Why The Left Is Winning

This is why cannibalizing Milo and others you see as being degenerate is harmful to traditionalist movement, we're going to continue losing we realize we have to embrace others with out ideas regardless of their lifestyles


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>Why The Left Is Winning

but they are not user. this is the beginning of the end my lad

Which is why it's time to remove barriers to continue the rise of the right

which barriers are you talking about?

The whole "don't have sex with children" thing, apparently.

>Why The Left Is Winning

Why the left is deluded

>rejecting a sodomite pedophile drug addict attention whore is against traditionalism

But that's punching left, though. The alt-light is to the left of any truly traditionalist reactionary movement.

Fag Pigeon and all the other dilutionists are the ones punching right instead of moving right.

BPS is just looking out for his own ass. He doesn't want paid shills to be next on the chopping block.

Woah, how about kys faggot ?

Great vid. Have to say, this guy has quickly became my fav youtube commentary.

In a see of samey rightwing rethoric, he gives us some fresh air.

Also i think he leans ethno nationalists and has supported murdochmurdoch and the golden one. Obvious plus!

The left isn't winning at all though. Everywhere in the western world populism and the right wing in general is growing, with the exception of Germany

Sadly, being right-wing is very much about having standards. I wouldn't mind Milo, even if he's out of the closet, if he wasn't defining himself by his faggotry in public. It is his behaviour that embarrasses us, not his sexuality.

I've only seen the "How women destroy civilizations" vid from him so listening to this was pretty great


Laughed hard when he straight up tells these women they shouldn't be allowed to vote. They take it well though.

And being wise is very much about taking it step by step, we're in the long game.
BPS said it well, if we don't want Trump to be a blip, we have to make up a feasible winning strategy.

He's a shill for Candid, a thoughtcrime detecting AI that's literally the leftist's "final solution" for the internet. He doesn't care if they win as long as he gets paid.

Lol. The left won the culture war because they owned the media. Simple as that. It has nothing to do with "punching right" or anything else. For decades before the internet, they left was the only source of information.

#fakenews. You guys cant resist using the pigeon, and slip into arrogance to throw that branding around, giving a sure tell, every time. Same as the owl, same as "why are we loosing." no one talks that way. give it up shill.

>wants government funding for the arts
He's a faggot simple as that.

Are you fucking retarded?

>society is destroying itself because of women!
>it has nothing to do with Jews
>don't blame the Jews!
>ignore Jewish Bolshevism creating and spreading Communist movements
>ignore Jewish influence in media, finance, and government
>Multiculturalism arose totally naturally, and it just so happened that empathetic women voted for it. There was no plan at all!
>its all women's fault!

This guy is either a cucked faggot or total controlled opposition.

How fucking dense are you, Felix? Quit shilling your channel here.

Using milo is taking advantage of the rules set up by leftists. If the only way our points can be comunication is by playing inside these rules we've already lost. You accept the normalization of gays (and predation on "twinks") by hitching yourself to milo. You contribute to the silencing of average white men by inviting a rootless cosmopolitain to speak for them.

Except he does talk about cultural marxism.

Show his other channel! I saw it once

fuck off gay nigger

>have zero integrity, using the lefts own tactics, to end up in some juvenile party debate in which our side doesn't represent what we believe in but theirs does, making the whole thing fucking pointless and us as corrupt and hypocritical as them


Plenty of nations have prospered while allowing homosexuality.

It's not a dealbreaker like letting women vote.

Except he frames it as a set of policies that emerged from a complete vacuum, refusing to acknowledge who created it and who continues to push it.
He frames the decline of the west as women just coincidentally voting for liberal policies because they're naturally inclined to do so.

This is outright fallacious, and willfully ignorant to the point of violence.

He is wrong. You dont become them to destroy them since people will just flip sides and become what they hate. The one who wins a culture war is the culture who has the right views which is us. So btfo faggot

the whole reason we do this is to stop that shit you fucking retard
what's the point otherwise

This video is bullshit
Hes basically saying to lower our standards to appeal to faggots and children murderers..
at a time when we are actually winning the battle.
Fuck that

stop promoting your twitter mid-video so it takes up the whole fucking screen

>"We need to say something we oppose is perfectly okay, so that everyone else will oppose it just like us."
Yes we'll be able to get rid of the West's moral decay if we don't kick out child rapists and pro-infanticide whores.

>refusing to acknowledge who created it and who continues to push it.

Maybe because 1) The ethnicity of who created it is irrelevant 2) It is pushed by a lot of people other than Jews now

>and willfully ignorant to the point of violence.

What the fuck does that even mean

Took a bit of digging, but here it is.
Other threads of him shilling here last year

I'd tell you not to correct an enemy while they're making a mistake, but apparently they're too stupid for it to matter

The ethnicity of the people who created it is not irrelevant you stupid half breed Mongol.
Bolshevism is Talmudic Judaism applied to government. Its only aim and goal is to elevate Jews to the ruling governmental class after destroying the nation with a cultural revolution.
The main proponents of multiculturalism all over the developed world are only Jews, or useful idiots indoctrinated into believing the Jewish propaganda.

