So... this is the power of the Wehrmacht...

Remind me why Sup Forums idolizes the Nazis again?

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No, fuck off.

They only lost because of the Jews


You do realise thats the part that was left on the western fronts and in germany.
Literaly any soldier from 18-30 got send east.
Those are just HJ kids who got drafted in a last effort.

>You do realise
Yes he does. Hes just a retarded liberal or kike posting retarded bait.

Vae Victis

All men older than 25 were by 1942 in argetinia.
Funny, very much like the refugees are now. Maybe we deserve this after all.

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we should turn this troll thread into a /k/ thread
from organization, command structure, all the way to squad level tactics and weapon deployments, the us military still heavily reflects the wehrmacht. the more you know

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I dont. only stormfags and nupol kiddies do.

Those kids were probably 14-17 years old. They probably didn't even have memories of before Hitler. They were indoctrinated with Nazi ideas since the age of 5.

They were victims just as much as anyone else, despite wearing that uniform.

fuck off actual polish person

Well, yeah. Blitzkreig is the basis of all modern warfare. They literally wrote the book.

All the real soldiers were too busy having melee fights with the Red Army in the Eastern meatgrinder

So... this is the power of the Allied forces...

>mention that you like the way the Stuka/Tiger/etc look

>declare war on america
>cry when they push your shit in
lol whoever made that pic was at the height of butthurt and ignorance

Kinda runnin' out of folks there at the end.

Yes, killing 700k women and children. WW2 vets should be tried for war crimes.

Fuck fritzes and their "muh-fancy-warriors of the III Reich" in their pretentious asses

Good goy.

>700k women and children

lol. Funny how stormfags always bitch about "da jews lied about 6 million!" yet try to push this stupid shit.

op will not divide us.

good non-argument

the lineage of the saw ties directly back to the mg34. all of it does, actually, they pioneered most modern tactics. we were still catching up during korea, and still adopting and improvising. x-10 project workers had to read "stuka pilot," rommel's hull down defense, hit and run harassing envelopment is exactly how modern tanks deploy. the list goes on for pages

Literally does nothing to change the fact that we fought a war for the Jews and international banking system, and are now reaping our reward.


WW2 vets btfo

>someone declares war on you
>it's not your fault you whip their ass, it's conspiracy theories that are at fault instead
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They are kids, you piece of shiet, and they had more balls then you will ever have.

This is a fucking Jew, I don't care what anybody says.

People do not fall for jewish tricks. Reminder to sage slide threads.

>American intellectuals




It took USA, UK, Soviets, the French and many other to beat Weimar Germany. A century worth of development in just a few years. It just shows that NatSoc is just the best

It's weird how generals were equipping for a static defensive line in WW2. I mean, after WW1 they must have know that shit isn't going to work against a continually improving military.

People act shocked when you tell them Germany beat England and France combined on the same front in 6 weeks. But when you think about it, it's not surprising at all.

I guess it's just one example of why a meritocracy works. Britain and France were giving leadership roles depending on how inbred you were and what hereditary title you had, Germany actually wanted good people in charge. I mean no one could beat their tactics, we won by matching them and used overwhelming force.

Thats CLEARLY not the Volkssturm you dumbass. They didnt have a uniform, just a little arm patch

before the war began there was an escalation of trade tariffs, tit for tat. hitler met the queen. the move that really turned it was france. we literally didn't give a shit to this point. central europe could turn and only newspapers would feign outrage. pearl harbor was a footnote, the sides were already drawn by then. hitler could have been a little smoother on france, false flags and destabilization tactic like we all use today

War is war. You are posting a picture of children drafted into the army, what's your point exactly?

Germany's problem has always been people. They send out their best at the start they all end up dead so they have to use the Week Young and old.


What European Nations have consistently failed to realize is that their systems cause anybody with any talent or dive to flee for pastures. Namely The United States. Basically all that is left in Europe are the retards.

*greener pastures, fuck.

>Germany is allied with Italy, Finland, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Spain, Croatia, Hungary, and Romania and STILL lost

can you please stop trying to shill this idea that Germany was all alone and valiantly stood to the end? Germany invaded Russia with all those countries and lost that.

yep. what instigated all of it was the horsepower per gallon of fuel conversion. it enabled dreams to flourish

>captured during 2-front war with the worlds greatest powers against you
>part of the largest Navy ever imagined in all of history, captured by literal subhumans in a speedboat

Awww don't cry!
You're still totalllly super badass we promise, Land of the Freeeeeee

>War is war.

ok, and if you believe that then stop bitching after you get your ass kicked and are viewed as the violent niggers you are.

Yea they lost, everybody knows. Whats the point of this again? Pretty brave for kids.

And the brits


Fun fact: If you add up the death tolls of every Nazi bombing it doesn't even reach half of the death toll of the Dresden

Same applies to Hamburg, Cologne, Frankfurt, Berlin, and every other major German city.

If you add up all of the casualties from Allied bombings you're reaching muh holocaust tier numbers, but that's nobody's business obviously

>Remind me why Sup Forums idolizes the Nazis again?

Wehraboos mostly nurse the fantasy that under a Nazi regime they'd have respect, power and a kick-ass uniform. Ironically, the Nazis would take one look at your average Sup Forums user and send the fucker straight to the gas chamber.

Well face it, any of those kids was more of a man, than you.


It wasn't uncommon to see Volkssturm with some kind of uniform, either official or not.

