They are doing our work for us

It feels good that the interracial dating meme is over.

Why would a self-respecting white guy EVER date a Negro?

That's the statement of an idiot regardless of race or politics. standard genuine approved interracial relationships count.

As for those black girls that are fucking idiots that literally are only in it to date someone hotter with lighter skin, only to call them white, should go to hell

and interracial dating is not over, im with a rare flag girl now, rather than that stupid idiot , terrible example of a black girl and American

>EVER date a Negro?
She is mixed with a white father. This is why you shouldn't race mix.


wtf I hate Trump now

ugh kill yourself before you breed you race mixing faggot, traitor, leaf.

>self respecting
Take that part out of the equation and there's a reason.
White male+ black female have the most successful marriages(in percentage) of any race pairing including white female.

No self respecting white man should, but that would be one possible reason why.

>wmbf have the most successful marriages(in percentage)
that's not true

>Collier Meyerson

wrong, your numbers are outdated

>thinks she needs a shirt to explain that she's a kike

>dat nose

Comments are glorious

>on a lighter note, there is a loophole: white men from certain european, latin, and middle eastern countries. they're inherently more woke most the time and have a sophistication american men can never match.

Look at these bitches think that anyone other than a federal offender would look lustily upon their 300 lb stretch marked baboon butts.

>I used to pine after white boys

that's a weird fetish

It must be an African post-coitus mating ritual to rub ones enlarged clitorae on the trunk of a piney arbor.

Oh, shit I better start voting Democrat or the tumblr hamplanets and sheboons won't want to bang.


she looks so concentrated

There's nothing wrong with white guys dating colored women, it's only wrong when other men fuck your women

It's 1st time i see black cuck.

They don't.

Ive seen exactly 2 white guys with black girls in my life.

1 was literally the most beta shut in EVE online stereotype ever. His girlfriend was someone he met through runecraft or wow or some shit.

2. was a black female adopted by a white family in a rural area. the black chick acted completely white (literally no blacks in the area to infect her with the hood attitude), almost stereotypically white ('ohmygooooood' etc) but she was actually halfway cute for a black chick. She ended up dating this goofy ass redneck kid from our high school who while 'normal' I guess, was also dumb as a fuckin rock and probably couldn't do too much better with white girls unless you settled for a trailer park fatty or something.

That's literally the only 2 examples I have seen. Not exactly a good track record.

I disagree.

What about black people whom 90% or more of voted for Obama BOTH times and he did fuck all but mess everything up, play golf and erode our freedoms? Trump is doing more for the world than any of these liberals will ever comprehend. It's so tragic they can't see this. They are mentally retarded. All they see is race, gender, political correctness. They hide in their safe spaces and coddle each other. These are the soft people created by easy times. These are the losers. There are still hard people left. We're the pro Trump, we're the conservatives and nationalists. We will defeat them all and make them wallow in their idiocy for the rest of their snowflake lives.

Retarded hypocrite detected


>black man trying to justify the existence of niggers
explain to me why i shouldn't hate the black man more than the niggers. if it weren't for "muh educated blackies" we would have been able to get rid of niggers by now. reality is that black men are niggers.