Conspiracy theories that you believe but have no definitive proof of

I believe that Michelle Obama is a man.

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As if her huge black cock wasnt enough evidence of that.

all of them apart from flat earth.
although interesting, i just can't see it.
most of the main ones are entirely plausable though.. especially 9/11

I did too until I saw her primary school photograph ... she was a girl

>no definitive proof

Satanic pedophile elites


I think that BBC interview where the guy got interrupted by his kids and then his asian wife comes spilling in like a Marx brothers' routine was 100% fake.

There were a number of groups who knew 9/11 was planned and actively chose to do nothing to stop it.

That jawline is enough proof.
She is either a man or incredibly ugly.

pizzagate hurr durr

This is pretty believable desu.

Hillary and Huma are lesbian lovers.

Human civilization stretches back 100,000+ years. By civilization I mean beyond simple tribal life/hunter gatherer lifestyle.

I'm assuming at this point that most pop-stars were all dudes (gaga, perry, bey) or chicks (beiber) or w/e.

There is a plan to replace the entire population of the world with dumb niggers and muslims in order to create an entirely homogeneous society forever enslaved in servitude of a chosen elite.

The plan is currently well in motion.

Why would you, it ended up making the states even more of a powerhouse and killed off millions of shitskins, although Obama ruined it all by letting all the shitskins into the country and promoting green energy.

I never understood that one.
With current technology, why not eradicate most of the population and have machines do all the work?


Well tyat and the flappy cock you could see through the pants.

See: Kalergi plan

Ahem, I believe the correct pronoun is trans-woman, you fucking transphobe!

It's a biblical thing.

makes sense. I never understood biblical things either

drumpf is the devil of every religion

this motherfucker is going to kill us all


God knows why. Machines require constant repairing and maintenance, so the more you have, the larger of an infrastructure you'll need in order to keep everything up and running. Now say you want to carry out some megalomaniac project that requires only raw man-power -- with machines, that would require massive teams of qualified engineers and everything that comes associated with them; now if if you have an army of well-fed negroes with enough subservience, the sky is the limit.

Naturally this would still require a fairly large professional class aligned with the ruling elite in order to design such elaborate plans, but considering the absolute reckless disregard at which immigration and the genocide of whites is being pushed, that clearly isn't going to stop (((them))).

i believe op is a faggot jew

That satan and demonic entities rule the world and are the entities pushing for one world government. Jews believe these entities to be good because they are told that they are "chosen" by them to accomplish this to create the Jew World Order

The CIA is owned by by George Soros

Photoshop, pleb.

Macro Evolution has zero proof.

flat earth theory is used simply to disprove the current theory of gravity due to the flaws with the pendulum theory. Although some flat-earthers are intelligent enough to see it for this value.

Link? For the love of God, link!

love is love

start treating people with equality

can we just accept each other for who we are?

love is love

AGENDA 2030. Look into this shit. It's been going on since the 80s.

top kek

The thing just seems completely staged to me.

I don't believe any conspiracy theories. They're all nonsense.

But if I had to pick one with the least dubious evidence, probably the second JFK shooter.

Machines need skilled technicians and engineers to be built and operated. Niggers just need stamps

Kys faggot

All of them. I literally believe every conspiracy theory in existence. You can make one up right now and I will believe it.

I don't even use aluminum foil for my hat because foil is a Jewish plot to steal our brains. You're a bluepilled faggot unless your hat is made of asbestos

That's fucking hilarious. Thanks, user!

They would get bored without someone to fuck with.