>Pic related, Volkssturm defending a riverbank

Some of the kids even wear SS-headgear. I don't know if the kids would've been conscripted to join the SS. Does anyone know?

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Its what you deserve

They surrendered. Just like all the other Germans. At the end of the war, over 9 million German soldiers had surrendered.

Isn't that pretty cowardly? If just a third of those German cowards had actually fought instead of surrendering, maybe Stalin wouldn't have won.

yeah not gonna say it's a great thing to firebomb cities, but total war man...

people are not ready for total war until it is upon them. even then, we can only brace ourselves, because the human machine has suddenly turned into a callous predator

germans, snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, since 1914

Look at that grin.

He knows he's captured some losers.

He knows his side will win *again* and the Germans will go down in defeat.

He's thinking about the campaign ahead, to crush Germany and occupy it. To trade a cigarette to get head from German girls whose husbands and fathers have died fighter against him.

The smile of a winner.

lol that's nice, kid

why don't you let go of your hate?

Fought with what equipment? If you gave them thousands of tank destroyers and artillery sure.

Germany in WW1 was a lot more impressive in the sense it fought off THREE great powers for 4 years and even knocked out Russia out of war and later faced USA too.
Wehraboos are too dumb to know that though.

Now this is a jewish thread, not even funny banter but good ole fashioned divide and fucking conquer

But we made it,we successfully fought and got killed in record numbers to give more power to all the joos in the world!we gave up all of eastern Europe to the soviets,the baltic states,and we made sure we created enough guilt concept in all white man (basically we got somehow civil wared again,we ended slavery so we could all be called slave owners,we ended racism so we could all be called racists,isn't it great goys?now that they don't need to tell you how great you're for not being racist or a nazi...You can become the racist and the nazi in the narrative!they can't wait till blackie and muzzies become their puppets to kill us

Tried to escape Germany by faking documents and volunteering for wehrmacht ... and succeeded.

>If you add up the death tolls of every Nazi bombing it doesn't even reach half of the death toll of the Dresden

~20,000 to 25,000 Polish civilians died in the initial bombing of Warsaw alone.

~40,000 British civilians died in the The Blitz

Bombing of Dresden killed ~25,000 german civilians.

You are just making shit up at this point. And its also weird of axiscucks to cry about this shit when they did all the same shit, but to a MUCH worse degree. The only way you can actually think this is to either lie or just be stupid.

not true, bro. There are not that much germans ancestors here.

Why would I idolize Nazis? They spawned modern Germans that are flooding the Europe with Turks and other immigrants. Whatever the SS did is little in comparison.

Nah cunt.
I'll never celebrate defeating the ones who wanted to stop this timeline from occurring. If you wanna cheer-lead for kikes and nonwhites go ahead, I think reddit may be more your speed

Russia was hilariously incompetent pre-communism. They lost to Japan which wasn't even a world power at that time.

I think all the best german soldiers were dead by that point in the war so they had to start recruiting lesser men.

pretty much this. Its very similar to commieboo delusions.

>in this new meme regime, I would be someone important and powerful! and then I can kill chad and stacy for hurting muh feewings!

You see this Jewish flag of mine, ignore all posts. This is what the average "white" American pol user looks like.

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No they wouldnt have been conscripted, they all got conscripted into the Volkssturm, which was basically a parallel army to the Wehrmacht

the SS was also under the same controll than the Volkssturm, that is why the Volkssturm often got issued with SS gear and weapons, because they were under the same Hierarchy

>comparing finland and romania to the soviet union and the usa
I seriously hope i will never be this retarded

Not an argument

Don't forget the famous Second Fleet which, on their way to the Pacific, nearly started a war with Britain, arrived late then proceeded to get BTFO at the Battle of Tsushima Strait

It's the opposite really.

I know those are lesser countries, which is why the Axis got its fucking ass kicked.

My point is to dispel this myth that "hurr Germany fought alone!"

This was for you.
Let's not sage it,op is a fag and fags will be fags,I went to lefty pol to troll them and it was a barren place.
But I think this threads serve a purpose in that people come and show their arguments,read arguments etc,therby get trained into red Pilling arguments,see other nationalists points of view etc etc.of course op is a fag but we can learn from other non fags posting against op and new fags that come might read something useful or collect some memetic energy through charts

I wasn't responding to one either :)

Ah, okay. Thank you for clearing this up!

>when you lack diversity

Volkssturm were old men and children. Everyone else was dead or on the Eastern front at that time, hence the Western Allies rounding up the dead wood they did.

Even the guys fighting the Russians were a sorry shadow of the Wehrmacht from 1940-42.

>I was just pretending etc etc

what about 1940 allied fag

No it isnt. WW1 was a constant tug of war going back in forth. Germany held their own against the world.

While the MOMENT uncle adolf lost his momentum, it was just a race to the bottom. Once he got cock blocked at Moscow and once he lost the Battle of Britain, he was fucked and the rest of the war was just lost after lost.

WW1 German military was objectively better and Hitler was essentially LARPing when he tried to revive that Prussian marshal prowess

Fucking wrong
Yes they had the man power from These countries but These were countries with Soviet Tier Training (Useless soldiers) and NO Industrial and weapons manufacturing capability AT ALL
The Rumanians at Stalingrad had to get French loot guns from the Wehrmacht and couldnt even produce their own ammo
On a production scale, The Reich was alone

You mean *yawn*

>Jews 2nd to the left

I'd fucking marry that broad.

They might as well have

>WW1 German military was objectively better

Im sorry I dont use reddit tier dialogue