Macron-bashing NOW

Troll community, we have to bash (((Macron))) right now !

Anything shall be done to prevent French Hillary from becoming president...

So if anyone has some technological skills to access to any information that can be compromissive towards (((him)))...

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What did he mean by this Sup Forums ?

He says he will fight ISIS but no alliance with Russia for that... Actually for him France has to follow Merkel's diktat over the EU...

Pharisien !

bump i just made a french german meme war server looking for french and german speakers and meme makers

I unironically support Henry de Lesquen, camarade ! :D

Is anyone actually able of hacking Macron's website or something ?

>Henry de Lesquen
Is he descended from nobility?

So much cringe, almost makes Hollande look good.

Les français sont tellement pathétiques qu'ils vont tous voter pour Macron, pale copie de Hollande... apparement ils en redemandent...
>Encore, encore, crient à l'unison les hordes de français désirant du changement en ne touchant à rien.

Yes Henry de Lesquen is from the nobility, he is actually vicount


I have an idea.

Since you can register to (((En Marche))), the Macron's Party for free and online ( ), we could fuck this up by being so much to register it would look like a ridiculous fraud.

We must crash this party with no survivor.

Guy you're a genious !!!

>Les français sont tellement pathétiques
Cut that crap, they've been lied to, some of them through their whole life and obviously it's hard to 160 everything that you've been believing, especially when it means tough times are ahead.

But we're getting there, it takes a very long time unfortunately but we're getting there.

>it's hard to 160
*180, Sup Forums messing with my brain here

Fire up that old meme engine and go to work frogs!


Yes they are, believe me, i love France, but for fuck sake, when you have to make a choice, you always do the wrong one!
I am not a lefty, but Mélenchon has a reel vision for France, but instead of looking on programs, frogs prefer to bash Fillion and vote for Holande 2.0, why? Because of your fucking culture of knowing better and your political system is not helping.

He looked like shit in the debate but the media is trying to make him the actual winner :D
This is gross, the people who watched and were not already decided to vote for him are displeased actually, lots of anger in the comment sections.

>Mélenchon has real vision for France
He is pro-immigration and his anti-EU stance doesn't sound honest to me (by looking at his past positions on the EU). Everything else is of no importance.

>media tells the boomer cancer to prefer to bash Fillion and vote for Holande 2.0, why?

Are you asking Sup Forums to haxor macron? It is illegal

I never understood that abbreviation, so I just googled it and here's the result.

>FTFY is not a misspelling of “fifty.” It stands for “fixed that for you,” and is frequently deployed when Redditors fix each others' typos, or amend comments for comedic effect. QFT is not an abbreviation of “queefed.” It translates to “quote for truth,” and can be used in pretty much the same way as “true that.

You have to go back.

Oh no, my reddit plans to conquer Sup Forums by using an expression that is commonly used on Sup Forums, on a thread about French elections is uncovered.

You're right, I have to go back.

Toodle-oo, Pierre.


I dunno my dude