Anyone else here experienced genetics induced trauma?

Anyone else here experienced genetics induced trauma?
>Afrikaner, dutch surname, always thought I was pure european
>Do 23andme test
>turns out i'm only 93.7% northern european
>2.8% african
>3% asian/native american

I'm a fucking fraud, how can I be a white nationalist now

23 and me

You think that jew company is telling you the truth? They say anything to make normal people "seem interesting" (((diverse))) so you can tell your friends and everyone gets tested and everyone is (((diverse))) so then it's ok when your beautiful white daughter gets (((blacked))) (((Aborigines)))

The final red pill is that people are not actually neatly cut into black or white. Race is more ambiguous than that. Most people, even ones that think they are white, are actually mixed to varying degrees.

>giving your DNA to a kike honeypot

I'd be more worried about that

The definitions are all retarded too some going ancestor could've boned a hot Berber lass then they settled in Netherlands etc so they count that as "African"

You think they misrepresent the results on purpose?

Afrikaner feels broer

I mean, i think it was buzzfeed who did a video where everyone did a 23 and me test. Every one got like 1-2% azheknazi jewish, and most people on youtube get like 1-2% azkhenazi and like 1% native american. So i think you should take it with a grain of salt.

Ek hoop ons broers wat nogsteeds in SA is kan veilig bly, ek is bang dat die zwarte mense hulle net sal begin dood maak.

Because that's genuinely common, they assimilated sometimes
I have 8% Ashkenazi

t. Mongrel

gas yourself

Ultimate test would be to do the test two times under different names and see if they come up with the same thing.

I would love to, but it's over a hundred dollars and I'm not willing to pay that much for something that doesn't REALLY matter (to me 93-94% north/northwest european is plenty white), plus they'd probably come up with some bullshit excuse about margin of error

Out out out

23andme is designed to make whites feel non white so they race mix

75%+ and your white

As long as you are 90% white euro and 0% jewish you are white

>Niggers are whiter than ashkenzis
lmao your butthurt is delicious goyim



hey listen i happen to know a lot about 23andMe compared to the average joe. first off, you owe it to yourself to take a look at the health data. you should most of all look up promethease. it is an open source software that uses the same "genome wide association study" research database that the medical data/recommendations use on 23andMe (the ones that used to be more free and now are much more limited after 23andMe got in regulatory/legal trouble for providing medically useful information without a doctor having ordered it, which is a big no-no in America)

last i checked there were over 20,000 studies referenced on promethease, compared to much less on 23andMe. so yea all the biology nerds use 23andMe plus promethease to get access to more of the data. you have to download a file that is like the "gene chip" export for your 23andMe results. last i checked 23andMe still allowed this, but its buried somewhere in their site and settings.

okay the 2nd thing to know is that 23andMe is all based off of a database of previous studies as well as various statistical models and those models range from narrow to moderate to wide, in terms of confidence/accuracy. For instance, if you put narrow confidence the african and asian american may disappear or go down by over half. i'm not a geneticist so i can't really explain this phenomenon. i wouldn't say that it is overtly 23andMe trying to tell everyone they are Jewish as much as it is hedging its bets as certainly a large set of their userbase is jewish and if they show 0% jewish for someone who swears they are jewish, they're gonna get shut down.

kek approves. 75%+ is the purity threshold.

Repeat it before you sleep and you might wake up whiter

I'm pretty sure I am more translucent and melanin challenged than you and the vast majority of your infant mutilating kind, Moshe. You keep telling yourself that in this year 5777 that the jews are not going to get royally BTFO'd.

>expecting not to be partly african
listen dude all your ancestors were horny fucks, of COURSE one of them banged a nigger at some point. Proximity alone makes it virtually inevitable. The fact that you're still as european as you are proves the strength of racial bonds, though.

who cares mix with white woman and have 97% white abbys and so on/
Just remove nigger from the gene pool

This would only test if the test is deterministic. It is still possible to make people think they are minorities by deterministically mapping one set of snp correlations to whatever nationality you want.

Above 90% is fine, we can't allow ourselves to be divided. What matters is that we prevent further loss of racial purity.

This is true, although I think your choice of words overstates it.

The fact of the matter is, it's very rare to find anyone who is 100% anything, unless that ethnic group has been completely isolated for thousands of years. Somewhere back up the line, one of your ancestors has probably fucked someone who had a tiny bit of north African in them.

And maybe somewhere down that north African line, there is one sub Saharan slave. I would say:
99% You are as European as it gets
95% Still good, nothing to worry about
90% If you've got 10% none European DNA, it means one of your parents has some relatively recent niggardly DNA, or both your parents have distant niggardly DNA and you've got slightly unlucky.
80% as above
70% You are basically the diet coke of Europeans
60% OK, so one of your parents isn't white, but you only got 40% of their markers - consider yourself lucky
50% As above, but it's 50/50. Don't worry, your children could be whiter than you.
40% Well, you're half white and your got the wrong end of the stick. Sucks to be you. You're better off sticking to your dominant side desu
0-30% Get out of my country REEEEEEEEEEEE

>people are actually upset they have 0.1% black DNA
When there is one black guy in a 2000+ year white line and it makes you black

Thought I was 50% scandi, 50% finnish.
Did the test.
Turns out I'm 50% Scandi and 50% mongolian.
Can anyone explain?

Faggot if you gotta tell yourself that 75%+ is white I am way, waaay whiter than your mulatto ass. Or are you a spic? kek

i went to US last weekend to visit some old friends and my mom
my cousin bf says something about race and he says her grandfather was german and her grandmother english.
friend who is a fucking doctor says that genetics can't decide your skin color because his son is brown and he and his wife are whites.
>tfw someone called him a cuck and he leaved

You still fight for western, conservative values and carry on.

Yeah my mom fucked a Mexican it sucks but I look like a white so not too bad.

>Thought I was 50% scandi, 50% finnish.
>Did the test.
>Turns out I'm 50% Scandi and 50% mongolian.

So you're 100% finnish. Good for you.

That mexican was probably a mix of 5% German/French, 50% Amerindian 45% Spanish so you're probably only about 30-20% Amerindian.

I interesting scale.
Sadly my mom had 1% nig dna. Makes me upset ;(

Look up the black identical triplets they did that all has vastly different ancestry profiles.
It's unfortunately a load of horse shit.
I had been about to get it done myself before that.