>This guy is either a cucked faggot or total controlled opposition.

Left isn't winning shit.

They cannibalize their own 1000 fold.

The video is called "why the Left won the culture", not "winning", and it's mostly because Jews control the Left and they owned the media and academic institutions, especially before the internet which broke their stranglehold on information.

He is right though, that those same people have been using infighting and divide & conquer to weaken the opposition (see the incidents with Milo, Spencer, TRS, etc. all manufactured and forced to cause infighting), and that stuff like animal rights, the environment, etc. should be embraced by the right instead of letting the left own it. You can also have disagreements without spending 90% of your time on them, or trying to expulse people over the smallest disagreements

>the left won the culture war

I'm fucking dying
This is gonna be a great eight years

You didn't explain how it's relevant.

And even if it was relevant, it would be impractical for anyone who wishes to gain an audience to frame it that way. You're an idiot LARPer who only damages the conservative cause with your retardation.

>the left won the culture war

>guy makes a video stating that alienating literally everyone who doesn't agree with you 110% will only push people away and make your opposition stronger
>retards get angry because he doesn't agree with them 110%

really makes me think


You're absolutely retarded. Pathetic low IQ cucks like you aren't even remotely close to conservative. You might as well be a flaming SJW given how much of a faggy leftist you sound like.

>outing degenerates is harmful to traditionalist movements

Really ?

Nobody even cared about Milo. He only got attacked by conservatives because he was breaking into the mainstream, and good, he's a degenerate fairy with a teenage fanbase that idolize him.

Most the youth right only care about drama.

Daily reminder: the golden age of capitalism destroyed the west.

You didn't explain how the Jewishness is relevant, or rebut the notion that it would not the practical to discuss it. You offer no arguments, so you regress to ad hominem. Like a woman.

Ya except the things he is arguing for have been abused by the left for decades, so advocating continuing them is by proxy helping the left. I can reasonably disagree with some things, but he wants government funding for all sorts of BS instead of lower taxes

He's mostly right..

If you think a faggot is helping our cause you need to go back to plebeddit you niggertoucher

>Left is winning
Check out this delusional shill, generation zykoln is going to hit like a freight train

He nailed it.


Shitpost harder, dipshit.
You're being just as violently willfully ignorant as that faggot black pigeon.
One group of people created the political ideology, an ideology that exists entirely to impose their supremacy on all other people. The same ethnic group that created this ideology are promoting it today, the same people use it to advocate for white demographic decline.
You cannot remove the man from the motive.

That explicitly lay out how its relevant. Your IQ would have to be in the range of 50 for you to genuinely be this fucking stupid.

The only thing he says right is that you catch more flies with honey than you do vinegar. Redpilling is a slow process.

But the fact he cites fucking feminists are potentially allies is nonsense.


>You didn't explain how it's relevant.

It's relevant because without Jews like Marx, Moses Hess, Lenin, Trotsky, Marcuse, Adorno, etc., none of these ideologies would even exist, without Jews like Emanuel Celler, Jacob Javits, George Soros, David Miliband or the ones who funded Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi, we wouldn't have to deal with mass immigration in the West or at least to a much smaller extent, and without them totally dominating the banks, media, and other institutions, those ideas would be less influential. Them being Jewish is a fundamental part of it.

Marx was a descendant of a long line of Talmudic Rabbis, the purpose of Communism was to implement the ideology of Judaism under a different name and get rid of other religions like Christianity (this is why the Soviets slaughtered tens of millions of Christians and destroyed the churches under the guise of "atheism"). It would have never happened if they were kept out of the country and only Europeans were allowed.

>The same ethnic group that created this ideology are promoting it today

Cultural marxist ideas are taught in every classroom in the Western world. It's promoted by people of all ethnicities.

>You cannot remove the man from the motive.

So as far as I can tell your argument is that if we successfully remove cultural marxism and return the West to traditional values (all which could be done without "naming the Jew") that wouldn't be enough if we don't also genocide the kikes? Because, what? They would just develop an even more devious scheme and trick us again? I'm still not seeing the relevance, help me out here, sport.

>we have to embrace others with out ideas regardless of their lifestyles

Gas yourself, faggot.

He works for a feminist.


Oh look the shitposting half breed is strawmanning now. What a surprise.

Get murdered, cuck.

To show the fallacy of cultural marxism one does not need to name the Jew. It's not relevant or practical.

Well you completely failed to explain how naming the Jew is relevant.

>How fucking dense are you, Felix?
>ethnonationalist white boy who lives in Japan

>Dont name the jews goyim

>the left is winning
Maybe in sweden

the left is keeping the media spinning to hide the the HAPPENING from their IT scandal...