>Sandy Hook was a psy-op
>The straya version with the retardo was too (from accounts of strayans)
>9/11 could have been prevented, but deliberately wasn't
>There are multiple species of human existing on the earth with each other, not 1 race that wildly differs in thought patterns and values
>Our Moon is unique in its properties and should be investigated thoroughly. Probably has and the findings are too surreal to reveal them. I'm talking artificial satellite or hollow.
>There is a dedicated push to prevent our society from evolving past the 80's. All the gender/race non-relations we have built in the last 7 years was a deliberate attempt to divide and conquer ALL mankind, its just only whites are empathic enough to care about what is happening. That is why they need to die first, to literally stop them from being the savior of the planet by stopping it and righting the ship
>similarly, there is a clear distinction between a male and female in thought and action. This is being purposefully buried as to destroy natural selection.
>The "elite," whoever they may be, fundamentally see themselves as separate from the common man. This notion has existed long enough for them to build their own culture around the idea, with enough time to test that notion, they are completely in the right to assume it.
>Legit mental illnesses are being paraded as life choices and promoted because it puts infinite microcracks into the structural foundation of what we consider normative.
>We are recreating the Fall of Rome worldwide and it is being allowed to happen under the auspices of something better (that none of us will live to experience).
>the internet age will come to an end when our rebellous attitudes get to extreme. People have always sought to control others and it was easy without the internet. The internet gives context to concepts and CAN be a tool to accurately measure information. That alone is why it must be "reworked"

I unironically believe all of this.

All Jews are genetically evil
I believe that Trump is not wise to the JQ and genuinely thinks Israel is (((greatest ally))) and thats why he's hostile to Iran and why he married his prettiest daughter to a kike

You realise thats just Alex's way of saying Jewish

Jews killed Jesus.

Jesus was a Jew idiot

Michelle looks manlier than pic related

all life is a dream

nothing is "real"

i believe in jesus

We live in a hollow earth. Also the moon is hollow and contains nazi technologies

Michelle Obama is a failed ftm tranny.


Alex Jones is owned and operated by the CIA.

There's enough evidence.

fake news

>shit tier jpeg
>obvious shoop

9/11 is the only mainstream one I believe. I also believe that we are getting duped by the big pharma

I don't count JFK as a a conspiracy but as a mystery we will never know.

And the moon hoax, I'm still undecided. I don't know why would they still be lying about it, so many people. But at the same time everything is so fake...

> If you don't at least partially subscribe to the WW2-pill, you probably shouldn't be on this board. That includes believing that Hitler was the best of the four leaders of the Second World War by a large stretch, even if he wasn't perfect. It also includes knowing that NatSoc isn't a white supremacy idea, it's the ideal for Global Nationalism, where all races have pride in and protect their ethnic homelands (remember the Third Reich had more diversity than any of the other world power military)
> NWO = Communism
> 9/11 done by CIA/Mossad
> ISIS = CIA/Mossad
> Antarctica is housing something incredible, be it the NatSoc base many of the German scientists disappeared to in 1946, or an entrance to the 'hollow Earth'
> Universe probably isn't as big as we're told it is. I think that's a communist story being pushed to convince people that we are nothing in a vast space of nothing, therefore race, religion, etc. shouldn't matter, for example.
> JFK was very clearly aspiring to become the next Hitler in many ways. Taken out by CIA.
> Women are meant to select the strongest man and follow him. Equality is fake, our differences is what made civilization.
> Enormous amount of satanists and pizza lovers in the 1%
> Rothschild-level bankers rule almost everything and are the cause of modern problems.
> Ashkenazi Jews are from the Empire of Khazar, are not Israelites, and are the only ones behind all of this communist subversion. You never see actual Semitic Jews doing any of the global evils that Sup Forums is obsessed with. To that point, the Khazars are the greatest conquerors of all time. Pic related, ancient Khazar sculpture with the 'Star of David' which is really just the Star of Ramphen/Moloch if you've read the Bible.

I believe the one where the Nazis were digging into sheol (agarthia) to escape gods wrath

way back user

> To add onto this, uses of 'star' are extremely Luciferian. The star of David is literally 666 three times. The Soviet emblem was a star, Hollywood employs people and turns them into 'stars' (they turn actors into ritualistic satanists).
> The UN is communist at its core and almost a mirror reflection of the old 'League of Nations' that Rothschild had aspired to.
> The US and EU are undergoing communist subversion as we speak, where all races are seen as identical, and pointing out differences or having pride in your nation lands you in jail.

Whites are all effeminates.

really fries my almonds

Flat earth. I might not be able to definitively prove it, but I can definitively prove the earth is not a sphere.

