Who should /ourdawg/ debate next?Would be cool to see him take down Richard Spencer once and for all

Who should /ourdawg/ debate next?Would be cool to see him take down Richard Spencer once and for all.

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People say he's a cuck. But I've yet to hear anything from him that proves it. What gives?

Destiny already refused to debate spencer admitting that it would be too hard.

>nazism is a political and racial ideology
>communism is just an economic thing


Look like /ourdawg/ wins the argument again



No one cares about this little idiot. Seriously..,no fucking cares

I want to see him BTFO Jordan Peterson

I saw a video called A Defense of the Alt-Right on Youtube. The guy set it up like a debate preface. I'd like to see Destiny and that guy debate.

Maybe you should just kill yourself Destiny, not that I personally agree with that sort of thing but maybe it's right for you

remember to sage

you shareblue shills really suck at your job, stop making it so obvious.

you're posting the same picture, and always referring to controlled opposition richard spencer.


Hide Destiny threads
Ignore Destiny posts
Do NOT reply to Destiny posters


he's an absolute cuck when it comes to econ

>richard spencer vs destiny
i cant imagine the autism

>borders are wrong because you got a bad roll of the dice you shouldnt have a bad live.
>unlimited immigration isnt bad.

>DOG, that's now how this work's! It's complicated!
*austics arm and head movesments*

he's trying to force a meme, newfags

Jason Unruhe.


Have him interview the maker of Head and Shoulders so he can ask what to do if you have no shoulders.

who is this dude again? Saw him debating jon tron and he was honestly super entertaining and pretty eloquent. Made Jon Tron look like retard honestly

Oh look another shitpost about cuckstiny

Richard keeps getting owned on twitter. It's getting embarrassing desu

Sage, every field, blah blah, oy vey

You can tell how much this guy triggers Sup Forums based on the replies to this thread.

What's the matter guys, can't stand seeing this man mow down the alt-right, one by one?

Nigger what? Richard Spencer and similar politics are ours.

He's a has been SC2 "pro" who just turned his channel into an echo chamber of PC bullshit for money. /ourgoy/

>almost lose against Jontron, a shit debater
>proceed to get shit on by Naked Ape

he's a gamer, not someone who knows anything about politicians

I know you're just a shill, but his opinion on immigration is cucky enough. His opinion on race and gender are even worse. Let everyone into this country who wants to come, and white men need to give their jobs to minorities and women.


Destiny will come around when immigrants take over the gaming industry.



are we just forgetting the autistic meltdown this dude had or did he do something to redeem himself from that horror show

Sup Forums absolutely getting BTFO

r/Destiny is making threads to increase his viewer count.

These redditors mistakenly think they're welcome here. Fuck off you cucks

i didn't

Tb.h after outing himself as a neoliberal with Sargon, I think he's pretty much finished.

When will this faggot stop viral marketing
You are all being played by this manchild.
Sage and move on

Again after the 5th thread I've had to say this with YOU CAN'T BTFO ANYBODY IF YOU AREN'T STATING FACTS.

This pseudo-intellectual may be(at best) a decent debater but he is unrealistic with reality. People who can't see past his shit tier sophistry should honestly have their head checked for autism and retardation.

Now sage this shill thread

he btfo pol and all the alt right
plus hes handsome af

Does Destiny have the most autistic fanbase on the Internet? They shill him 24/7.


>free trade globalism
in what reality?

i think you mean trump fanbase

Still posting shit like this steven? Go neglect your child some more dawg.

i snorted my drink when I saw that clip
He's a god-send

Look at that cuck. Fucking manlet with social problems who never got pussy.

>implying commies should be allowed a voice

The day of the rope is coming soon lefties. It just started with airlines banning passengers from mudslime countries from carrying on electronic devices. Next it will be muslims themselves. Then comes leftists that started this mess.

Im a manlet but he is beyond. Im 5'5" but have pretty broad shoulders and a not so feminine build. He has to have some kind of birth defect.

i dunno are you shitposting in bad faith?

Why people take these kinds of people opinions seriously? He clearly never experienced a life, never understand the human nature and way of men. He is just a feminized boy.

he pays alimony and child support and for two houses

His only real job aside from cleaning carpets was working night shift at a casino restaurant. He has literally never had interaction with normal society just other rejects and autists.

Sup Forums

No joke

There should be a live thread where anons on Sup Forums debate this guy

He replies to posts in real time on his stream

MFW im shitposting on Sup Forums on a tuesday afternoon tho

Go back to d.gg you fucking dork

>>communism is just an economic thing
PLEASE tell me he actually believes this
>implying all economic activities take place in its own isolated bubble uninfluenced by anything else

What a fucking dumb idiot

They're not shareblue, they're d.gg chatters who think its le epick to make threads about Destiny on Sup Forums because they think he won the "debate" with Jontron.

Meanwhile Destiny gets streamsniped in a game and he fucking cries his eyes out, or he's playing Rust with subs and their base gets raided and they cry like fucking babies KEK

>thinks that the world functions as one economy and that one country can deal with one type of business
>just let china run manufacturing bro
>thinks that the US won't deal with China even after the 20% increase in tax