The ideology fundamentally is Jewish. It is not benevolent towards all people who embrace it. It is specifically about solidifying power in Jewish hands to the detriment of all other people. It serves one group and one group only. You cannot claim that the singular group who benefits is irrelevant.
You are intentionally being dishonest with every post you make.

You're a kike.
Go slash your throat wide open and end yourself.

>I don't care about effecting real political change, I just like LARPing on my Cambodian basket weaving chat room

That's all fine, but please stop pretending you actually care about politics.

wrong .... ! the fucking commies are taking their
last dying breaths while they continue with Alinsky tactics and are the real "facists"

>Cultural marxist ideas are taught in every classroom in the Western world. It's

All members of the Frankfurt School were Jewish, and guess who took over the educational system over the 20th century, or who controls it.


It's necessary to understand the root of it to understand that it's a foreign, hostile influence, not something we created to benefit us, and that it can't be removed solely with argumentation since they own the media so they don't care about rational dissent as they have the power.

It's not necessary to make a point or to win votes, but it's something that people need to eventually understand.

To colonize space?


>You cannot claim that the singular group who benefits is irrelevant.

But they're not the singular group that benefits, and it has even backfired on them. The only group that doesn't benefit from it is white males.

And have you seen how anti-Zionist a lot of universities and university students are? That's a product of cultural marxism too. It is not like kikes control the thoughts of everyone who embraces it.

>Left is winning

Only evidence cited was a jew Stormfront has been trying to bring down...

>This is why cannibalizing Milo

Fuck you, I don't care if my side doesn't win. I'll never support a pedophile enabler.

Still not seeing how the Jewishness part is relevant, unless you're arguing that dismantling cultural marxism is not enough, that the West would also have to kill/expel the jews.

>rootless cosmopolitan
you mean Milo?

The original frankfurt school school was jewish but Sup Forums ignores all the stronk black womyn who have developed critical theory into intersectionality. Seriously read this shit, especially kimberle crenshaw. Pol doesn't talk about this part of cultural marxism nearly enough.

The problem with marxism isn't that it has jew cooties on it. Its a dumbass philosophy that fails based on flaws within the ideology

>I'm okay with what happened to me
>pedophile enabler


>Makes no sense to punch right
>Punch right
I see this "the left already won" meme cropping up very recently. That kind of defeatism can fuck off desu. We're doing better than we have in years. This is nothing Bowden wasn't talking about a decade ago without the cringy patronising smugness.

oh look he's jewery is showing at last

They aren't winning, but we should completely destroy their parties while we have the chance.

>implying people on the right don't care about growth hormones in animals or deforestation
Does he get his idea of "the right" from Fox News or what?

but you lost everything this election

the house the senate the supreme court the presidency the left is in the worst spot its been in in over 80 years but please keep going on about how much winning you are doing it makes it that much easier to beat you.

he's not really wrong about that since gays and baby killing are now accepted in the society. The left won because nihilism and humanism attracts and calms the masses

he is right. the right will be fractured with purity spiralling, as fucking always

He's going to talk about the Kalergi plan in a video...

I'll think he'll drop the JQ on that show

>The only group that doesn't benefit from it is white males.

White women don't benefit from mass immigration, ethnic conflicts and quotas, making it harder to have children, or ideologies that have made them statistically more unhappy.

Ethnic minorities don't benefit from feminism, increase in racial tensions, the destruction of the family unit or degeneracy, they only benefit in the short term when they move from the third-world to the first-world, or by getting quotas, affirmative action, welfare, but it's a system that will hurt them in the long run when they're the new majority to be exploited.

m8 you're just playing dumb at this point.

>Its a dumbass philosophy that fails based on flaws within the ideology

And that ideology wouldn't exist without this group, and also wouldn't be as influential without Jews pushing them at every level of society (look who owns the MSM; this is why people talk about the "liberal media", because of the people who own it pushing those interests).

2 years from nowGOP will lose all of its gains and pit trump gainst a dem congress

Nigger, the guy has an entire video on Soros and his antics.
Just because he isn't full on "gas the kikes, race war now" doesn't mean he is controlled opposition.

That's true there are advantages and disadvantages. And in the long term it's not looking good. But women and minorities can get away with shit today that they would never get away with in the past.

>m8 you're just playing dumb at this point.

Why didn't you engage with what I said? Why is dismantling cultural marxism not enough?

>Why The Left Is Winning

Because if Sup Forums is The Right, it's in the big shit:
>A E S T E T I C S
>Da Joos
>I'm 1/123 german, therefore nazi
>I don't understand politics, but I would shitpost
and other literally anti-intellectual things.

Even the braindead retards from /plebbit/ looks better.

Oh, I forgot about

Perhaps we should establish a identity before including and excluding people?

>Why The Left Is Winning
Because you elected a Russian shill, dumbasses. Next time, try electing someone thats not compromised

Isn't this the old Talon For Twitter logo?