteria.

De nada, irmãos.

Tomem a versão dos outros mouros


It's actually quite simple. Muslims are not allowed to use toilet paper, so they had to wipe their asses with their hands after they take a shit.

The actual disgusting part is that there is a 6% in Turkey that exits the toilet with literal SHIT in their hands.


Do you make bitches brush their teeth before they suck your dick? Oh wait, I meant WILL YOU not DO YOU. Obviously has never happened.

Esses lavam sempre as mãos depois da ladroagem que fazem.

>proper hygeine

Enraged Enrique

>Do you make bitches brush their teeth before they suck your dick

That really makes sense user. You don't want anyone to suck your dick with a dirty mouth, right?


Bullshit. The only you'd get those results is only if you go to Andalusia.