>Conspiracy theories that you believe but have no definitive proof of.

CIA controlled ISIS leadership through blackmail.

So what if she is a dude? Do you regret fapping to her now?

Jewish world domination.
( because I cant lose my East-Asia )

It wouldn't be much of a conspiracy theory if you had any real proof.

>flaws with the pendulum theory
explain please

Extremely unprofessional..
Even the fact that he's in his bedroom wearing a suit is strange.


I knew there were good reason for their anti-asbestos shilling. It used to be protecting the inhabitants of the buildings from the jewish brainwaves, didn´t it?

We have some asbestos here (dad works at the junkyard), will create a helmet and report back tomorrow.

uh huh

An oil rig off the coast of California collapsed an underwater cave and released an unknown sea creature that killed the diver Tim mckeever while his friend watched.

After they dredged the area, they found his scuba equipment torn apart, along with a large claw that belongs to no known animal.

The navy then released 15 attack dolphins equipped with explosive syringes to destroy the creature. Only 9 dolphins made it back alive.

Did you see he has some random books stacked on the edge of the bed? That might be the biggest wtf in the whole video.

>The Awan Brothers: 3 Awan brothers are named by Webb : Imran, Jamal and Abid. (A 4th brother and wife of one of the Awan's are also believed to be involved).
>Originally installed in congressional positions by Greg Meeks who is widely regarded as the most corrupt member of congress.
>Debbie Wasserman Schultz was an integral player in the DNC Hacks and also introduced the Awan brothers to Congress. Is there a connection? Maybe, maybe not. It is not that far fetched, this has happened before, see the Silverman group. Silverman associated with the CPUSA and knew Jarrett’s father, Dr. James Bowman and through three degrees of separation used by the NSA is directly connected to Valerie Jerrett.
>Captain Joseph R. John (Navy-Ret.) has stated that he believes the Muslim Brotherhood “fifth column” has “infiltrated U.S. Government,” and if he is correct, the Awan brothers could very well be a part of this infiltration
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>CIA control the opium trade from Afghanistan and Cocaine Trade from South America.They use it to finance their black ops.

>CIA was involved in planning and executing 9/11, with nanothermite explosives in the towers. The point was to gain more power so they could create their own AI and gather big data in the coming years along with other things

>Pizzagate is true and elites have a vast pedophile / occult / human trafficking Network in place. Used by CIA to blackmail said elites

>Berlin and Brussels take advantedge of weak South European economies to keep the Euro devaluated so they can export products with ease

>Refugee crisis and mid-east wars are made to keep white populations divided and not united


they learned something about OBL and Hillary had them murdered

Slowly but surely the water is being fucked with to make people more emotional and susceptible to dopamine hijacking (conditioning)

Holy fuck I want it. The contrast between my fat, hairy gruff self and his lithe and feminine form submitting to me would be so fucking hot.

>extremely clever new york man makes billions in real estate and had a very successful show
>implying he hasn't personally witnessed nearly unfathomable kikery

Jonestown was a government experiment for mind control.


No, that's Anderson Cooper. ?

What's that conspiracy that says jews are a product of Eve fucking the serpent in the garden of eden, so therefore they're inherently evil? Second adam or serpent seed or something like that. I believe that to be true.

The holocaust.

Pedophile ring among the elites, there was some kind of a proof in Belgium back in the 90s IIRC

Looks bulky enuff, Michael prolly even got a fleshlight on there

The holocaust happened.

I feel so stupid for still thinking this is funny. I must have seen it a hundred times.

Basically almost anything is possible with enough evidence or if it makes logical sense. That's what kind of sucks about being "smart", you don't really trust anything and it's exhausting.

There's pleasure in stamping on a human face forever.

Yea, it's like he quickly tried to make the bedroom look like an office or something with the books and that fucking map.

Once the kids and wife comes in the whole scene is just bizarre

People here unironically believe Michelle Obama has a penis and Earth is flat but don't think the CIA is involved in illegal arms sales and drug trade

Top kek

Dude you just made my day lmao

ah so she is a girl but she has a penis, i see

I have a future.