Shes back


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And she's just as bitchy as ever.

Yeah he fucked her up the ass.

Finally some good journalism.

is this the one that misses being catcalled but thinks it's degrading

Kek she must be dogshit ugly in person if she's getting ignored by men on a regular basis

memes aside, try being a woman in a board meeting or management level discussion. Literally no one will listen to what you have to say, it's so frustrating. Then they complain when profits go down

>try being a woman in a board meeting or management level discussion. Literally no one will listen to what you have to say, it's so frustrating. Then they complain when profits go down
Is that why female CEO consistently fail?

Are you saying wemon are spiteful about beibg ignored and will destroy the company they work for if they aren't given attention?


The eternal woman marches on

and why should i care lol. its private companies its their problem if they lose money

>implying anyone would touch her

>aren't given attention?
attention whores

"Management-level discussion" means sucking the cock of the higher up. Don't play sex card over it.

>Literally no one will listen to what you have to say, it's so frustrating.
Probably because none of them give a shit about makeup or boys.

Go to Germany to meet a woman? This bitch has seen Eurotrip one too many times

We should encourage this. This is what's causing normies to be redpilled at exponential rates.

It has nothing to do with her policies but her identity. They're doing this to a public who's sick at record numbers of identity politics.

They're like a kid spamming Ctrl+P when his printer is turned off, thinking it'll still do something.

lmao toots the main reason the profit went down is that they listened to you

>try being a woman in a board meeting or management level discussion.
Sounds like you have a bad company. If they don't listen to me they simply loses money.

Of course we ignore them, they rarely have anything important to say. Women are never happy as this cunt is indicating.



>men constantly ignore women

Brought to you from the same woman who wrote:

>men always catcall me
>the male gaze is ever present
>disagreeing with a woman is mansplaining

Then again she also wrote she misses being catcalled now that she's over the hill.

What do women want?
Who cares?

>mfw its 2017 and men still exist

>She's back

She never went away, and that's the problem.

anecdotal evidence =/= evidence
give us papers or something

>giving women attention is bad
>not giving women attention is bad
How do you please this cunt?

why the fuck aren't you home being the best mother possible to your children?
Don't you give a damn about your genetic legacy?

You see the short sighted incompetence inherent in working women.

Given that the women is most likely a token, neither the profits, nor her "input" are probably all that valuable.

It's why we always send N'Kume overseas "Fact-finding" missions whilst we have board meetings also. Just in case you thought it was only women we knew were useless.

Did he gave meaning to Merkel's life?!

Theresa May apparently doesn't count I see.

Why is anyone surprised Trump is snubbing countries that snubbed him? You don't get a year of 'fuck Drumpf amirite' then get to pretend you're all friends.

given that level of incopetence and of other women for not beraing each other for this

why would men take women seriously?
basically if you can think 10-30 moves ahead in chess
or you're a conspiracy buff
you probably have little of anything to add a man couldn't do better

Than have something useful to contribute. Your only there so the company doesnt look like it's racist

In other news


>men constantly ignore women - but most of the time people ignore them doing it
So..... ?

>try being a woman in a board meeting or management level discussion. Literally no one will listen to what you have to say, it's so frustrating

Yeah, uh huh. You definitely have never been in a board meeting or you are a just a woman they hired so they wouldn't get nagged for not having a woman executive. If no one wants to listen to you, then you probably have no value in general.

you want respect women
start thinking about yourself as disposable and needing to make something of yourselves not inherently valued for your hole
start thinking about things on a hundred or thousand year time line not the next days worth of boredom you're going to have because you and your interest are shallow shortsighted dives into petty hedonism all emotion no thought, which you deny are even what your hobbies are.

Is it literally impossible for most women to comprehend the idea that they may not be important to some group? I mean if I would start discussion in a meeting nobody would care that much about what I have to say either. The difference between us is that I can only blame myself while you can use your gender as a scapegoat. It's not a gender issue, it's an individual issue.

Merkel did to Europe what should have got her shot / hanged / drowned. He was polite in inviting her.

It's just basic diplomacy. Most of Europe think Erdogan is a total piece of shit but all the leaders still sided with him when it looked like he won the meme coup. They can't ignore important people just because they dislike them.

He can't help the fact that the blood of Germans is hard to get off your hands. Why would he touch that?

i liked the following comment:

Let's face it, you can understand why the man in the restaurant was being extremely careful. What Jess Valenti and her ilk don't understand is that they are responsible for creating a situation whereby the man can be criticised no matter what he does. If he talks to her it is harassment. If he disagrees with her it is mansplaining. If he looks at her he is 'objectifying' her with the 'male gaze'. And if he talks to her as little as possible then that is wrong too.

That's the world you've created, and you don't like that either.

Yes meme's aside these woman aren't the most useful. This can be traced back to other social media internet sites as well like Youtube(Susan Wojcicki) and Twitter(Trust and Safety Council)

Probably shouldn't bring attention to your sex then


Oh well. Fuck me right? Fuck us right?

So disrespectful to Frau Merkel......

Yes it is literally impossible for about 95% of women to comprehend that idea.

>somebody should really put her out of her misery


This miserable man hating cunt has a husband.


Golly gee I sure wonder why men ignore women like Jessica Valenti.

>Mentally cucked
Pick one

this happens to men too who have shit opinions or voice or character/personality to be paid attention to. Unfortunately, most women are like that.

Look at his eyes... he's seen as many cocks as she has.

>behold the inferior male